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  • I started with the Sugar Busters diet and lost about 80 lbs. in two years on it. Then I didn’t diet at all the next year, but was able to maintain my loss during that time. When I decided to try again and needed to lose more quickly, I did strict keto for four months and lost...get ready...55 lbs! However, I developed…
  • Oh my, allergic reactions to food can vary...could be mild one time...the next could be deadly. Please see your doctor and ask about obtaining an epi-pen.
  • I hate that ridiculous and insulting “woo” button. This guy is obviously intelligent, well spoken, and merely wanting to share and discuss his experience with intermittent fasting...and that got him nine “woos” on his original post and nothing else. Congrats on your loss, OP...well done. Disregard the…
  • I’m a cancer survivor too - metastatic bone cancer - and most of my spine is metal now, but I’m working out every day (in a safe, doctor approved manner) and trying hard to build my strength and get my health back as much as possible, despite the pain. Thank you for sharing your story, it helped me a lot. Rock on.
  • Starvation mode is a bunch of baloney. To lose faster, eat less and/or burn more, in whichever way works best for you. IF is a very effective approach, especially when combined with ketosis.
  • Please send me a request! I am on keto too.
  • Good point. OP, you may want to consider’s recommended that we record everything we consume, including protein shakes/meal replacement shakes. I definitely include mine, they are 180 calories a pop.
  • OP, I would carefully review each item I’m eating and make sure my calorie counts are accurate. If they are, then give your body time to adjust to your new exercise regimen before making any drastic changes. When I first started back exercising, it slowed down my weight loss for a couple weeks, then my rate of loss…
  • Incorrect. The 800-1200 does not include his daily 2-3 protein shakes.
  • He’s not eating a VLCD - the 800-1200 is not counting the 2-3 protein shakes he’s drinking every day. He states this in the response you quoted.
  • Just want to point out that there's probably a lot of people using MFP who ARE "those people who have to use a scooter", and there's absolutely nothing "lol" about it. I'm sure there was no ill-intent, of course, and I wish you the best.
  • I drink a Premier protein shake almost every afternoon around 4:00 to tide me over to dinner. They taste good, have a lot of protein, and they work well for me as a quick snack. I don't think it would be filling enough to use as a full meal though.
  • Wellbutrin works well for me with no increase in appetite or weight.
  • I understand, believe me. There are many good strategies listed in these responses, but they don't amount to a hill of beans when the compulsion hits. It seems to be more powerful than anything, ANYTHING else. I'll tell you honestly that only two things have helped me stop the madness: 1) there is in most cases an…
  • The only way I can do it is by eating mostly fat and protein, and even then I can't do it every day. I eventually cave every time. I do better on 1300-1400 plus moderate daily exercise. I don't lose very fast but I can be more consistent.
  • Same here. I have to restrict both carbs AND calories in order to lose. Right now I'm doing a limit of 50 g. carbs and 1300 calories daily, with 30 minutes of exercise most days. Losing at a steady rate with this combination so far.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating some pizza toppings and a bit of crust like you did! You are a human being, not some robo-diet-machine who never gives in to hunger or desire for rich or fatty foods - give yourself a break!! I'm down over 90 lbs and trust me when I say - I have eaten my fair share of pizza the…
  • I have way less hunger and can eat less food when I eat more protein and fat. For instance, I just had 2.5 ounces of leftover grilled pork chop as a late night snack for only 80 calories and it took away the hunger I was feeling completely. I will probably be less hungry in the morning too. But if I had eaten an orange or…
  • Way of eating, way of life, or even worse, "WOE" and "WOL", as if the word "diet" is verboten. Call a diet a diet, and it's pretty much guaranteed that some ninny will pop up and say "don't call it a diet!! It's a way of life!!" Good grief. The word "diet" merely refers to the foods one eats, it's not evil. Also, the…
  • I like the Premier Protein shakes too. I don't generally use them as a meal replacement, but I use them for all kinds of things - add the vanilla one to my coffee instead of cream, make a filling snack by mixing it with almond milk and doubling the amount for only about 30 calories more, mix them with sugar free pudding…
  • I can handle hunger far better in the morning, so I just drink coffee and water all morning, then have just a small lunch...then I eat the remainder of my calories in the late afternoon and evening. I have a snack before dinner, a substantial dinner, and several more light snacks until bedtime. This regimen keeps me…
  • I was trying hard to make it Calgary, and then I read further and saw the painful truth.
  • I did the "every other day" or "alternate day" form of intermittent fasting for a few months about a year or so ago. I had good success with it - in fact, I lost a lot faster and had much better adherence with that than I do with a normal, moderate daily deficit approach. Something about knowing that "if I can just get…
  • Watermelon! It's only 88 calories for 10 ounces, which is about 3.5 cups. With all that fiber and liquid, it's super filling. I keep one cut up in my fridge at all times and eat it any time I start feeling hungry between meals - works for me every time. Plus it's delicious and packed with vitamins. It's a winner!
  • Everybody can call it whatever they kitten well please and it's no one else's business.
  • I look at my exercise calories like I do my "buffer money" in my checking account - it's a safety net in case I want a little extra and go over the official amount that I have to spend, but I try not to use it too often and I never use the whole amount.
  • This is me too! I eat 5-7 fruits and veggies a day for the health benefits because I am a cancer survivor...but once I meet that quota, the rest is wide open! Trust me, life is way too short to completely give up the things you love. That's why I eat a full pint of Halo Top ice cream several times a week. Okay, many times…
  • Love this statement - "its about focousing on what you are doing, your weight loss, your meals, getting fit and exercising as if nothing else existed, being selfish enough to give all you have for you." As if nothing else existed - you are so right, it takes that kind of single-minded focus for me too. If I start getting…