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  • Thanks for letting us know that. I started doing 30 day shred and was concerned because I gained rather than lost. Since I lost 13 lbs in the first two weeks of new eating plan, I wasnt too concerned, but was wondering as well.
  • I gave up coffee except for one cup a day and started dieting the same day..... It was a tough week, but I made it past the headaches. I know it will be much more difficult to quit smoking, but I know you can do it!
  • I have just started the 2 Day Diet, in which 2 days of low carb eating are interspersed with 5 days of eating 1500 calories, integrating healthy fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc. The diet is a book offered by Prevention Magazine, but also available on Ebay and possibly Amazon. The book also suggests combining 30 min of…
  • I lost 10 lbs on the first week. I have not lost any since (3 days) but expect I will.
  • My goal is 150 but havent been that thin since high school. May have to adjust it, especially if I put some muscle on from weight training;
  • There is one on my food diary, and I will post some more. I just started a 2 day diet (2 days/week low carb, rest 1500/day) and the recipes in the book are easy and sooooo delicious!
  • I just bought some Shirataki spaghetti today! Thanks for the info.... was wondering how it was going to taste.
  • That doesn't sound pleasant at all. I tried to give up caffeine once, and I had similar symptoms. Moral? Didn't give up caffeine. Went back to drinking coffee and being happier. You can, of course, limit your refined sugars if that is the thing that seems to send you over your daily calorie goals, but giving up fruit also…
  • I'm not sure that its true that most people eating less than 1500 cal/day do so only for a short while. I ate approx 1200-1350 calories for 8 months with only very occasional times that I went outside that box. Unfortunately I gained it all back, so I am not sure its a good idea to go that low. Right now I am starting an…
  • I took the sugar tracking off of my food diary. I do track carbs and sodium. Seems I am over sodium a lot, but am going to look for low sodium products.
  • I have 100 lbs to lose as well. Please add me.
  • People here on MFP, people at the gym, my trainer, friends at work and church, and hubby.
  • good for you for sticking with it..... that is true determination
  • I am starting over also. tomorrow will be my first day.
  • lol Glad to hear I'm not the only one who hasnt mastered week 1 in the first week. Your plan sounds great.... think I will do the same.
  • Paper route at 10 yrs old. Worked at Mr. Quick burger place at 15. (Our asst. mannager accepted a whole truck of green hamburger, and because the manager was away, decided he had to serve them...) Worked at Big Boy at age 16 While in college, cleaned houses, worked in food service, worked as a lab assistant
  • It is apparent from some of the replies that aspartame causes headaches in some people. There may also be other side effects. Does it cause blindness? hmmmm dont know but to me its doubtful. To those who suffer side effects it is of course best that they not use aspartame. For those who are committed to using natural…
  • Sorry, my reply got stuck up above this, so I reentered it. Those bacteria are the "good" bacteria which populate the gut and keep other "bad" bacteria from growing. Thanks for the info.
  • Lol.... I realize Jillian is not a biochemist.... I am not either, but I did take biochemistry in college, so I do understand a little about biochemistry. I also understand that biochemistry is a very very complex field, and that just because the FDA approves something doesnt mean it can be trusted to be 100% safe. I do…
  • LOL, I was amending my post as you wrote this to say that Jillian is not a biochemist but she has consulted with scientists. Guess each person has to find out for themselves if a certain substance affects them.
  • Please let us know if your symptoms improve. Jillian Michaels suggests that artificial sweeteners affect your liver and the way in which your hormones work. I do realize she is not a biochemist, but she has consulted with the scientific community.
  • After reading this, I am so thankful for my husband. He also has some insecurity with me losing weight, but he just has asked two or three times kind of jokingly if I would leave him for someone else. I reassured him that after 31 years of marriage I had him broken in well, lol, and that I am losing weight for me, not for…
  • Wow, thats awesome motivation! Diabetes runs in our family, so I remind myself that I am putting myself at risk if I continue to eat unhealthy foods. My best motivation to get started again was going clothes shopping - seeing myself in the 360 mirror and not being to fit into the size I wanted to wear was depressing. Now…
  • Hi, I am 53 years old from NC. I have been on a weight loss journey for about the 4th time (gained it all back 3 times). I decided to join a gym to try to develop a way to keeping the weight off, and the person I met with suggested I start weight training to build muscle. My trainer suggested this website, and I have been…
  • I have tried 30 day Shred and Ripped in 30 as well, and they are both excellent. They give you a good workout, but the way she structures the workout allows even me at 53 years old to get through the whole routine.
  • It's obvious from all of the furor on this website about eating back exercise calories, drinking lots of water, eating lots of small meals, etc. that you can always find a study to support the theory you believe to be true. I think you have to use common sense, use your intellect to weed through some of the garbage and to…