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  • From what I've read, it's the 4:1 carbs to protein ratio of chocolate milk that is ideal for recovery, especially if workouts are longer than 1 hour.…
  • Over 15k, I carry a Nathan handheld water bottle (535ml) & 30-50g of dates in a ziplock bag in the pocket of the water bottle. As others have said, start refueling before you feel weak & lethargic. If you eat carbs, you will need water with them, so find a way to hydrate. Try a few carb sources & see what suits you best…
  • I like it! Currently, things like 'a serve' or 'a portion' are not easily determined by many people. I think anything that can help with volume estimation accuracy is a useful tool in the battle of the bulge!
  • I love this calculator There are others out there, just google TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) calculators and they can help you figure out your 'maintenance' calories. However, just remember that they are estimates! Variables including body fat percentage & muscle mass will alter your…
  • I have been managing foods that used to cause me to binge by eating them daily. I adore peanut butter too, so my breakfast smoothie has peanut butter in it. I don't feel deprived or at risk of eating it all because my smoothie tastes so yum to me. I am the same with chocolate, so I have a couple of squares often, again so…
  • Yes, sometimes insatiably so! I try to increase my exercise a bit during my pre-menstrual week so I can eat a bit more & also manage the moodiness and crankiness!!
  • This for sure. My second from big toe has a black nail at the moment. I thought it was an ingrown nail causing pain and a little swelling, but after a few days the pain went away and it turned black. I think it's a repetitive strain type injury that happens to runners and other active people. If it doesn't resolve, get it…
  • ^^^ This ^^^ This and don't let eating over calories some meals/days derail your overall adherence!
  • Diva Cup all the way, best invention for female runners!!
  • Just saw Nolan's Dunkirk today & I really loved it!
  • Congratulations on reaching your goal! I would say you might want to set a minimum & maximum weight range for maintenance to allow for normal fluctuations like this. Also, maybe weigh yourself less often (once or twice per week) if fluctuations stress you out. I give myself a 2-3 kg weight range to work with & know that…
  • It obviously bothers you OP, and you consider it a problem. As such, you might try as others have suggested and cut down then taper off. This will limit the withdrawal symptoms you experience (headaches, constipation, fatigue) and allow you to adapt to less caffeine. You are welcome to your opinion, however, rather than…
  • I exercise everyday in the week leading up to my period in order to manage my PMS symptoms (moodiness, anxiety, aches & pains etc). And since I exercise more I can eat more, especially whatever I am craving, in moderation. Hello ice-cream-cookies-chocolate-cake, topped with whipped cream :wink:
  • Yep, same as mindlessly eating...the calories still count even if you ate a whole tub of ice-cream and don't understand how it is now empty (never me btw) :pensive: When I am running, sometimes i realize my effort is only half arsed, so I pick up the pace a bit. Still counts though, just means I burn a bit less than usual.
  • I absolutely love peanut butter & eat it every day, sometimes twice. Like others, I usually stick to 10-30 g serves. I eat it either in a smoothie, on toast with honey & banana, or as a pre-workout snack. It's creamy, filling, yum and worth the calories!
  • I have exactly that (skim milk coffee, tbsp peanut butter & banana) before my morning run! I used to be fine with just coffee, but these days I am just too hungry if I don't eat pre-run. Don't be scared of any foods really, just work out what suits you & enjoy your running!
  • Always looking for more fantastic friends my age! I am 38 & live in Sydney with my 18 year old son. I log daily to keep up maintenance & accountability & catch up with my friends!
  • Running a marathon is a great long term goal. However, can't you just plan to exercise moderately and lose weight slowly and keep the marathon goal for when your life is calmer & you've had lots of long-term therapy for your mental health issues? I run for mental health mostly, and sometimes manage half-marathon distance.…
  • I love snacks too OP. I try to buy already portioned out things (e.g fun size chocolate bars) & just make sure they fit my day calorie wise. Other times fruit is awesome, or veg sticks with cottage cheese, or boiled eggs like others have suggested. Nothing wrong with snacking in my opinion, as long as you still meet your…
  • Bought new 'fancier' workout clothes & a new pair of sneakers. More out of necessity than a reward though, ha! Not really into hair, makeup, nails etc. Happy for others to celebrate however they like though!
  • Ha, I meant people smoking while standing still or walking along the path, not running!
  • Please no! Even when I run in the park & pass people drenched in perfume I feel like I am choking! Honestly, other than running past someone smoking, perfume-drenched-walkers are the worst! Keep it for after your workout.
  • It's winter here in Sydney, so some mornings I just can't face the cold air, hence the dreadmill. Also, like you I try to avoid areas where I have to run across streets or high traffic areas, mostly just hit the big parks in my area. I haven't tried a podcast, maybe worth a go!
  • Do you own a food scale? It is honestly the best thing you can buy for this journey! Weighing everything you eat initially is the best way to learn and gauge your calories. You can start off aggressively, many people do, just remember it is a marathon not a sprint! Even then, marathons end, maintaining a healthy weight is…
  • Music for sure! I get bored easily so change it up regularly. I use earphones that aren't noise cancelling, so when running in the park I can still hear things, mostly. If I didn't have music on the dreadmill I think I would actually drop dead from boredom!
  • If you are weighing/measuring/logging correctly then as a male you should definitely not eat less than 1500 calories per day as you will be unable to get adequate nutrition. Eating the calories allotted to you by MFP is recommended, plus eating 50-75% (up to 100%) of your exercise calories. Also, you only gained weight by…
  • Don't sweat it! It is that kind of all-or-nothing, rigid thinking that leads many of us quit eating less & moving more & reverting back to our old ways because we convince ourselves we failed! I have always been that way, however, if I eat above my calories sometimes now, which I do, I log it & move on. It is about a…
  • Hi OP, How long has it been since you started to log your calories & increase activity? Many people come here & vent their frustration at 'no loss' after a whole week! Weight loss, especially at your size (I am 5'3 & 125 lbs, so I know your pain) is super slow, which is a good thing because otherwise you would likely be…
  • Eat less & move more. You can't choose where the fat cells will shrink, unfortunately. Be patient & persistent!
  • Macro breakdown doesn't mean anything in terms of weight loss. You could eat 100% calories from fat one day, 100% calories from carbs the next day & 100% calories from protein the next day & while you would likely feel horrible, it would not affect your weight. Same with alcohol, your could drink 100% of your calories in…