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  • Agree. Also, if you've cut out fat-laden foods, you're going to want to slow down on introducing them or risk gastrointestinal distress. I think a reverse diet is in order--slowly bring your calories up until you find maintenance. OP, I saw your reply about being used to 300-400 calorie meals. But tbh an 800-calorie meal…
  • Yeah. Mostly because I've only been maintaining for a month and I don't know where my level is exactly. I did take off holidays when I was losing, but I don't think I'll skip logging now that I'm in maintenance. It's too easy to forget that you were over your calories and later wonder why you gained a pound or two.
  • Thanks, that's what I suspected. Much appreciated!
  • I think I'm going to start doing this. I've always shared new entries with the database. Thanks.
  • That doesn't always work FYI. It can bring up an entirely different product. Also, IDK if they changed their UPC info.
  • If you're logging accurately and weighing everything, just be patient. The weight comes off when it wants to come off.
  • A tablespoon mixed in apple juice (or tea) actually works to relieve gallbladder symptoms. The people who use it to "speed up their metabolism" are nuts.
  • I've only known this as an eggplant. Thanks MFP.
  • I'm no longer trying to lose, but this is what a 1400-calorie day with bananas, tortilla chips, and white rice looks like: That's not even high-carb. And I wasn't hungry at all.
  • Unless you have a medical issue, low carb is unnecessary. I lost 72 pounds eating carbs--much less than I had before, but that's because carbs are easy for me to overeat. Food isn't bad. You're going to have an easier time adhering to a diet if you plan for a serving of pretzel chips than if you end up in a restrict/binge…
  • The recipe builder can be confusing. The way I do it is this: 1. Weigh the pan (Keep a list of your pans for future reference). 2. Weigh all raw ingredients that go into the main dish and cook. 3. Weigh the finished product and subtract the pan. The number of grams equals the number of portions of food. 4. Log all…
  • Black eyed pea salad: black eyed peas (rinse 2 cans or cook from dried), vegetables, cilantro/parsley, small amount of oil, hot sauce. This is really pretty. I brined pork chops for the first time this summer and with a spice rub, they were amazing.
  • I realize you don't have an appointment, but you should still call the doctor and ask their advice. I wouldn't risk anything by asking an internet forum for answers.
  • You don't have to do anything as MFP lets anyone send you a friend request. You will have a notification when you receive one. OP, do your parents cook the meals? Would they allow you to cook more, or would they write down what goes into dinner so you can use the recipe builder for a rough estimate?
  • It depends on how much they're consuming. I know someone who was taking in nearly 1000 calories in cokes a day. I had a bad latte habit and probably cut 2000 calories out of my weekly diet. No telling with people who have alcohol problems. It's your overall diet, not just carbs. Maybe look at where your calories are coming…
  • You might want to start your own thread to get replies. The food scale was a Christmas present. Not going to count protein powder/fitness stuff/clothes because those weren't really used to help me lose weight. So . . .truly free (unless you count previous efforts with green tea fat burning pills etc).
  • Two mid-size microwaves. I love things like these.
  • Oh my god, if that's what OP is talking about, I think we should find out what gym he goes to and report HIM to the staff.
  • Let me go ahead and correct you, you creepy weirdo. Sometimes you don't realize how ill-fitting your workout pants are until you start working out. I have a pair of shorts that are the same size and style as a perfectly fine pair and I get cameltoe in them. Good thing I don't wear them to the gym anymore because if some…
  • You don't use a food scale. Buy one and stop eyeballing your portions and your problem should resolve itself.
  • 4 months minus 4 days (with 2 more pounds lost since then, but not updated because 130 is my maintenance ceiling) What I did to achieve it: ate at a deficit. Well, most days. I frequently ate at maintenance. Widened that deficit with running, walking, calisthenics, yoga, and strength training. The goal is not to lose…
  • Something like that is on the back of the protein jar. Someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to tell you if that's marketing or science. I keep thinking I should wait until I've lifted to consume it, but I only put it in my coffee so that's a bit tricky.
  • I recognized someone in a store but I didn't want to say "hi I'm from the internet!" We're not friends and have had no interaction--I checked out his pics when he said he lived nearby. I've intentionally met people from other sites and found that it's really strange how you can have a ton of chemistry with someone online…
  • OP, is it possible that you were staring these dudes down (rather than watching them lift, as you put it) and they decided to ignore you because you made them uncomfortable? I do think I get checked out more in general. But I'm not trying to meet men at the gym and don't especially notice whether I favor one gender over…
  • If you still can't find them, contact support