Lost my toddler!

mtsprout Posts: 20 Member
I've been working at losing weight since Feb. 11, and today I hit a major goal: I've lost 35 lbs—the same weight as my toddler. It's crazy to think that a few months ago I alone weighed as much as I do when I hold her now. My weight loss goal this year is 60 lbs (220-160), but this marker meant more to me than reaching 50% because it's such a great visual of how far I've come.


  • sandramarshall200
    sandramarshall200 Posts: 80 Member
    Congrats, fabulous news. Now when you hold her, you are not holding twins!
  • AwesomeOpossum74
    AwesomeOpossum74 Posts: 106 Member
    And to think, my "toddler", 17 years old, is happy to weigh more than me.
  • turnitaroundat40
    turnitaroundat40 Posts: 192 Member
    That’s awesome! I hve twins who weigh 23 lbs each. I can barely manage to lift both at once; at yet that’s how much (and then some!) that I need to lose. You inspired me today - thank you!