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  • This was really great to see, thanks @AnnPT77. I'm on Apple, so using Happy Scale and I'm not sure it's got so many options to tweak. I'm weighing daily and even though I know the fluctuations aren't really the story, I do find myself reacting to them a little. I've now been going three months and I'd love the option of…
  • This is such a wise and thoughtful post, you’ve given me a lot to think about. There’s no one ‘right’ path through this that’ll fit everyone and we each have to find our own. Good luck with your continued experiments!
  • I love the success stories too! Congratulations on all that hard work.
  • 3 x yes for me, bit of a rest day for me, but still got in a good walk.
  • I'm losing track of which days I've signed in for, not a good sign, but I do know I met my goals yesterday (24th). Exercise was the final part of week 4 of couch to 5k, and a cycle to/from work.
  • Three yesses for me today with a lovely long walk in the hills with my brother. Not in the Winners Circle this month, it's been a bit up and down, but could have been a lot worse. Still hanging on in here.
  • Three yesses for me today. Exercise was the second run from Week Four of the Couch to 5k programme, and for the first time it didn't feel like a total struggle the whole time. It almost felt ok! Yay!
  • Three yesses for me, but only just! Got caught a bit in a hungry -> eat -> need to exercise more to earn calories back -> hungry again cycle... Not great, but at least I recognised it and am aiming to get back into a more sensible routine for the rest of the week. I did have a nice walk with a friend.
  • Same goals for me today, keeping it simple. Log everything, stay in the green.
  • Same again today for me: JFT (Tuesday): log everything, stay in the green. (Just) managed yesterday...
  • Happy birthday @Dory_42 - that sounds a fantastic day. Yes, yes, yes. I completed the first run of week 4 in Couch to 5k, still not coming easily to me, but I'm hanging on in there. Actually my new fitbit has updated to tell me I'm now 27 calories over my goal! I will be going out for a short walk until that's registering…
  • I’m back! And I gave in and bought a Fitbit - hadn’t wanted one for years, but now just struggling to adjust my calories when I’m really active one day and not so much the next. I’m hoping this’ll help me. It’s already making me want to to out to get steps! But my goals are the same for today - log everything, stay in the…
  • Happy birthday @Dory_42! Yes x 3 for me today, a good day. Had a lovely sunny hill walk in the morning by myself. Then cycled down to the beach to meet my sister and her family in the afternoon. Even said no to ice cream because I wasn't hungry - this isn't normal for me!
  • That sounds a lovely trip @RangerRickL. Today's a pass day for me (so I'm at four for the month :( ). I've been struggling a bit recently with adjusting my calories around quite a lot of variation in daily exercise, and not doing it very well. I did exercise today, but not as much as expected, and guessed at a lot of the…
  • Not a great day for me, didn’t sleep well, but I think I can just about claim three yesses. I made myself get out for a walk, and did log everything within the limit.
  • Congrats on your kidneyless anniversary @Dory_42 and everyone’s else on their NSVs. Three yesses for me today. I woke up early so managed my second run from Couch to 5k week three. I think it felt a tiny bit easier than the last run, so I’ll take that as a win.
  • I love this victory so much - lots of single pounds lost will add up before too long. Sounds like you’ve got the right mindset.
  • Oh @Bex953172 and @mytime6630 I’m sorry you’re going through such tough times right now, puts other stuff in perspective. I’m sticking to my unambitious goals - log everything, stay in the green. Sleep’s gone a bit wrong this past week, so I’m going to add in try to get to bed early.
  • Hmm, problem solved, I think, with a lot of logging in and out and resyncing accounts.
  • Three yesses for me. I met my sister for a nice evening walk up a local hill between where we live - I'd felt tired and lethargic before but felt much better after. I'm suffering a bit with 'diet fatigue' - not seeing the scale change quickly any more, and struggling with the effort required to keep from slipping back into…
  • Oh @Bex953172 I read this and laughed (sorry!) because I had one of those days too and I don’t even have my period at the moment as an excuse! Hope tomorrow’s better for you. Some people’s car stickers are stupid though! I spent hours on the phone to my bank about some random cheque (?!) that left my account that I didn’t…
  • 3 yesses for me. Managed the first run for Couch to 5k week 3 - it felt tough which I’m sure it shouldn’t! I used to be able to run, but I think I’ve been a bit too tired recently. Keeping going though.
  • Yesterday was ok, back on the strict logging again. So same aims again today: Log everything, stay in the green.
  • Three x yes for me, I’m back on the case after a not so strict few days. Exercise was a cycle to work and a walk in the evening sunshine with a friend. Everything logged to the gram!
  • I’ve been lost in action for a week or so and in need of a mini reboot. I had a good week off, got lots of exercise so finally feeling a bit fitter. But... I ate pretty much what I fancied and did quite a lot of guessing with the logging. Today I am back on the case! JFT (Monday): Log everything, stay in the green.
  • That’s a stunning photo @RangerRickL ! I’m using my third pass day today. Lots of exercise, but lots of guessing on the logging. It’s the end of a week’s holiday for me and I’ve slipped into bad habits. Going to try to nip this one in the bud and get straight back onto the tighter logging tomorrow.
  • Yes x 3, with a long cycle ride for exercise.
  • I’m taking a second pass day - lots of exercise, but a large amount of guesswork in logging. Net calorie intake probably was ok, but I don’t want this to get to be a habit, so I’m aiming to get back to much tighter logging.
  • I’m taking a a pass day (first of the month). Had a super active day (two big cycle rides) so I’m sure my net calorie intake was fine, but there was a fair bit of rough estimating along the way, so can’t really be sure.
  • Yes x 3. Exercise was a long walk. I think I am starting to feel a bit fitter, but I’m struggling with food intake, seeing exercise more as a means to ‘earn’ calories. Oh well, something to work on.