Where are my nerds at? :)

Hi! I am 41, and a self-proclaimed nerd. Love Doctor Who, The Flash, Orville, Star Trek, gaming (both board gaming and video), computer programming and anything techy.
On a weight loss mission to lose 70 pounds. I'd love to look and feel great for October when I meet David Tenant! (10th doctor, Doctor Who.)
I post about a lot of things - both the introspective stuff that holds me back, and the more fun, nerdy stuff that I become obsessed with. I'd love to make some friends on MFP. Friend me up if you are nerdy!


  • AwesomeOpossum74
    AwesomeOpossum74 Posts: 106 Member
    I'm also a nerd, a natural introvert.

    Not so much into all the shows you mentioned, but I was a self-proclaimed member of the Tom Baker fan club when I was a kid! I enjoy playing games (board and video), especially D&D and derivatives, or anything to enjoy with my family/kids. I enjoy fantasy books. I like to cogitate on different things such as astronomy, life and the nature of my existence, etc.

    I'm kind of an outdoors-man, but not a sports player. I enjoy working with my hands; cars, woodworking, taking things apart to see how they work. My once grandfather told me that by the time I was 5, if they didn't give me lots of batteries for new toys at Christmas time, I'd have them taken apart shortly.

    My show genres of choice center more around shows like GoT, Walking Dead, and deeply scientific shows. Not so hot on superhero movies or Disney; burned out after so many have been released. More recently, a good comedy is much more entertaining. I guess I'm getting old.

    Great luck to you on your 70lb mission!
  • JohnPaulEightyOne
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    Mega nerd/geek here. I tend to get super passionate about things so I go pretty deep.

    My first love is music. My earliest memories are of me learning to play along to the radio using a little Casio keyboard.

    After that? You name it. Movies, books, comics, video games. Big on Star Wars, Star Trek, ASOIAF, Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson, LOTR, anime and manga.

    But I'm also way into science. It started with nutrition, which led to biology, which led to history and geography, evolution, which led to physics, which led to astrophysics (so awesome!!), which led to quantum mechanics (so...freakishly weird).

    I love it because growing up, I was always sort of forced into these "advanced" classes in school, but I never really understood why. My teachers were vague about their reasoning. "I see something in you," etc. But last year, once I started eating healthy and then started to exercise regularly? I started to crawl out of my 20 year depression and my brain went into permanent overdrive. I had to point it at things and I just started soaking up knowledge. This happened as a sort of evolutionary response (which was really cool to learn). Back in the day, when your stomach was empty and your heart a rate was really high and you were moving intensely, that meant that you were in serious danger. Looking for food, dealing with a predator, things like that. Your brain wants to keep you alive so when these things happen, your brain becomes very active so you can remember things like attack patterns or your surroundings. I thought that was pretty amazing.

    Anyway, sorry to spam your post like this, haha. I get carried away when I'm nerding out about something 😅