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  • Thanks for the thread. I am 48 and in the UK, I lost 19kg (41lb) a couple of years ago, but it's creeping back on, so I need to knuckle down and stay in deficit for a bit. It would be great to have some more friends who are active now, most of the ones I had before have gone really quiet! I have a open diary.
  • If you want to use dry rice figures then weigh the total amount of dry rice you're going to cook, then weigh again when it's cooked and drained, if necessary, and weigh your cooked portion. The amount of dry rice you have consumed is then Total dry weight x your cooked portion weight ÷ total cooked weight Packets of rice…
  • Add me if you want, my diary is open and I love to cook (and eat!) Most of my evening meals are from the recipes I've built up, but can provide links to anything you like the look of :)
  • I'm British, so number one is Delia (Smith) mainly for reference, but I also love Nigella (Lawson) and have a couple of Jamie's (Oliver) books too. I'd quite like an Ottolenghi book and have been using my Moro cookbook recently. Nigel Slater is good too. River Cottage Family Cookbook and Sarah Raven get looked at…
  • If you are cooking just for you, it's probably easiest to weigh the raw ingredients. I am usually cooking for my family too, so it's easier to weigh and use cooked rice entries, for example.
  • The Premium Support Centre has closed for the day :-/
  • Same here, I'll report it.
  • Just wanted to say I use Delia's recipe for Yorkshire puds, I make 8 individual ones in a muffin tray (inspired by my MIL) and they come out at about 61 calories each. I have two though... I don't think Sunday lunches are too bad, especially if you have loads of veg, less meat than you used to and fewer roasties. It's the…
  • It's an ongoing problem, they're working on it
  • What constitutes a "cheat meal"? Why not just eat at maintenance every now and again, or even over? All you're doing is making a choice to lose weight more slowly.
  • I hate that the alarm goes off at 7:20 now that my kids are at senior school, I'd much rather be getting up at 8! I start work somewhere between 9 and 9:30, and we only live a mile away, so I get some steps in on the walk to work and back. In the past I have done lunchtime exercise classes in the gym at work, but now I run…
  • The recommendations are pretty much plucked out of the air.
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  • Why were you at work when you were suffering from food poisoning!?
  • You can eat sweets and fast food if you want and still hit your calorie goal. You can also "cheat" but you're not really cheating, you're just deciding to take longer to hit your goal weight.
  • It doesn't matter, whichever fits into your calories and you like the taste of.
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  • I still don't understand what cheat days are all about. I have been waaaay over my calories the last couple of days, but I wouldn't class it as a cheat. I still log and it's a conscious decision, that I'm going to eat more on a particular day at the expense of losing weight at the rate I had planned to. When I am keeping…
  • I just wanted to say *it is not your job to keep the house clean*, he would not be "helping" you, it is as much his responsibility. Do the bits you care about, clear up after yourself, do your own laundry, leave the rest. If he gets angry, that's his business, just say you're sorry he feels that way, but that as far as you…
  • How is bread (or any of these things) fake? The enzymes in your digestive system break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They don't care how those are combined together. We've been eating bread for 30,000 years, you'd think our bodies would have stopped being confused by now.
  • I wouldn't worry about comparing yourself against what you imagine other people weigh (or even what they tell you). If you feel good and like the way you look, then who cares what other magic number other people weigh? If it helps at all, I'm a couple of centimetres shorter than you at 169cm and currently weigh around…
  • I regularly go over my planned deficit and occasionally over maintenance, but I don't see that as "cheating" (how can I cheat myself?) - I know I'm making a choice on those days to lose weight more slowly in favour of short term pleasure. Sometimes it's worth it to me. I log pretty much absolutely everything, occasionally…
  • Do you want to go vegan for ideological reasons or just to lose weight?
  • If I had to choose between being Xena, Gabrielle or Callisto shaped, Xena would win every time.
  • Just drink milk, it's nice.
  • I eat back all my exercise calories. Earlier in the year when my marathon training ramped up I went up to maintenance, because I found I couldn't do the distances I needed to on a deficit. I usually have half a pint of semi skimmed milk after a long run, and keep cashews in my work drawer for the afternoons after I run in…
  • Exactly.
  • Er, that's not true, maybe you don't *know* anyone who's had them extracted when they've not erupted, but it definitely happens. Mine were done in hospital, under GA, on the NHS. My bottom two were impacted and needed breaking up to remove and top two were taken out because they were likely to get cavities as they weren't…
  • I've lost 19kg (just over 40lbs) and went down from 40D to 38D and have just now gone down again to 38C. You will probably lose weight in both areas, but everybody's different.
  • I refuse to read the Daily Mail, on principle and on health grounds. But I get the gist, good for Faye.
  • It could even base suggestions on things you'd eaten before.