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  • Filet mignon for sure. Then the rest and I do love crock pot roasts, yum. Agreeing too about eating my steaks rare.
  • Yeah, same here, Emma!! BUT big congratulations to you cause you look fantastic!! So healthy! :)
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  • Mac, you look great!! Keto is amazing!!
  • WOWZERS EMMA!!! Those transformation pics are incredible. Just downright amazing, hon. :)
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  • I'll stick with smacking the shaker, lol. For some folks trying to recover from various bowel issues, dextrose can be a nightmare even in small amounts.
  • Absolutely amazing numbers!! Very encouraging!! :)
  • Thanks for the OP video. I really liked it. She has some great ideas.
  • Exactly! I avoid them now like the plague. I know a lot of others who now do the same. There are still some great docs out there but apparently not near me or if they are I'm not aware of them.
  • On my laptop I see a drop down menu titled "My Home" near the top of the page. If I click on that it brings up a choice called "Settings." When I click on that it brings up a list called "Account Settings." In that list you'll see a choice called "Diary Settings." When you click on that it will give you a list of Nutrients…
  • On the mornings I have eggs & ham (or some other meat) I'm stuffed until almost 3pm!! The mornings I have salmon or something similar I'm hungry much earlier. Foods matter. That's why keto/LCHF works. The foods are so satiating. :)
  • Sounds like you are doing great to me. Maintenance isn't a biggie as far as finding out what works goes. You'll find that from time to time you'll have to fiddle with your keto macros as your body changes. As you continue to get more 'in tune' with what your body needs you'll continue to grow in this WOE. :)
  • Did you post this or me? LOL!!!
  • You can set MFP to put the "carbs" column right next to the "fiber" column. Then it's just an easy subtraction. :)
  • Sunny Bunny knows her stuff!! Plain old water acts like a magnet and draws sodium out of our bodies with ease. So folks drinking a "ton" of water need even more sodium. Magnesium and Potassium can be forgiving but Mr. Sodium is a real taskmaster!! Try to keep your sodium to at least around 3,500mg per day and you should do…
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  • When I first started keto my appetite disappeared for a short time. Not uncommon at all.
  • Milk Thistle!!
  • I agree with all the recommendations so far and will also add, FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth (DE) to the list. Make sure it is food grade. You can find it on Amazon. Hawthorn/Hibiscus tea also helps but you'd have to drink it daily for a while. Also check out grape seed extract. :)
  • Big Congrats!!! Those are great lab results. After doing keto for a year or so I realized that I was basically doing IF anyway so once you're doing keto for a while you'll find that adding IF will be no big deal at all. :)
  • Add me to the Brazil nut lovers list, lol.
  • I used to go by net carbs but right now I'm doing total carbs. Both ways are good if they work for you so try 'em both if need be. MFP allows you to place your columns in your diary side by side so I've got carbs in one column and fiber in the next one. Makes it super easy to subtract fiber from carbs to get my net carbs…
  • Thank you for bumping this thread. Big Fat Surprise may be my next book to read. I do a Keto/Whole 30 type of eating, eating as many whole foods as possible.
  • Just placed my pre-order at iTunes. Thanks for the heads up. :)
  • Of course you stopped to help! That's what makes you our Rodney! You've got a beautiful heart, my friend!! Well done! {{{HUGS}}}
  • Not only a good looking dude are you but a sweetie too. Looking forward to more posts. :)
  • Looks like you had some nice scenery to take your walk in, my friend. And yeah, what's all the scribble walk at the bottom? Looks like you were being chased by geese, LOL. So glad to see you continuing to stay healthy!! :)
  • I really like Dave, thank you!
  • Another push for upping that S O D I U M :)
  • THIS!!! Before I even began keto I ended up in the hospital with dangerously low sodium. Talk about brain fog, oh boy! Keep those sodium levels up please. Most keto info seems to say we need at Least 3,000 to 5,000 mg sodium daily. During the cooler weather my sodium level seems good around 3,500 but in the summer…
  • Check out Keto Savage. He's awesome! Btw, I'm 62 years old, keto 2.5 years and have lost weight AND gained muscle from lifting weights. I don't add carbs, I just do plain old keto and it works. Hubby has also lost weight and gained muscle lifting weights doing keto. It can be hard at first when waiting for one's body to…
  • Welcome to keto, newbies! :) Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. KCKO