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  • I am currently getting back in the groove with Stronglifts 5×5. I am in my 10th week and have just now maxed out on all my excercises except Squats. I plan on continuing awhile longer then switching to Strongman training plan by Brian Alsruhe.
  • I had problems as well do to a weak IT band BUT I found some stretches to do once a week. I would suggest doing at end of a workout or after a 5-10 min warm up..
  • #1 Don't worry what someone else thinks about YOUR workout. #2 If you are pushing limits, and don't have a spotter: use a rack or smith machine; you can also learn " the roll of shame" or you can leave clips off bar & dump the weight(makes a bit of noise, but definitely better than being pinned to the bench). Also you may…
  • I don't think it really gets easier after a couple of days. Maybe after the first couple of months. But you can use "how far you have come" to help increase willpower. For example after a day, say cravings get bad: stop and think "I have already been quit a day: do I really want to start all over?" before you know it, it…
  • If it wasn't OK; I never would be able to work out regularly. Like mentioned above, if soreness is severe, you may want to take a day or two off. A tip to combat leg soreness: At the end of a heavy leg day workout; get on the bike for 10-15 mins at light resistance. It will greatly reduce soreness.
  • Not excactly leg recovery; but some advice from some on who has experience muscle atrophy, aka me, would be to try to keep your core as strong as possible without overdoing it. Be wary of exercises that might effect your Knee like leg raises or wrapping legs around a decline bench. As far as your arms, if you want some big…
  • I use Body Fortress Chocolate peanut butter Whey. I think they have just PB flavor..... Very inexpensive as far as powders go. For a higher calorie shake I add actual PB.
  • @Lena1967 For a month or so it seemed as as I was making no progress BUT I kept at it ,,,,, after a few months I was making leaps in my progress. Don't be dismayed with poor performance and endurance.. just keep at it! My routine is based on an app called Maximum Muscle. I have since lost my phone but luckily I recorded my…
  • good link...thanks
  • MFP 2015 Cycling Challenge: Kicking the month off with 1 mile from my workout cool down. I set a low goal as I do most of my cardio on the elliptical and running. The MFP Running Challenge has helped motivate me to run more and I am hoping this challenge will progress my cycling. I am in awe of you folks, especially those…
  • MFP October 2015 Running Challenge: Fell short on my running goals last month but it was a great "fitness" month anyway. My goals were 48 miles and to break into 48 min range for a 5 mile run. So I am gonna set the same goals this month. Today I lengthened my lifting warm up run from a half mile to 1 mile. That along with…
  • good article. I was actually wrong. My reasoning was even though you encounter more resistance, being "weightless" would burn less. According to the article you burn more so I would enter a higher pace if you entered it as walking.
  • I would say put in as regular walking and it should be close. If you worried about overestimating just cut it back to a lower pace than what you actually did.
  • MFP October 2015 Cycling Challenge: I have been doing the running challenge for a couple of months and it has drastically improved my running. I cycle some(mostly stationary) and think I will join this thread to improve my cycling as well. I gonna set my goal for 25 miles. GOAL:25 miles
  • MFP September 2015 Running Challenge: September has flown by.I am adding 2.5 miles from warm up runs. For this month 48 was the number. It was my mileage goal and I also had a goal to run 5 miles in 48 mins(previous PR 49 mins) . I fell short on both of them. But on the bright side this challenge has pushed me to run more.…
  • Really depends on your goals. I know those crossfit folks never quit moving and I admire their endurance but for me I separate my lifting and cardio. I do walk around a bit during rest periods especially on leg day.
  • My worse soreness comes on a LEG day. I found a tip to get on the bike after leg workout and helps remove lactic acid which causes the soreness. I was very skeptical as doing a cardio exercise like stationary bike did not sound appealing after a hard leg workout. I tried it, found out it really works and it is now a…
  • Leg extensions and curls are a great follow up to Squats and Leg Presses. These isolation exercises enhance your performance in your compound exercises like Squats. You may want to judge your progress with the compound exercises but the isolation exercises will aid your progress. Don't just go through the motions. Control…
  • My routine cycles between light,heavy and moderate weeks. when lifting heavy(5-7 reps) I rest 3 or more mins. when lifting light(15-20 reps) I rest 2 mins or less. A good rule of thumb is rest enough that you can perform as well on the last set as you did on the first. Also I would recommend working your lower half as…
  • Hi, I am an active user. I came here to see if counting cals would help me gain weight. I found the diary very useful to record my workouts. I keep an open diary and post my workouts daily. Add me no matter what your goals are.....
  • I have MFP set to gain 1lb a week. I eat back my exercise calories plus 300-700 cal surplus. I drink at least one high calorie protein shake a day. It is best way for me to keep my protein and calorie intake up.
  • I waited till completely done with treatments before working out. At first I was as weak as a newborn. But now my strength and Cardio is better than ever. But my rests times between lifting sets is getting longer and longer. I think it is due to my thyroid which got fried during radiation. Doc says it is inevitable that it…
  • ^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ also I use the cheap stuff and it seems to work as well as the more expensive kind
  • I slightly bend my knees and bend over about halfway between 45* and horizontal trying to keep my back flat.
  • MFP September 2015 Running Challenge: This month 48 is the number for my mileage goal and I also am trying to run 5 miles in 48 mins. This was my 2nd attempt this month. I kinda knew it wasn't going to happen because on the previous day I had a pretty intense ab workout. And when doing my HIIT on the ellipitical that day I…
  • MFP September 2015 Running Challenge: This month 48 is the number for my mileage goal and I also am trying to run 5 miles in 48 mins. This was my 2nd attempt this month. I kinda knew it wasn't going to happen because on the previous day I had a pretty intense ab workout. And when doing my HIIT on the ellipitical that day I…
  • Hit 7 reps. I video taped myself and my back looking pretty good and flat , all except the 1st rep when lifting off the floor. Gonna add 20lbs next time. Be the first time doing any exercise with 4 big plates on the bar. Hopefully I can hit 5 reps of 225 for all 4 sets!
  • MFP September 2015 Running Challenge: Checking in with a couple of .5 mile treadmill warm up runs. And this evening got in 4.5 miles through town For a total of 5.5 more miles. Weather has finally started changing here. Very nice for a evening run. Goal: 48 miles Complete:27.5 >>>>>>>>> 20.5 to go <<<<<<<
  • MFP September 2015 Running Challenge: Two half mile warm ups on the treadmill from last couple days. Got a good 3 mile run in this afternoon. For total of 4 more miles. Goal:48 Complete:22 >>>>>>>> 26 to go <<<<<<<<<<
  • This one hard to prove as well as the huge upsurge in cavities could be related to the huge upsurge in consumption of sugary food and drinks.