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  • Hi All, Hopefully not too late to join in, luckily i track my weight daily so can complete 3rd and 8th retrospectively. Jan 3: 273 (2nd day of Keto and 18/6 intermittent fasting) Jan 8: 269 (First week back in the gym, mostly resistance training to try and hold some muscle) Jan 15: Jan 22: Jan 29: Jan 31: Total Jan weight…
  • Yes Please, the accountability, support and feedback i get from MFP friends helps me a lot so try to give that back. Lost nearly 100lbs 8 years ago with MFP and have let most of it creep back on since then (moved to a village with a very friendly Pub that i spent way too much time in). Now 270lbs and looking to shed around…
  • Cambridge, 4 stone by middle of next year then maintain is my goal.
  • I know what my weekend treat will be! :)
  • Be interested to hear you experiences with creatine, ive not used it for years but did used to swear by it (along with a bunch of other supps) but don't really bother with anything more than whey, omega 3 and multi vits these days.
  • Ill PM you as it sounds like we could have a decent discussion :)
  • When I was competing I did run cut/bulk cycles to try and stay at weight (around 110kg), but once I broke into the 125kg category I just did one long bulk :) I was always of the opinion that you had to eat a surplus to gain strength hence why I got to 135kg BW and did see a massive drop in strength when I started eating…
  • Did you resistance train while you were losing weight? If your end goal is to be muscular im sure you did but if not I would eat your TDEE and hit a beginner barbell program like stronglifts 5x5 before going in to bulk/cut cycles.
  • Women have to do cardio to increase blood flow to spot reduce fat on difficult areas? Im open to new ideas and thinking but that is a new one on me :) ..I do 20-25 mins of 1 minute intervals on a bike after heavy lifting and walk or run on off days depending how im feeling (to avoid overtraining) and works great for me. My…
  • Hasn't the whole fat burning zone thing been called out as myth? Or did I dream that? :) Agree that weight lifting isn't mandatory to lose weight, but then nor is any kind of exercise... it all depends what you want the end result to look like. One thing I never really see mentioned much on here are barbell complexes.…
  • I currently back squat for a 1rm of 395lbs (UK Kg plates) and front Squat for just under 200lbs to give you an idea of my ratio of front to back squat. One thing I found help immensely was actually working on a half decent clean grip. It so much more stable than crossed arms and means im not spending half my energy keeping…
  • Feel free to add me, im 40 and from Hertfordshire. I do use some supps mostly to get my protein up as I lift heavy and want to keep hold of some strength while I drop scale weight but I mostly eat clean and cook my main meal at least from scratch... usually from the Hairy Bikers diet cookbook :) I eat fairly close to my…
  • Im not keen on those BF machines, using a machine or BF measuring scales I come out around 34% BF but using calipers its more like 28% .. I know which ones Im gonna believe :D Congrats on the massive NSV
  • Im 40 and in the UK, feel free to add me :)
  • Agree Doob, my quads got a lot thicker and certainly more defined when I started running. Some of that will be fat loss of course but my outer sweep definitely got out there more :) ..and im sure most bodybuilders would kill for the shoulders swimmers have.
  • Broke a squat plateau using the aduction/abduction machines... just have to accept you need to check your dignity at the gym door :)
  • Couple of points. As an ex powerlifter that competed in the 120kg+ category, for a long time I held the belief that cardio/conditioning was pointless and would hamper my lifting. It was only when I started to realise that the legends of powerlifting all did some form of conditioning, be it hill sprints, sled pulls, prowler…
  • One is from Hertfordshire... but dreams of living in Florida :) Toodle pip!
  • By itself i hate it, but add honey and i love it :)
  • Well done, you look very happy and healthy :)
  • From Hertfordshire here :) Just getting back into things properly, had a good loss last year using MFP (80+ lbs) but put a bit back on over our wedding, honeymoon and Christmas...and Easter... and during Wimbledon :D Back on it properly now and starting to cook stuff from the Hairy Bikers book which im really enjoying…
  • As a former powerlifter with a PR of 520lbs @ 280lbs BW I find this thread all kinds of awesome :)
  • Being cold all the time and losing my 450lb Squat and 350lb bench press.. I never realised how much raw power was in my big belly :(
  • The majority of the weight I lost last year was through walking around the lakes and woods near our home. The best thing I ever bought that helped weight loss was a good pair of walking boots as it meant I could walk in any weather. There are days when im under the weather or tired and don't feel like I can face the gym or…
  • Something i read over Christmas really struck a chord with me 'Exercising without dieting is like cutting the grass with a pair of scissors.. it will keep you busy but youll never see any results' .. that really sums up where i have gone wrong in the past. Perhaps you have fallen in to the same trap as i did and justify…
  • Incredible, well done, not just looking slimmer but strong and healthy.
  • Im glad there are no calories in beer :huh: :drinker:
  • Youve probably heard this already but i wouldnt recommend squatting in a smith. It doesnt allow you to take the natural path up and down that you should so is dangerous and people have a habit of leaning back into it which is also dangerous and a bit of a cheat so when you eventually do manage to find somewhere to squat…
  • Hi There.. not Luton i know, but there is a park run every saturday morning in St Albans.. that might help you to keep your eye in at least. If youre not up on local geography, St Albans is a couple of junctions down the M1 from Luton, id say its about 20 mins from the L&D to Veralum park where its held.