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  • @jjjcat - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
  • @DebyS137 - love the costume change. You always seem so grounded and definitely brighten my morning.
  • Airport day. I had an early flight and like to fast until after I land and get to my destination. When the car dropped me off at the destination, there were only snacks and I was stranded until I was able to get some dinner. I should have just continued fasting because there was no protein and eating without protein just…
  • @whatmerunning - be well! I am not sure how long I’ve been here. Maybe 8 years. Initially I joined to start logging food. I only did that for a few months and then stopped. I came back in about 2018 or 2019. I had not known about the groups and stumbled upon the UAC post telling everyone to come on over, so I did. Then…
  • It has taken me some time to realize that my yo yo’ing was caused by restricting calories to 1200 or less, eliminating food groups, exercising without enough fuel, etc. I couldn’t do it for long (it was miserable) and after I lost my “number” I would start eating without restriction and gain it all back. It took me some…
  • Congratulations @bradkcrew - that is awesome! Happy Thanksgiving @jamcnewman and to all my neighbors to the north! Sunday, October 10 Tracking: Yes Calories: under Exercise: Yes, walk Pass days to date - 3
  • @biketheworld - another great thought provoking post. Thank you. I totally agree with this one - it just took me quite a few decades to start thinking this way and not be so hard on myself. It’s how I feel, not a number, that is important. Saturday, October 9 Tracking: Yes Calories: under but went out to dinner and overly…
  • I quite like these discussions and reading everyone’s thoughts. I’ve been incorporating a bit here and there. I weigh daily as a tool: - I can catch an upward trend sooner and figure out what I’m doing differently - I prefer to lose slowly to help with skin and resetting my metabolism. I prefer no more than 3-5 pounds a…
  • I think oftentimes there is an imperceptible line between making excuses/not taking responsibility and just having your butt kicked by life. But maybe that’s the point - just do what you can. Thursday, October 7 Tracking: Yes Calories: under Exercise: Yes, walk. I don’t feel like I’ve been kicked in the kidney anymore.…
  • Wednesday, October 6 Pass Day but feeling much better
  • Monday and Tuesday October 7 and 8 Pass days. I didn’t eat much so not much to track. I didn’t exercise. Instead I decided to pass a kidney stone. I do not recommend this to anyone. Pass days to date - 2
  • Sunday, October 3 Tracking: Yes Calories: under - right below maintenance. I think I’m where I want to be for a bit. I’m going to try to eat at maintenance every other day and below a few 100 the other days. I will see how this goes and adjust accordingly. Exercise: Yes, full body stretch warm up, cycle 60 min, cool down…
  • Saturday, October 2 Tracking: Yes Calories: under Exercise: Yes, hike 60 min Pass days to date - 0
  • Congratulations to everyone in the Winner’s Circle and to all the champions! My goal for October is to make a daily meditation a habit. I have been slacking off and I’m much nicer when I meditate consistently … so they tell me. Friday, October 1 Tracking: Yes Calories: under Exercise: Yes, dance lessons. Pass days to date…
  • Wednesday, September 29 Tracking: Yes Calories: Under Exercise: Yes - full body stretch warm up, core 10 min, cycle 45 min, cool down ride, post ride stretch Pass days to date - 7 Thursday, September 30 Tracking: Yes Calories: over Exercise: No Pass days to date - 8
  • Tuesday, September 28 Tracking: Yes Calories: under Exercise: Yes, walk Pass days to date - 7
  • Monday, September 27 Tracking: Yes Calories: under - but at maintenance today - Yay! Exercise: Yes, Full body warm up 10 min, lift full body 20 min, body weight strength 20 min, full body stretch 10, walk 50 min Pass days to date - 7
  • Sunday, September 26 Tracking: Yes Calories: under - diabetes is a comorbidity of UC and my new meds can cause high glucose levels and really mess up insulin levels. I never had a problem with it until this weekend. So I’m off several meds and working to get my levels under control so my calories are low. I was told I have…
  • Saturday, September 25 Tracking: Yes Calories: under Exercise: No. infusion day. Laid low. Out of the winner’s circle but still going strong.
  • I am still learning on this journey. Last night proves that. I have to run to my infusion so will read all the posts later. Friday, September 24 Tracking: No Calories: No idea - we went to an outdoor dance with hors d’oeuvre - AND they had a pretzel station AND a candy station (I know I’m like 5 years old). Way too much…
  • @KCJen - I am going to chime in as well. I am 5’2” and closing in on 60 years old. My calories have been low this week due to a stomach thing but generally I eat anywhere from 1500-1900 calories a day. I eat lower carb, moderate protein and the rest fats and I do IF with an 8 hour window - but what works for me may not…
  • Thursday, September 23 Tracking: Yes Calories: under but it wasn’t that hard since the mere thought of food… Exercise: No. stomach bug - neg COVID test, I forgot there were other things to catch. Pass days to date - 5
  • @jamcnewman - that is awesome! Woot woot! @mshawski - I love your dress! Everyone needs a dress that makes them smile!
  • Wednesday, September 22 Tracking: Yes Calories: I intentionally increased my calories today to make up for several days of not having an appetite and eating too few calories. I’m trying to stay at maintenance for a few weeks to a month. Exercise: Yes - Full body warm up 10 min, core 10 min, lift full body 30 min, body…
  • @mshawski - I’m sorry to hear about your friend's mom. Hang in there.
  • Oh noooo. Take care and heal fast!
  • Tuesday, September 21 Tracking: Yes Calories: under Exercise: Yes, airport power walk 40 min. I used to sit at a bar/restaurant while waiting for my flight. Now I power walk from checking til boarding. I feel so much better when I land and the next day. Pass days to date - 4
  • @Jana_2020 - sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • Monday, September 20 Tracking: Yes Calories: under Exercise: Yes. Full body warm up 10 min, core 10 min, lift lower body 40 min, full body stretch 10 min, focus flow yoga chest and back 10 min Pass days to date - 4
  • Sunday, September 19 Tracking: Yes Calories: under Exercise: Yes, walking, playing with kids Pass days to date - 4