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  • Had mine since September, walk 10K per day, sometimes more, anyone can add me
  • Started January 2015 at 366lbs, currently 258lbs, still have about 100 to go.
  • Working out is not necessary for weight loss, but is good for overall health. Did you work out when you lost the 3kgs? If not, then you already know it's not necessary. If you did, then simply continue.
  • Just do exactly what you did when you lost the 3kgs, but with a slightly reduced calorie intake.
  • Just reduce what you were eating before losing the 3kg so you are eating the 1,830. Shouldn't be a huge adjustment.
  • Never heard of these before. How freaking awesome! Have signed up for my first one. Thanks for posting this, OP. Looked around a bit, and went with IWillRunForBling :smiley:
  • Hi Thanks for that. Doctor knows about the excema and rashes, and isn't worried. Thyroid is all good, but iron has historically been a bit of an issue. I do need to go see her again in a few weeks, so if upping my calories a bit doesn't help, then I'll definitely get her to run blood tests. Much appreciated :smile:
  • Thanks, everyone! Really appreciate the time you all took to respond. Goal weight maintenance at current activity level works out only 10 cals different to current 1 pound loss, so I think I will go with that for a couple of weeks before dropping back down and hitting it again. Although.... there may be a few current…
  • Agree with all the others, I personally do eat breakfast, but that's only because if I don't, I tend to end up hangry and binge. If you don't have that issue, then skip away :smile:
  • This is technically a scale victory, but I don't care. I'm officially half way to goal! Have lost 106lbs since Jan 2015. Ultimate goal is to lose 212lbs. All motivated for the next couple of years :)
  • Being able to run a few meters every so often during my walks. Haven't run for 20+ years.
  • Where's the dang "Like" button when you need it?
  • While I understand the fear of having loose skin, stop and have a think about what is more important to you. Higher energy levels, fewer health issues, longer life span, feeling amazing vs some loose vanity skin. I started a year ago at 366lbs, and today am 262. I can see that I will have some loose skin, but I will…
  • How long has it been since the scales moved?
  • Really? So I'm a special snowflake then who just magically happened to lose 100lbs following CICO? Always knew I was special.
  • Bit late to the party, but I logged a small at Event Cinema (Taranaki) at 7 cups - worked out to be 670 cals. I'd be guessing a medium would be twice that. So not worth it, next time will sneak in some home popped :smile:
  • Yep. Wish I'd known it was this simple before spending 20 years yo-yo dieting my way to 366lbs! 100 down and I'm still amused at how obvious CICO is.
  • Looks very expensive, and I'm always suspicious when you have to purchase their products. If it works for you, great. But MFP is free, there is nothing to buy, and has loads of knowledgable, supportive, users.
  • You should be eating a hell of a lot more than you are. 1200 calories is very low. It is considered to be the lowest level that a petite woman should be eating. You're a guy, 94kgs, and apparently very active, so should be able to lose comfortably at 1700-2000 calories per day (minimum). Eating only 1200 and having big…
  • Our city built an amazing coastal walkway which is 13kms (8 miles) long, fantastic place to walk/jog/run/bike etc. I walk here every chance I get and there are always people on it.
  • I used this fix a couple of days ago, but today I had to do it again! Happy that it's easy to fix, but annoyed at having to do it again!
  • Go to Apps - Steps and change it from Do not track to Fitbit, then refresh your diary. It's an ongoing issue.
  • So, had this happen the other day, like others, MFP had do not track steps selected, so changed it to Fitbit, everything working fine..... until just now, when I tried syncing, and nothing coming through to MFP. The do not track steps was once again selected. Changed it back and we're good to go again. This is getting a…
  • I think myself and the large number of people who have lost weight calorie counting without starving ourselves would take exception to your last sentence. Low carb is a fantastic tool for a lot of people, however the only reason you lost weight was due to reducing your calorie intake regardless of whether you were counting…