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  • If your body doesn't have an aversion to Splenda, try bulletproofing the sugar free Oregon Chai Tea latte mix. Butter, coconut oil, and HWC make it a high cal, high fat way to make your calories for the day. I also add a splash of sugar free vanilla syrup- put it all in my thermos and I'm set for the morning.
  • I do whipped cream w/ a 1/2 tsp cocoa powder and whatever sweetener is around and a splash of vanilla toriani syrup. So good w/ a few strawberries or a small handful of blueberries. On the run I do string cheese, pepperoni, green or kalamata olives, parmesean crisps (I forgot the brand!). Cheddar. cheddar, cheddar. I love…
  • I think you may be my twin! Age: 39 height 5'6" HW- 196.6 in January 2016 CW- 149.0 GW-135 In the process of adding more martial arts and dumbell training
  • Here we go! 8/26/2016 CW 149.0 GW (end of Sept) 144 UGW 135 by Dec. (Merry Christmas to me!) I'm going to start a new dumbell routine on Sept 1, see if that helps!
  • Happy Birthday and congrats! I had a rib-eye smothered in garlic butter on my bday. My keto hubs' birthday is coming up so I may use some of these ideas. Thanks all!
  • I count total carbs. I found that my epilepsy and tremors don't mind carbs between 20-30, so I'm able to eat veggies without too much worry. I was pretty much a carnivore for awhile and MY digestive system wasn't fond of it- I am actually dropping faster this week after having added veggies and strawberries back in my…
  • 5'6" SW 196.5 CW 150.6 GW 145 (Then create a new GW- go more, maintain?) I'm so close to my goal that it's driving me bonkers. Patience, grasshopper
  • I'm back and working hard at tracking this week. Aaaand guess what, a weight woosh! I thought that I had this keto stuff in hand and I could just count in my head and all would be good- but the weight was creeping back and I had to admit to myself I was letting carb creep in my life. Not a novel thing for this group, and…
  • Yep, that's what I have- cervical dystonia. I also have epilepsy which I believe compounded my cervical dystonia. Have your friend give keto a try. I didn't think I'd ever gain control, but here I am! It does twist your shoulders and neck into awful contortions and I didn't even realize how bad it had gotten until I found…
  • @elize7 You've got grit. Hang onto that hard right now. Hugs!
  • “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” ― J.K. Rowling My fav quote regarding rock bottom. It's what yous gotsta get to in order to make a new start. There's lots of us here who are building up from our foundations. You're in good company!
  • I was so happy- my dystonic tremors stopped completely within days of starting keto. I did get quite the fog-head because I wasn't prepared like Sunny. After my fourth day, things started turning around. The water definitely wooshed!
  • @Panda_Poptarts I just found that faint line this morning too, plus an outline of where obliques might go. Major motivators those little divets!
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  • @carsonheim I feel you. I've been dancing around the same 3 lbs for two weeks now. I go down, then back up. The aggravation!!! It makes you want to do an office space on the stupid scale. But do you feel stronger? Do you feel healthier? Do you feel more energetic? Then it's working. Keep the faith!
  • @Queenmunchy radishes instead of potatoes! you're brilliant!!!
  • It's amazing when you test your body's limits. I've not been able to do that for a long time. Yesterday I jogged. I actually made it 3 miles- jogging! I've not jogged since high school, and even then I hated it. Note: jogging usually is a trigger for my seizures, and I've been frightened to even try it for years. But I…
  • @Fvaisey , awesome streak! It's always a major motivator @carsonheim , I love the dual results from gardening. The yard looks better, and so do you! Spring is awesome!
  • Yeah, they hafta live in the freezer, but they're still soft enough to eat straight out of the freezer. I've just been using the solid louanna coconut oil- melted then let cool. It's super quick.
  • Have her give it a try- see if she'll give it 3 weeks. I bet she gets addicted to this WOE like the rest of us.
  • Congrats! Anytime you can get off a med is a major win!
  • Allergic- I avoid like the plague, because you know the splotchy-rash-swollen-tongue-look just isn't in this season.
  • chopped strawberries and hwc are my go-to when I have an ice-cream craving.
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  • I fill mini cupcake tin 1/3 full. It's all to taste, so I'm afraid I probably use different measurements each time. Here's a good recipe that's similar to what I do- I just leave out the peanut butter:
  • I do a coconut oil with cocoa powder and a smidge of stevia and cinnamon. It's quick and easy.
  • We've been weaning my son off of carbs and sugar- without really meaning to. He's actually taking interest in how DH and I eat and is starting to model his own eating after us. He's seen the drastic changes in his parents' health and energy. I anticipate that in a few months, all 3 of us will soon be keto. His breakfasts…
  • Like @KnitOrMiss , I designate a box of carby-junk that's designated just for my kiddo's lunches. It's got his nuts, fruit cups, bread, and other kid-lunch stuff that I only buy once a week- so the're just barely enough to get 5 sack lunches out of it. If I take from that box, I'm taking from my kid. Before keto, I was…
  • My biggies: No dystonic tremors (google cervical dystonia) No auras- the feeling that preceeds a seizure No seizures Bonus: Few if any headaches stronger nails increased energy! 25 lbs gone with little exercise reduced inflammation overall
  • Congrats @ryanb1385 !! I'm looking forward to getting a baseline for body fat here soon, too. My NSV is that my son asked me to teach him how I cook so he can eat like mom and dad, "when I grown up." I told him I'm compiling all my recipes and he'll get a copy to call his own. Aside from his daily PBJ at lunch and…
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  • Haaaaaaapeeeee Birthday! Fantastic progress.
  • Amen @DAM5412 , I feel like I'm truly hurting myself if I have cheat days. If my body and brain don't get keto, then I'm useless to my family and friends, my coworkers, and myself.