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  • My wife and I both want to be healthy. There are a number of factors that determine how each of us deals with our daily diets. I have stronger constitution when it comes to resisting temptation (I can walk away). She, not so much so, as she is an emotional eater, and has weight related pains. I have had multiple…
  • My Google Fit tells me I've burned 1,331 calories so far today. But only about 200 of that is actual exercise, whereas the rest is just my body doing its body things, like keeping me alive. I could say I've burned 1331 calories doing awesome stuff, but I'd be smudging the truth a bit. How does your app "know" how much…
  • Middle-high BMI. I was 160lbs in my late teens. At 6'3", I was a rail. Didn't want to go back to that, so have maintained at 185 for the time-being. Undecided if I care to adjust.
  • Moderation is key to success; I haven't completely removed any food types from my diet. I have my cravings, and when they get bad, I remind myself I don't want them, try to substitute a 0-calorie version, or just hit the fruits/veggies. I also distract myself with activities that remove me from the food.
  • You don't weigh before and after your poo session just to see how much your poo weighs? Boring ... ;)
  • So basically a cheeseburger with ketchup? ;) My lunch time is my time to unwind a bit from work. I usually go out to eat ... typical fast food/diner type places generally. Today was Whataburger (not my first choice, but was lunching with my parents), bacon cheeseburger and fries, unsweet tea. 1200cal. Most of the time I…
  • The fact you're back is a big part of your capability to succeed. You haven't given up, and that's good. Sounds like you need to change your meals up a bit. Eat different, but interesting things every day. Try not to get "bored" with the food you eat. There are lots of easy, fast and cheap meals you can make at home. Heck,…
  • Could be you're converting fat into muscle, which weighs more? Make sure you log all your food, in the proper amounts. Incorrect logging was a big factor when I was getting started. And if you haven't already, join a dance group and get your swing dancing on! ;) Plenty of calorie burn in dancing.
  • Nothing says you can't eat when they do. My go-to's are raw fruits/veggies (apples, bananas, carrots, celery with peanut butter), unsweetened apple sauce, sugar-free Jello, broiled peanuts (in shell, so I don't gorge by the handful). High protein foods will help with the urge to binge.
  • This one made me smile.
  • "Me too" on relying on yourself first. If you want it, you are the most important factor to getting it. The other people have their own path. If they fail, don't use them as an excuse to fail yourself. Remember that you can do it. You just need to want it. What's getting me here is that you say you're still logging and…
  • Thank you everyone who has posted. I let her read the thread, with all your insights and experiences. I am hoping it will help her toward a decision.
  • No expert, but it looks like your BMI is 20, which is normal for your height (5'6") and weight (124lbs). Why do you think you're underweight? Is it something to do with your weight lifting, or would you just like to be heavier? - Muscle is heavier than fat. - You burn more calories with cardio exercise than with weight…
  • And to think, my "toddler", 17 years old, is happy to weigh more than me.
  • I use Google Fit to track my steps, and it syncs into MyFitnessPal, so I can see the calories in one place. To a degree Google Fit tries to adjust to your habits, and does encourage you to do more. And it's just installed on my phone, so no "watches" or other devices to charge or wear. I've also found it to be pretty…
  • Yes, that last 5lbs was hard for me also. I know it's more psychological than physiological. But it felt good when I finally met the goal.
  • So, don't be that girl. Be the girl who makes a commitment to herself, builds a goal, and makes it! Don't worry about anyone else, and don't let anyone/anything get in the way of your goals. Fight through your difficulties. Use the forums to get the support you need, or talk to your doctor. But keep on your commitment;…
  • Maybe your dermis (fatty layer under your skin) simply hasn't caught up with your weight loss? I went from 240-185 (I'm 6'3"), and my arms and belly were a bit flabby for a while, with some minor wrinkles. After some time, I think the skin has tightened a bit and I'm feeling good about how I look.
  • Anything that completely distracts my mind from the stressful issue. By distract, I mean ... I completely forget about the problem. Something I need to concentrate on. Like woodworking or maybe an intense video game.
  • I'm also a nerd, a natural introvert. Not so much into all the shows you mentioned, but I was a self-proclaimed member of the Tom Baker fan club when I was a kid! I enjoy playing games (board and video), especially D&D and derivatives, or anything to enjoy with my family/kids. I enjoy fantasy books. I like to cogitate on…
  • Classic woodworking using hand tools (no electrics). Takes lots of time, and you'll always be proud of your product.
  • Awesome, guys! I'll try your suggestions. Thank you.
  • Besides my finger? Laffy Taffy.
  • There are two of you in the house, so some compromise from both sides is in order. - Look into low-calorie substitutes for both of your favorite fun-foods that will make you both happy? - Tell him he needs to hide his stash better? (He can keep in the house, but if you find it, you can toss it.) I'm not sure this is the…
  • There's the Western/American idea of breakfast ... eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, pancakes, etc. Then there are other cultures' ideas of breakfast. Do some research, and maybe you can find something that agrees more with you? You might be surprised how different they can be.
  • Like others have said, start with the easy stuff. Eggs, etc. You can also eat a lot of raw veggies you like, with dressings/cheese (no cooking required). Take a look around your local town. Often there are free or low cost cooking classes you can participate in. Ones in my town tend to be hosted by cookware stores.
  • If it doesn't have calories, I don't worry about tracking. I also don't worry about drinking a set amount of liquid every day. I just drink at meals, or when I know I'll be doing physical activities, or when I just get a-hankerin'.
  • Sometimes it's hard to calculate my caloric intake when I go to a local (non-franchise) restaurant, or go to an event. I may try to guesstimate the intake based on known brands/foods, but those caloric counts can very greatly. In response, I don't worry too much and just enjoy the meal, but will work on making it up over…
  • A cheap $15 CVS Pharmacy digital scale. Seems pretty accurate and reliable, and does not seem to "remember" previous weight. I can step on/off multiple times in a session, and it's generally within .2lbs. Then I go poop and it tells me I lost 1.2lbs.