What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • Mewlingstork
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    I "started again" on MFP on January 9th because one of my big goals is to get ready for Districts with my women's ice hockey team in March. But one of my mini goals is to get 10 pounds lost, to get down below 160 before the end of January - only .5 left to lose! I had a tough day yesterday with eating but still maintained a deficit.

    Here's to reaching all of our goals!
  • silde16
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    Piqueaboo wrote: »
    Mine's really silly (I think) - this is my second round of major weight loss, the first was in 2009. I then gained all and some back over the last 6 years, so I'm about to reach my "first starting weight" and that for me shines light into the end of the tunnel!

    Same here, I tried to start again last year but gained another two kilos by the end of the year. But now I'm only 0,3 kg from being a kilo lighter than my last years starting weight! You can do it, too :)
  • AFGP11
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    I plan to run a 5K in about a month. I am also working my way up to being able to do a pull up without assistance.
  • icepaw28
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    I met my husband and I was 200lbs. Since then I got married to him and had two girls all in two and a half years and gained 26.5lbs... My mini goal is to get back to 200lbs. Then 180lbs lol