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  • You genius. For some reason, it never occurred to me that coffee could be a smoothie base. I usually use the vanilla Vega protein powder and use almond milk as a base, so I guess I’ll try see if having caffeine in the smoothie still keeps me full without it being something warm. If it does, I’ll like having variety and…
  • I actually log on an different app that has a better logging system (imo) and really only log into MFP for the community. The goals get bugged out and reset frequently. My actual intake is around 1400 calories per day and I consistently fall around 1350-1450 and give myself plenty of wiggle room. I really appreciate the…
  • I have. I don’t mind them, but I prefer just indulging. Caffeine headaches on days that I don’t have them is a big part of it. But is wanting variety that hits specific criteria really so bad?
  • I love Chipotle. I usually bounce between chicken, carnitas, and sofritas. Add veggies, cheese, medium salsa, lettuce, and sour cream. Guac if I’m feeling expensive. One bowl usually lasts me 2-3 meals if I listen to how hungry I am rather than “OMG YUM MUST SHOVEL INTI FACE”
  • I had this problem and chalked it up to being out of shape. I graduated Couch 2 5K and still had this problem. Turns out, I have asthma and an inhaler would have fixed my issue from the beginning. Don’t waste a year like I did if you truly feel like you’re having issues and feel like you tire out faster than you should-…
  • Find a podiatrist that's in network with your insurance and get in.
  • +1 for MapMyRun. If doesn't have instruction, but I use it in conjunction with C210K by ZenLabs and love it.
  • My dog will stay in bed until she absolutely can't wait to pee any longer because she doesn't want to get out of bed. When she was a puppy, we were on a pretty strict schedule and she went out at 10 PM every night and 7 AM every morning before I went to high school. In college, my schedule was always really varied, so I'd…
  • Medically restricted eating is not the same thing as an eating disorder.
  • At the same time, I use an Android and play my music through Spotify and have no issues. I tried to connect it to MFP once and it tried to add it as a recipe, so I gave up.
  • I loooooove mine. I got it for Christmas. It's so much better than buying La Croix.
  • +1 for psyllium husk powder. I take 5ish grams a day to help hit my 25 g of fiber.
  • I haven't seen my salad come back, but it could just be my local location. I've taken to just making my own jalapeño hummus to use as a salad dressing. Honestly, it's a really easy salad to recreate. They just made it so pretty and it was such a good option for catching up with friends :(
  • I'm rioting since they removed the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl from the menu. I lived for that salad.
  • Everyone else has pointed out that juice cleanses don't do what they say, so the horse is dead and I won't beat it anymore. However, juice is amazing! I can't wait until I'm reunited with my juicer next week. My favorite combo is carrot lemonade on a warm summer night. The carrot provides a nice sweetness. I've also added…
  • * Peanut Butter * Onions * Savoritz crackers from Aldi * Green olives * Eggs * Homemade veggie stock * Kombu * 5 lb bag of jasmine rice because I can't stand brown rice and yellingBoyfriend eats rice like crazy * Beans (garbanzo, black, great northern usually) * Whatever fruit is in season and whatever vegetables are on…
  • Nope, there is a difference. The difference is that they're designed to fit the ingredients that they're trying to measure better than their counterpart. Click. Of course, a scale is more accurate than both, but if you try to bake with a liquid measuring cup for dry goods, you're not going to have a fun time. My aunt has…
  • I used a waist trainer for about 3 months last year, but not because I was looking to spot reduce fat or "increase burn" or anything like that. I injured my back in multiple places back in 2014 and went through physical therapy 3x at a minimum of 8 weeks per time. I think the second time was actually 16 weeks. No matter…
  • I learned the hard way not to buy phones with glass screens ;) In all seriousness, it'd be impossible for my fanny pack to accidentally open while I was running. It's a pretty tight seal.
  • I saved a ton by buying a $10 fanny pack / running belt for my phone and continuing to use my $5 headphones.
  • Interesting. I used to work at Macy's and swear by Alfani. I never had any problems with customers not matching up their size in Alfani appropriately. I wore an 8 in about 5 different styles of their pants and an 8 in 5 other brands. Do you know which work-appropriate pants it was?
  • Would your husband think it was disordered of you to use a measuring cup to follow a recipe? That's how I explain a food scale to people that think having one is insane. @snowflake954 has it right :) When in doubt, Alton Brown.
  • I saw one through my university and she was absolutely useless. She basically printed out an outdated food pyramid and said "do this". That was it. Never mentioned calories. MFP forums have been way more helpful.
  • I graduate in two runs. You can add me :)
  • Slow down. You should be going so slowly that you can have a conversation with relative ease. I measure my pace by making sure I'm going slowly enough to breathe exclusively through my nose. A lot of people on the subreddit for C25K find that this helps them as well. Just remember that it's in the program rules that…
  • I used Dr. Bronner's as shampoo and diluted ACV as a conditioner for a year and my hair looked amaaaaaaazing. The only reason I stopped was because I realized I have a lot of other goos in the house to use up. Also a great salad dressing!
  • See a physical therapist. :) They'll be able to help better than we can.