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2018 Lose 52 Pounds In 52 week’s Challenge



  • drowkat
    drowkat Posts: 4 Member
    Starting weight:285
    Goal weight:190
    Current weight:285 (just starting)
    Total weight lost:
    This week's successes:did a yoga practice
    This week's challenges:starting off on healthy life changes
    I have been with fitness pal off and on for awhile first time posting or doing a challenge.
  • BecMarty14
    BecMarty14 Posts: 351 Member
    Good day to all! I turned 35 yesterday! :):)

    You are off to a great start on this journey we are all in together!
  • rkcarney
    rkcarney Posts: 6 Member
    Late to the party but would love to participate! I weigh in on Monday mornings.

    Starting weight: 238
    Goal weight: 185
    Current weight: 238
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's success : Joining this group!
    This week's challenges: Avoiding New Year's leftover junk food.
  • cmacphee3
    cmacphee3 Posts: 285 Member
    I am in!

    Starting weight: 257.2 (yesterday)
    Goal weight: Eventually around 148lbs or lower.
    Current weight: 254.8 (today)
    Total weight lost: 2.4lbs (water!)
    This week's successes: I managed to stop my candy eating from the holidays. I have logged my food for the first time in months.
    This week's challenges: Getting back into exercise, really making sure I log everything again.
  • Jimb376mfp
    Jimb376mfp Posts: 5,362 Member
    Jimb376mfp wrote: »
    If you do this.... lose one pound a week next New Year’s Eve you will have accomplished a significant goal.

    I have used this Challenge the past two years as a means to focus my WL effort on an achievable weekly goal. And IT WORKED! I lost 80# not 104# BUT I’m now near my GW.

    Join in if you're ready to do it this for the next 52 weeks, one pound at a time.

    Get In exercise, eat healthy, veggies, fruit & protein... Beware of your portions and mindlessly eating when you’re not really hungry, just bored.

    Eat Less junk food and fast food.

    Weigh in weekly... or daily... whatever works for you. Just copy the information below and paste it in your post.

    Welcome to the 2018 Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge.


    Posting Format to copy/paste:

    Starting weight:
    Goal weight:
    Current weight:
    Total weight lost:
    This week's successes:
    This week's challenges:


    Is the the 1lb Challenge you were looking to join?

    It’s easy to join us.

  • grog44
    grog44 Posts: 22 Member
    Starting weight: 308
    Goal weight for end of 2018: 256
    Current weight: 305.4
    Total weight lost: 2.6
    This week's successes: Lost 2.6 lbs. 30-60 minute walk 4 days
    This week's challenges: It's crazy cold outside, keep moving

    Weigh-in day: Wednesday

    1/3 - 305.4 -2.6
  • emmclean
    emmclean Posts: 338 Member
    I'm in!

    Starting weight: 214
    Goal weight for end of 2018: 154
    Current weight: 214
    Total weight lost: -
    This week's successes: Got back in the gym after too much of a hiatus over December
    This week's challenges: Sorting my sleep patterns out after the holidays
  • Devon_CJ
    Devon_CJ Posts: 38 Member
    Today was my first weigh in and I am down 1 pound. So now l am now 239.4. This weeks success is tracking food.
  • wendyron3
    wendyron3 Posts: 91 Member
    Starting weight- 174
    Goal weight -140
    Current weight-
    I joined this group last year and did so well, then life happened and I lost control. Hoping for continued success in this challenge and the future!
  • Dmaxsgirl
    Dmaxsgirl Posts: 49 Member
    Is it too late to join this? I don't see how to. I'd love to join if it's not too late!
  • sonya_laan
    sonya_laan Posts: 131 Member
    I'm in!

    Starting weight: 239.8 lbs
    Goal weight:187.8 lbs
    Current weight: 238.4 lbs
    Total weight lost: 1.4 lbs
    This week's successes: Getting back on track after a long bad run.
    This week's challenges: Getting moving to walk 10 k steps a day
  • Tracie_Lord
    Tracie_Lord Posts: 1,761 Member
    Name: Tracie
    Age: 37
    Height: 5' 10"

    Starting weight: 298.4lbs
    Goal weight: 170lbs
    Current weight: 270.2lbs
    Total weight lost: 28.2
    Total to go: 99.8lbs
    This week's successes: Day 1 of master cleanse nearly over - need to cleanse to get rid of Xmas binges; will do for 4 days then get back to clean eating.
    This week's challenges: A long way to go until Saturday!

    Weigh-in day: FRIDAY

    Jan 1st - 270.2lbs
    Jan 5th - 264.3lbs
    Jan 12th -
    Jan 19th -
    Jan 26th -
    JAN LOSS -

    Feb 2nd -
    Feb 9th -
    Feb 16th -
    Feb 23rd -
    FEB LOSS -

    Mar 2nd -
    Mar 9th -
    Mar 16th -
    Mar 23rd -
    Mar 30th -
    MAR LOSS -

    Apr 6th -
    Apr 13th -
    Apr 20th -
    Apr 27th -

    May 4th -
    May 11th -
    My 17th -
    May 25th -
    MAY LOSS -

    June 1st -
    June 8th -
    June 15th -
    June 22nd -
    June 30th -

    July 6th -
    July 13th -
    July 20th -
    July 27th -

    Aug 3rd -
    Aug 10th -
    Aug 17th -
    Aug 24th -
    Aug 31st -

    Sept 7th -
    Sept 14th -
    1 Oct 1st day home

    Oct 5th -
    Oct 12th -
    Oct 19th -
    Oct 26th -

    Nov 2nd -
    Nov 9th -
    Nov 16th -
    Nov 23rd -
    Nov 30th -

    Dec 7th -
    Dec 14th -
    Dec 21st -
    Dec 28th -
    Dec 31st -
  • Fit_Prit
    Fit_Prit Posts: 235 Member
    Hi all
    I'm glad we are doing this again.!! :smiley:
    I posted my stats on 2017's thread :tongue:
    I Will copy paste that here. :blush:
  • Fit_Prit
    Fit_Prit Posts: 235 Member
    Starting weight: 220.5 lbs. (100 kg.) Date: 12th June 2017.
    Goal weight: 143 lbs. (65 kg.)

    Week 1
    Current weight: 177.5 lbs. (80.5 kg.)
    Total weight lost for challenge: __
    This week's successes: found this thread. Lol.. :wink:
    This week's challenges: 1) Exercise Daily
    2) maintain calorie deficit
    3) log every meal in MFP.
  • Piqueaboo
    Piqueaboo Posts: 1,193 Member
    Starting weight: 249lbs
    Goal weight: 142lbs
    Current weight: 178
    Total weight lost: 79
    This week's successes:
    • I'm back home meaning I can control what I eat (vs. visiting family)
    • I have no obligations so have time to work out
    • The whole weekend is unplanned so I can declutter which means I can make a "diet" plan for 2018
    This week's challenges:
    • Actually do the work and not just talk about it
    • Stick with my food plan rather than trying to extend the holiday feast at home
    • Stick to the plan I create
  • pessxx
    pessxx Posts: 1,045 Member
    edited January 2018
    Hi, I am in, wishing success to everybody
    In my 50 years but with a young heart and soul, hoping to achieve this year my goals!

    Starting weight: 126.3 kg ( 02.01.2018)
    Goal weight: 75 kg
    Current weight: 123.6 kg (05.01.2018)
    Total weight lost: 2.7 kg

    This week's successes:

    Started IF , 20:4
    Planning before what I eat
    Meal planning in little boxes taking care of portions
    Planning to be less senzitive this year, have less stress in general but also about weight loss

    This week's challenges:
    The weekends, usually are difficult for me so will see how they go

    Overall challenge - committment
    "don't rely on motivation, it has to be backed up with commitment. Motivation might start you moving forwards but it's commitment that stops you sliding backwards when motivation falters." Sijomial
  • cairoqueen27
    cairoqueen27 Posts: 26 Member
    I'm in - hope to do as well as Jimb376mfp

    Starting weight: 222 lb Jan 4 2017
    Goal weight: 140 lb
    Current weight: 210 lb Dec 30 2017
    Total weight lost: 12lb (last year)
    This week's successes: Went back to Weight Management Class
    This week's challenges: Starting back at work after the Holidays
  • darlin930
    darlin930 Posts: 235 Member
    Starting weight: 285.6
    Goal weight: 199
    Current weight: 244.4
    Total weight lost: 41.2
    This week's successes: I managed to lose the weight I had gained from the Holidays plus.
    This week's challenges: Leftover candy from the Holidays

  • KirbyFortin1
    KirbyFortin1 Posts: 49 Member
    edited January 2018
    Original Starting Weight (1/1/17): 232.8 lbs
    2018 Starting Weight (1/1/18): 202.8 (30 lbs lost in 2017!)
    First Goal Weight: 199.9 lbs to be in ONE-derland
    Second Goal Weight: 175 then will evaluate Final Goal Weight
    Current Plan is to Lose 0.5 lbs to 1 lbs per week

    Current Weight Week 1 -- 1/5/18: 201.8
    Weekly Weight Loss: -1 lbs
    Total Weight Loss in 2018: -1 lbs