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  • Every single time you make a better choice is a step in the right direction. Every. Single. Time. It adds up. Whether that decision is to take the stairs rather than the lift, putting a handful of the pasta you were going to cook back into the packet, choosing the tomato based sauce with your fish at a restaurant rather…
  • Stunning effort!
  • originally from the UK, so a good old Tesco jam doughnut for me (must be rolled in caster sugar NOT icing sugar). Nuff said.
  • It's not me (promise)...but one suggestion is that this fairly new addition of "woo" by MFP is pretty some take it to mean "woo-woo crazy talk" whereas some take it to mean a "punch in the air" kind of "YES!" whoop of agreement. Maybe this person means the latter??? Dunno.
  • Thanks @sijomial. Thst's really interesting and rings true. I guess I have been pretty "non-stop" recently especially at work. When you're in defecit (and bored), it is easy to sit around and feel like you're just clock-watching until the next meal. More recently, it has felt like there haven't been enough hours in the…
  • Well done!
  • That's fantastic to hear. Big shout out to you and for finding your way on this journey.
  • I urge you to keep on with the exercise. I have cried after a workout in the early days...especially when I fell short of my own expectations (I actually hid in the toilet, I was so ashamed at how pathetic I felt), but you know get better. And the pride you get from sticking to something and seeing yourself…
  • Oh sorry. Posted this ^^^ before realising peeps had already mentioned them :#
  • Wraps. They're so THIN...but calorie-wise, you might as well just have a sandwich with white sliced. :)
  • All I can say is "good for you" @luluinca and keep fighting everyone's perception of "normal". It will benefit all of us in the long run.
  • Can't lift my leg while doing a side plank. I'm convinced that it's because my legs are so super muscle-y that they just can't be lifted as easily as all the other people in my class seem to be able to do it. Or I could just be a weakling.
  • I LOVE CARBS! And while I don't subscribe to "no carbs", I know that my definition of a "normal sized bowl of pasta" was a bit out of whack (spare bucket anyone?) I've found that the less carbs I eat, the less I crave them....probably like any addiction/habit......but this takes time. Just stick with it until your cravings…
  • Poor you! I feel your frustration. I have a minor injury myself at the moment which is preventing me going to a fitness class right now (and tomorrow), so I am similarly down and a tiny bit tetchy. Sounds like you are somebody who likes to push themselves and likes a physical challenge (I do too...we have very similar…
  • Chapeau! :)
  • Well done @leebirm ! I just completed the second run of week 5. Am feeling very happy and motivated to keep going. However, like you, I'd had a couple of weeks break and went straight back to it (which in hindsight, was silly). I limped cramp type pain in the side of my knee. Has continued to today. Hurts when…
  • This one of my BIGGEST downfalls. I've been known to cook up and eat double portions of something because it's going to exceed its "use by" date. :#
  • I'd never heard of the "whoosh effect" either. I am SO suspicious of new fads...but reading up, this has made HUGE sense to me. Anecdotally...I had had several weeks of really "nailing" my eating and exercise goals. Then, I purposefully went off track for a few days (friends to stay...didn't want to hold back) and, when I…
  • I didn't read it that the OP's intention was to explicitly "dis" recomping. It just sounds to me that she is celebrating having found her personal "happy place" after a lifetime of struggle - and wanted to share it. She's made peace with her body. That's a huge thing for a lot of people. Good for her I say.
  • I've lost 9lbs in the last month (down from 155lbs). I have noticed a big difference and am strutting around in a bikini on holiday right now, feeling very confident. I read this chain, so out of interest just asked my husband if he had noticed a difference (I don't make a big deal of "trying to lose weight", so he hasn't…
  • You're taking responsibilty. That's a surprisingly brave thing to do. So many people don't, so you're already ahead in my opinion. Well done for that and KEEP GOING!
  • OK...I'm not usually "mean" on these forums, but you have tapped into my pet hate...the word "sabotage". I come across so many people who fail at something saying they "self-sabotage" or "sabotage themselves". They don't! The definition of sabotaging is: "deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct" Sabotage is a DELIBERATE…
  • Poetry is clearly alive and well. Loving that. Me....I'm with the metaphysical poets...ANY OF THEM. See - A Valediction Forbidding Mourning or, less gloomy - To His Coy Mistress. Limericks are also good.
  • I hear you. Sometimes it's a b**ch of a journey. Nothing people say will help. Regardless of the resources and support at your disposal, ultimately, you're on your own with this and that can totally suck. All the best to you and gritting your way through this.
  • I saw a photo of myself and I thought it was my Mum!! Bless her, I love her very much and she is a wonderful, talented person in so many ways, but she has struggled for the past 30 years with her weight (and never conquered it). It has dominated her life and has done nothing but reinforce a hopeless sense of…
  • Like @sardelsa, I am in my 30s and have had cellulite since puberty, which is really cruel. I've occasionally dipped into the overweight category (hence why I am here), but I've never been huge. It's just what you're handed. HOWEVER, I found huge improvement when I started barre classes. And when I couldn't go to classes…
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  • Good for you! Nicely handled. Hope you managed to enjoy your workout!
  • Sounds like you've made some great first steps, talking to your Mum....and that she has listened and said she would make an effort. Now, have faith in HER that she will live up to her promise just as you want her to have faith in you. BE the change you want to see. And all the best to you and your success!
  • I find that people who aren't sensitive enough to "read" a situation (i.e. they're crowding you), usually need to be communicated with more "obviously" than you might think, especially if you are a thoughtful, sensitive person yourself. No need to be rude, but a quick look at your watch and a brisk "Great to talk with you…
  • Hellas by Urbanears. Wireless, Sound good, comfortable over ear which stay put AND sweat proof (you can wash parts in the machine). Long charge too.