Healthy Fulfilling Breakfast

I need some breakfast ideas. I'm cutting back on carbs. I CANNOT eat eggs. I hate yogurt. What do you usually have for breakfast?


  • quiksylver296
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    Yogurt. Sorry.
  • lauragreenbaum
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    Do you like cottage cheese? I mix in berries with it. Yummy. Interesting though....I just got back from Europe and they always set out cheeses and meats for breakfast- that doesn't appeal to me in the morning, but a lot of folks were eating it.
  • Ruby_Larkspur77
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    I do not like cottage cheese. I do like other cheeses and meats though. That's a good idea. Thanks.
  • sammidelvecchio
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    I love protein shakes, and that is what I have most days (2 scoops = 220 calories, 4g carbs, 50g protein). On weekends I like to have a rye toast with cream cheese and prosciutto. If you're cutting carbs, I still like cured meats and cheeses for breakfast even without the bread :)
  • WholeFoods4Lyfe
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    I generally don't eat breakfast, just have coffee with heavy cream.

    You don't have to eat "traditional" breakfast foods for your first meal of the day, eat whatever you want. I very rarely eat breakfast foods, my first meal of the day is generally anything from a salad to a cauliflower rice bowl to a grilled NY Strip steak and anything in between.
  • missysippy930
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    Plain Cheerios and unsweetened almond milk.
  • lemurcat2
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    I used to eat eggs (vegetable omelet) and now am into smoothies, so that won't help.

    I am another who will recommend just eating whatever you'd eat at a non breakfast meal.
  • slbbw
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    What does cutting back mean? Under 50/day under 25/day? Savory oatmeal is good. I do eggwhites for my protein, but a scoop of protein powder would work well here plus cheese and sausage and avocado. 14g carbs 12net, for a 1/4 cup dry. Or move away from the breakfast idea entirely and do a lettuce wrapped chicken BLT with chicken breast mayo and bacon.
  • ceiswyn
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    I normally have fruit and yoghurt, but never mind...

    How about a mini fry-up? Sausages, bacon (or lower calorie/vegetarian equivalents) mushrooms, optional tomato? You can grill/broil them if you don't want to fry 'em.

    Alternatively, in continental Europe it's quite common to have a selection of sliced meats and cheeses for breakfast.
  • slbbw
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    Also what about tofu or tempeh? Its can serve as a good base for a scramble with meat and veg added.
  • Ruby_Larkspur77
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    Thanks all.
  • Muscleflex79
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    protein waffles
  • kami3006
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    My first meal is usually lunch and that's a peanut butter and banana sandwich with coffee.
    On the rare times I eat in the morning, I just have leftovers from supper the night before.
    No need to relegate yourself to "breakfast" foods.
  • kshama2001
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    Here's my only breakfast with no eggs, yogurt, or cottage cheese, that is also lower carbs than protein:


    Use non-chocolate, non-sweetened protein powder for less carbs. Although, this has so few calories now that it might be a snack rather than a meal:


    You could bump the calories up with coconut oil, which is what I used before switching to coconut shreds.
  • hesn92
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    I'm the type that needs breakfast foods for breakfast lol. I eat eggs and bacon on a tortilla or I eat oatmeal. Sorry those don't really work for you though. In your case, I'd just eat some other type of food that is not a "breakfast food". Whatever you like to eat for lunch and dinner, for example.
  • Idontcareyoupick
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    I eat all kind of stuff. Pancakes with sausage, ramen, tuna packets, brookies lol. Doesn't have to be specific foods. Today I had chicken jalepeno sausages on bread for breakfast
  • aokoye
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    I also don't like yogurt (I'm not sure why people appear to be so resistant to this...) and am very picky about eggs (got food poisoning as a kid from eating them and even then I wasn't a big fan of most preparations). My typical breakfast is almost entirely carbs, that said I agree with the idea of eating some sort of meat. I also will eat leftovers for breakfast if I'm at home.