What are some of the most positive things your parents passed down to you?



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    Not necessarily my parents but my son.....if you are cold go and stand in the corner of the room it's 90 degrees :)

    Kids are something else, aren't they? I've learned a few things from children too. ♡

    My same son (I have 4) sang to me in Abbas money money money tune....mummy mummy mummy is lovely in myhi world, it melted my heart
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    Mum taught me to feel good about myself I should eat because it's always there to make me feel good when things are bad and dad taught me to be submissive. I wonder if that's why I comfort eat and get treated like a mug?
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    Coming from a broken home doesn't leave you many positive things to carry over into your adult life. My parents made MANY mistakes and did the best they could under their circumstance. I do however, knew at a very young age that that's a cycle I needed to break. So I guess doing the opposite of what they did was a lesson I've carried through life lol. Now as they are older & wiser, they have given me great advice when I needed their wisdom. I also love the fact that they are cultivating some of those good things into my kids as well :)
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    Pride and the ability to nag
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    Mostly lots of 'Do Not's but my dad taught me take *kitten* from no one, my mom taught me be nice to everyone and my stepdad taught me even if you live together it is possible to never talk to eachother.
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    How to be completely independent
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    To leave things the same or better than you found them
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    Critical thinking skills, sarcasm, and compassion. My dad definitely emulated the type of man I would want in my life later on. My parents are pretty rad.
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    Sticking together. My parents got married when they were in college and my mom got pregnant. Statistically they had no chance of making it and I know they had struggles. But 46 years later, they are happily married best friends w/ an amazing life.
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    respect others was the biggest rule. my dad told me if I didn't like living at home I go. I went for 2 hours and came home. that was the last time I left.
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    My dad taught me: first and foremost, trust my gut. Always. Also: I'm capable of doing anything a guy can do, there are some things that I should expect a man I'm in a relationship to do - generally basic respect items, have a level head with money and practice what I preach.

    My mom taught me to not give up myself for my family whether it's career, health or social life and that when things go bad women are typically the link that's strongest in many ways other than physical.

    Their relationship taught me that ending something amicably is much better than raising kids in a house where disdain is not hidden at all and respectful, open communication is paramount.
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    Stop sitting around the house. Go out and play.
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    Respect for my elders, cleanliness, importance of being able to cook for ones self.
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    Manners cost nothing and often mean everything.
    Be thankful for the roof over your head, the food on your table and the clothes on your back.
    You are loved.
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    Great genetics, the most important thing possible, and my mother regularly asserted, and demonstrated, that "If you are not happy where you are now, you probably won't be happy anywhere."

    Still being happy after 3/4 of a century!!
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    They were both role models for me. Models of the type of person I DID NOT want to become. So far I have done well. My greatest fear is that some small part of either one will creep into my personality...
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    My Father? How not to be a bigoted racist feckwit.
    My Mother? Not to live your life in fear of the unknown.

    If only they'd had those lessons themselves.
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    How to manage finances
    Making every situation fun is a mindset, not a circumstance
    Laughter makes everything better. Don't take life, or yourself too seriously
    Before you speak, put yourself in the other person's shoes and say only what you would want to hear (ie do unto others as you would have them do unto you)
    Stand up for the people you love
    Love people for who they are, even when that is irritating