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  • I had stopped the extra shake because I wanted to keep dietician told me to add it again because I am not eating enough calories
  • Was never a big fan of ice cream...I do love frozen yogurt though
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  • I take Zantac and protonix...I don't feel the full effect of gastritis but I have a strange sensation...when my vagus nerve is under too much pressure (nerve in your stomach) I get super nauseous...but if I sneeze it releases the pressure and I feel better...I read gastritis and your vagus nerve go hand in hand
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  • It's so hard to do excersice with end stage renal failure...all I want to do is sleep...I still work full time so it's really hard to do anything...hopefully my roller skates help
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  • When I did it I did the exchanges myself...I only was on it for a few months so I don't know all the different things that are out there now
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  • I used to do four exchanges during the day...I never did hemo...I told them I want to do it at night this time around
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  • I was on peritoneal before...just you do yours during the day or night?
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  • They might have put at artificial sweetener in the cold medicine...that could have made you sick
  • I'm not vegan but I am someone who looooves veggies!! The diet after surgery is very high protein! It might be particularly hard for a vegan to get tht much protein from food...your options are more limited...beans and nuts would be a huge source...mostly every meal I eat mostly high would be eating a lot of…
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  • I didn't want to share to much with anyone but it's hard to keep it to myself when I lost 90 pounds in 6 when people ask I tell them..I don't want to think I've gone anorexic or something lol
  • It could also be if your iron is lower
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  • Drink lactose free milk then...takes away the sugar
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  • Just talk to your doctor and make sure that's not the case...
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  • Wow looking pretty sexy!!! What are you doing for your arms they look great!!
  • If your uric acid levels are off it makes your skin itchy and flaky...mine are really high so I am always itchy..also anything going on with your liver can make itchy skin
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  • Just cook stuff you want to eat and he will either eat it or not...that's what I me men are pretty resourceful they will find their own food lol
  • You guys are funny...I eat quest bars for the protein but can barely choke down one because it feels like a piece of taffy that got stuck in sand...I think my trigger foods are anything crunchy and snacky...I snack in nuts all the time at work and feel like I could eat a tree full of them but you do get full fast so that's…
  • My fiancé and I went out last night and I put in this red dress I had not worn in a long time...I felt everyone staring at me...but not In the "she is too fat to be wearing that dress" a very approving way...I sang kareoke and this girl I didn't even know told me I looked like a rock star!
  • My fiancé and I go out to eat a lot and I hate it because I always feel like I ask for weird meals...but I was recently looking at a book called "eat this not that" and it was showing what kind of stuff you should be eating at restaurants and fast food...I don't eat fast food but it was interesting because things I thought…
  • With any supplement you are taking your body uses it where it needs it first...biotin is part of b vitamins and since your not consuming the same things you were before your body will use it where it sees fit first then go to your will take a but but it will work
  • Good job! Be strong!
  • I play volleyball and have or years and one of the last games I had I overheard this guy telling the other guy how I used to be now if they would just say something to me!
  • I was the weight I am now when I was in high school and I definetly rembrr my body being different...the saggy skin sucks I try to tone but it's slow
  • You look amazing!!!!
  • At a store near me they have something called herbal infused water and one flavor is ginger and lemon...ginger ale doesn't even contain any ginger (read the ingredients) also try fennel and peppermint is good too...
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  • Cottage cheese and fruit is a go to for me
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  • I got my boots from the they have wide Calfs and worked perfectly
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