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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • Seattleovercast
    Seattleovercast Posts: 23 Member
    Reach 20 lbs lost, only .5 away! Goal 2 is to stay there! Lol
  • KendraS74
    KendraS74 Posts: 88 Member
    Mine is to get below 150 (I am 5'1"). Reading many posts and interacting is so motivating. I can do this. I also made a list of rewards at various weight-loss points. My first one is a big one to get me started: new cross-trainers.
  • Rincewind_1965
    Rincewind_1965 Posts: 639 Member
    Also, a mini mini goal is to be able to fit chocolate into my calories/marcos today. :smile:

    Seems @brookielaw just found a partner for training