Well, here i am again

This is my 3rd return to this site after i hit all time high weights and start trying to lose again. this time i allowed myself to get around 650 before getting that wake up call. previously i have lost from 535 down to 350, then went back up to 550, and lost down to 500, but this time i allowed myself to make it to 650.... im already down to 614.8 since i came back though. i hate all of this Yo Yo ing that ive allowed myself to do.... this time i have to make it stick.


  • StaciMarie2020
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    Try to figure out where you've went 'wrong' in the past. Were you being too restrictive? Or did you get to a point where you thought you had it on your own so stopped logging? That last one is me. I logged for a few years - which was about 10 months of weight loss and 2+ years of maintenance. Stopped logging (got lazy with it) and over a year or so regained half of what I lost.

    I know that logging for life is a possibility for me, and I'm ok with that. Its easy enough with the phone app and such. I also know that taking a few days off leads all to often to a few months (or more) and so I'm trying to be a bit OCD about it.
  • krash999
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    mine was a combination of things. i was basically eating the same thing almost every day so i stopped logging after a while because it got repetitive just copying the day before's meal. then the first time, something in my personal life happened, and the second time, i went on a vacation for a week and just never was able to get back in the habit of meal prepping/eating good again. I just know that if i stop doing what i do, its so hard to get started again.
  • Dont beat yourself up about it.. your doing it now .. dont stop your dping well.
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    The fact you're back is a big part of your capability to succeed. You haven't given up, and that's good.

    Sounds like you need to change your meals up a bit. Eat different, but interesting things every day. Try not to get "bored" with the food you eat. There are lots of easy, fast and cheap meals you can make at home. Heck, you can make the same grilled chicken and rice, but change it up with different spices.

    And don't be too restrictive on what you think you can eat. You just need to try to maintain your calorie deficit, and log correctly. There are some things you can change up, though, that are relatively minor. The fried breading on a chicken leg can easily double the calories. Is it worth it, or could you instead eat more of the unbreaded chicken? (I'm using this as an example of a recent quandary I faced, where I found out the Hot and Spicy chicken I was eating was 80 cal per wing, vs. the 180 cal if it was breaded.) Same for french fries served at so many restaurants. The portions are huge (600-900 cal). I can eat 1/2 the portion and still be sated.

    Good luck to you!