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  • That's why I think it is important to log bad days as well. You can learn a lot about your situation and what you could have done differently. Thanks for sharing your perspective.
  • Not necessarily. If they are already Keto adapted, I imagine they have a pretty good idea of the amount of carbs they can currently eat and what percentage of their CI that represents. As CO increases, it stands to reason that the number of carbs could also increase as their CI increases to maintain the balance of the…
  • What is impractical about being able to ingest more carbohydrates than you might be accustomed to?
  • I am not advocating either way. I'm just presenting another consideration previously unaddressed. It is something she can take into account when figuring out the answer for herself.
  • In either case, the added expenditure (if it is indeed additional) would allow for more carbs. If the individual normally trains for marathons (the OP kind of alluded that she didn't), then it probably wouldn't be any added expenditure.
  • One thing to consider is that your energy expenditure during a marathon is likely to be higher than what you're doing currently. So it is possible that you could eat more carbs yet still be in ketosis.
  • Yes you can. Carbs will bring a certain amount of water weight, but other than that, you should be able to continue to lose weight if you eat at a deficit.
  • You know, I was thinking about this thread this weekend and I might have a different perspective to share. I cook and sell candied nuts at fairs and festivals. My product is most likely gluten free. I don't go out of my way to advertise it, but many customers (or potential customers) come and ask me if it is. In my case,…
  • Good question. Maybe the limit the limit is based on the amount of fat in the body (Just guessing). I'd be interested in seeing studies about this.
  • I agree. I talk to some emergency room nurses. It's amazing what people will stick up their butt for fun.
  • I think it's a fair hypothetical question to ask, however, I don't think it would change my approach very much. We all have subtle differences in everything that we do which often means that our path towards health will be different, in some ways, than others. This does not contradict the chemical science of weightloss,…
  • Well, if she turned 30000 calories, she would have lost about 8.5 pounds. So she should have seen that result (or much more if she sweat a lot) immediately afterwards. I'm probably wrong about that as I don't know all of the factors that would go into such a calculation.
  • Do you know if it will be televised in the US?
  • Yeah, I read it somewhere else. I also got the math wrong too. He wants to cut about 20 pounds in about 68 days...which (coincidentally) is still less than the 1000 calorie daily limit of mfp.
  • He's talking about cutting 20 pounds in the final 2 weeks. That means a 10 pound goal in two months. That's aggressive, but not particularly unhealthy. It equates to about a 4,375 deficit a week...which is less than the 2lb/week limit set by MFP. The 20 pound water cut will be somewhat difficult depending on his personal…
  • Weight cut does not necessarily equal weight loss.
  • Good luck. Stay focused. There's not much room for error. You may find that not many people will be supportive of your effort here. Again, good luck and be safe.
  • @kumariB if you feel that you are frequently binging uncontrollably, you might want to seek out a Doctor's advice or a support group. You are not alone in this problem, and people are ready and waiting to help. Message me if you'd like me to point you towards some possible resources.
  • The things that helped me: -Weighing all food -meal prepping -meal planning (for when you can't prep) -having access to a safe snack -finding a way of eating to which I was naturally inclined. -Getting in an exercise routine Other ramblings: Beyond the caloric and healthful benefits, I found exercise is important for…
  • It is common among a lot of people who switch to low carb diets. In my experience (though I was higher fat) it would vary from day to day. Some days I went over, other days I found that I didn't experience much hunger. Not everyone has this result though.
  • Sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully that dude gets put in his place.
  • I think skipping any meal is ok (generally speaking). In fact, I'd say it could be a hindrance, as it could lead to overconsumption, if one were to eat when not hungry in order to be "healthy".
  • EDs can manifest in different ways. The best thing to do would be to talk to your Doctor/therapist and/or support groups. I think it's important to know that you're not alone and there are solutions available.
  • You can try lowering sodium.
  • I think a change in the woe might aid in fixing inaccurate logging issues. An example might be: They switch from home-cooked meals to packaged meals which have clear and available nutritional and portion information. Another possibility is that a new woe might be easier to follow...or even be one in which they are less…
  • I'd be happy with a baseline. If an efficient rower has a factor of .06, it would serve as a minimum calorie burn for the rowing activity.
  • Does anybody know of a source for efficiency ratios for other exercises? Rower for instance?
  • I updated my calculator so that when a non-weight bearing exercise is selected, another field pops up to give the user a chance to enter the avg watts to calculate the calories out.