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  • ciaoder weigh in Fridays Past weight 249.8 Current weight 248.3 My diet hasn't been great this week but between the steps challenge and clearing mtbike trails I've been out a lot...enough that I don't even care if I miss the gym. My scale read 247.2 yesterday but I hadn't hydrated properly before bed. 248.3 is a much more…
  • I apologize. I just don't imagine that people are eating as healthy as many of you suppose and so my baseline understanding of average American diet is probably off.
  • Your point is taken, Ann. Still, there's an entire part of our world that "Runs on Dunkin'"... frozen coffee drink (desserts) and Rockstar Energy and feeding their kids sugared up cereal bars in the morning and nothing but nuggets and fries for dinner. For everyone like you, that is put off by the thought of eating that…
  • I had been a "lifestyle mountain biker" until my hips went bad. Top 10's on the leaders board (Strava is so cool right up until it isn' takes over) vacation home at the Kingdom Trails in VT, and a stable full of bikes. I even have a couple of miles of trails here at the house. My hips went bad starting at 44 but I…
  • @vanessawaw My question is, what type of workout do you like most? Whatever direction you pick might influence your physique some, but if you choose what you love to do it informs your whole life.
  • The questions about highly processed carbs are relevant when discussing glycemic index numbers or excess consumption of hyper palatable foods.
  • What's the deal with low carb diets? If you don't convince people about all the benefits of a low-carb diet, you'll never be able to sell them low-carb cookies and low-carb breakfast cereal and all those low-carb diet cookbooks...
  • @Claremead2020 Good morning. It's a great day to take really good care of yourself. No one deserves wellness more than you so go get it.
  • Every mountain climb starts the exact same take one step forward.
  • I wasn't sure if anybody here would get that.
  • @Pridepup Look up self myofacial release and foam rolling techniques. Sleep more. Not just rest...sleep. Make sure you start every workout with a warm up AND finish with a warm down. For resistance training, as a rule, you shouldn't workout muscles that haven't healed yet. If you aren't working with a trainer watch some…
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  • We used the Feingold elimination diet to narrow down my daughter's food sensitivities with great success.
  • The cauliflower crust works out okay as a gluten free option when my daughter in law is over. Never occurred to me that people would choose it as their low carb alternative. The idea of a”cauliflower fad” is fun to me.
  • @MotylekOkruchy like a boss!
  • I supplement with a type 2 collagen in capsule form for joint health and absolutely think it benefits me. I'm not sure it's superior to gelatine and it's more expensive, but for me the convenience justifies the price.
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  • @CassieGetsFit2013 You got this! Just one step followed by another...that's how mountains are climbed.
  • ciaoder steps count week 2 3/6 4530 3/7 21421 3/8 10664 3/9 14944 3/10 15523 3/11 26201 3/12 8126 total 101409
  • Styx "Don't Sit Down on the Plexiglass Toilet"...second place doesn't even come close...look it up.
  • Nothing really to add to the specific question... BUT... It is a good opportunity to urge/remind any readers here to lean on their doctors to run comprehensive lab work at regular intervals and look it over for yourself. Everybody should pursue an understanding of their own health. @henning12345nh3512 good on you, it's the…
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  • @MotylekOkruchy Happy Birthday Go bag that 20k steps day you're after this weekend?
  • This is a great question to be asking your school food service manager.
  • ciaoder weigh in Friday PW: 250.4 (3/4) CW: 249.8 (3/11)
  • I think that in the US the diet and weight loss market can do $70 billion in a year producing a 95% failure rate. I put Paleo under that umbrella.
  • Today I got to train my trainer
  • I guess my issue is that almost all of the loony toons are pantless and don't understand marginalizing Porky by singling him out. (edit: Sam, Elmer...anyone else? Granny wears a long dress. are we counting bloomers?) Still, I'm super jazzed that this is the content of my 100th post here.
  • @laurenmahon06 I have to ask, do you have a counselor you're working with? That would be super important. I'm actually doing pretty well right now but know I wouldn't be without help along the way. Like you said, it has been rough.
  • Super fun day today. I got to get together with my trainer/mentor for a workout for the first time in forever. She moved on to a better job with a better gym managing their trainers while working on her advanced degree (behavioral science sports psych.) while I had earned my CPT/CNC credentials and have been programming…