What are some of the most positive things your parents passed down to you?

unfilterednate Posts: 905 Member
Life, love and lineage was a saying around my broke home since before I can remember us being broken.

To this day, I can't help but want to reconstruct my family into an extended one, starting with me and whomever my wife will be.

This has shaped my expectations of family in such a way that I'm pretty diehard for anyone that comes into my circle of trust and I would give you the clothes off my back once you're there...

What about you?


  • jcstevens86
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    Pretty much the same deal as you @unfilterednate ....
  • caco_ethes
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    Don’t judge. Don’t be critical. Don’t be a jerk.
  • ManBehindTheMask
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    My inheritance
  • SomebodyWakeUpHIcks
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    @MeeseeksAndDestroy Jenny passed something down to Forrest Jr.
  • jcstevens86
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    How not to treat your spouse and children. I'm winning.

    True story
  • RastaLousGirl
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    10 deep breathes and a smile. Whatever comes are way, we will get through it.
  • cmacphee3
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    How to be silly and not take life too seriously.
  • angel4732
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    To treat others as you wish to be treated yourself
  • Just_J_Now
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    Love! Among all our dysfunction, there was always an abundance of love.
  • SomebodyWakeUpHIcks
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    How to expect a trophy for doing nothing and for giving me a car at 16 without me working.


  • evilpoptart63
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    Other than badass genetics? :wink: Probably the importance of loyalty and good sense of humor
  • JillianRumrill
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    Whenever my dad had to punish me or my brother, he would tell us afterward why he punished us so that we could learn not to do it again. I love my dad, he's an amazing guy. Really friendly and caring. I hope I got his personality. :)
    My mom...uggghh...that anxiety is a *kitten*...and can turn you into one.
  • Tayykisses
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    My dad taught me to forgive, and he is much much better at doing that than I ever will be.

    My mom, however taught me to take no *kitten* from anyone and to "whoop that a*s" if anyone tries me.

    I think I got more of my mom's ideas than my dads, but I'm working on that Lol
  • pudgy1977
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    Sense of humor and a great work ethic.
  • JeepHair77
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    Sarcasm runs rampant from my dad's side of the family. I am forever grateful for that trait.

    They found the perfect balance between supporting me and making me work. Paid for my college education and the cheapest dorm room and meal plan, but if I wanted any life beyond that, I had to get a job. It turned out really well - I finished undergrad debt-free but I knew how to take care of myself and didn't have an entitlement complex and never asked them for anything again.

    This is not something I fully appreciated until I was a parent, and it is HARD to find that balance. My parents did a really, really good job, and I'm trying to follow their example with my kids.
  • busyPK
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    My dad taught me how to manage money. My mom taught me how to love unconditionally. They both showed me that marriage is hard work, and there is no such thing as a perfect one. They bicker and argue and it wasn't hidden from their kids. It was just life, but after each day they spoke to each other with respect and kissed openly. They stuck it out and are truly best friends.
  • MrSith
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    Always try to help someone.