I was doing so well

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I managed to lose some weight in August, got to maintenance, and now I’m creeping back up. It’s really frustrating because I don’t know what was happening mentally in August that enables it to feel so effortless, but now that feeling is evading me. I wish I could get back whatever was helping me lose. I still always track, and exercise daily, but the one big difference is my accountability partner is faltering a little and I feel like maybe that’s made me feel less motivated. How do I get back to losing?


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    rely on yourself first and foremost. think positive and stay at a caloric deficit. Are you weighing all your food and drink on a food scale?
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    I found I did a lot better when I didn't depend on other people. Food and exercise are both an inside job with choices and decisions that have to be made many times per day.

    I was in some challenges on this site in early days...would that be helpful? (It wasn't for me, but just asking.)

    Log food as accurately as I can, stay in calories, take a walk, step on the body weight scale. That's my formula.
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    How much time do you spend outside? My drive to get my steps in drops off in the fall as my morning dog walk becomes something that happens in the dark and creepy pea-soup fog as opposed to an uplifting jaunt under a beautiful sunrise... Plus, all this rain. I had to TREADMILL yesterday and was glad I stockpiled some good audiobooks to keep boredom at a minimum.
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    Eventually it gets back to you. How much do you care whether you’re at GW or not? It it’s important, go back to work and fix this. If not, join the group of folks who made it and regained. You’ll have lots of company.

    Are you saying you care more about what your friend thinks or does than what you think? It’s a problem with a weight loss partner. Since most people don’t make it to GW, and fewer still stay there, you’re increasing the odds that things won’t work out in the end. Face it, you’re on your own and better off for it.
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    "Me too" on relying on yourself first. If you want it, you are the most important factor to getting it. The other people have their own path. If they fail, don't use them as an excuse to fail yourself.

    Remember that you can do it. You just need to want it.

    What's getting me here is that you say you're still logging and exercising, and the difference is your partner who's faltering. It seems non sequitur. If you have not changed, then your results should not change.
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    Just remember it takes time there is no quick fix, there will be ups and downs but that's life. You can do it join groups and look for the positive learn to roll with bad times I always think it's like a rollercoaster the important thing is to stay on the ride.
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    I'm in the same boat! I was doing quite well but now I've been slacking. I'm sometimes amazed at my past will power looking back.