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  • Hey! Great to see some activity here. I used to be active here. Trying to get back into lifting again, and get this muffin top off me, lol!!! Just finished a session. Felt great!!! Workout A done! @LadyDeadlift & @chicbuc I always have to rewatch the videos and make note to myself on hands/feet for my next lift Have a…
  • Late 50s here, and would enjoy interacting with women who enjoy lifting, life and ending this crazy year strong!
  • Actually I was looking at that one...(the link to #2 was broken...) It's just so disheartening after reaching PRs using 5/3/1!!! Thanks.
  • @psuLemon , can you recommend a program that does not rely on barbell work. The gym only has 1 squat rack and it is used the entire time I'm there. My goal is to gain muscle mass.
  • Right now I'm basically doing a slow recomp... I'm at a good weight, 132/134, trying to gain some muscle mass. I was considering switching to a full body for when the squat rack is available.
  • Didn't want to start a new thread for this... Prior years I've workout at home, but never consistent, life has a way of doing that. In January I joined a local gym to workout in the mornings, its been great, more consistent. The free weight section is limited, but has the basics. In February I started running 5/3/1 which…
  • Wow! Major MFP issues here. It keeps throwing me off!! Champagne flute in hand to each of you! Now let's see if this post disappears
  • 54 here! Luv to lift!
  • Thursday Check-in Nutrition: Calorie (20% deficit goal range: 1171/1188) - 1349 Macro (goal range: 99/119c, 44/47f, 87/93p) – 112c/67f/80p Water (goal min: 68/80 oz) - forgot to track... Went over calories but macros are better. Fitness: 5/3/1, Cycle 5, Week 3 - DeadLift Day Failed on my last set, would have been a PR too.…
  • Wednesday Check-in Nutrition: Calorie (20% deficit goal range: 1171/1188) - 945 Macro (goal range: 99/119c, 44/47f, 87/93p) – 92c/33f/76p Water (goal min: 68/80 oz) - 59.5 Overall better day. Fitness: 5/3/1, Cycle 5, Week 3 - Bench Day Steps - 4862 Gym replaced the half squat rack with a new squat cage. It's great for…
  • Tuesday Check-in Nutrition: Calorie (20% deficit goal range: 1171/1188) - 1305 Macro (goal range: 99/102c, 44/47f, 87/93p) – 132c/57f/64p Water (goal min: 68/80 oz) - 37 Fitness: 5/3/1, Cycle 5, Day 1 - Lower Body Steps 5,739 Assessment: It'll take me a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things but it's a start.…
  • Monday Check-in Nutrition: Calorie (20% deficit goal range: 1171/1188) - 1325 Macro (goal range: 99/102c, 44/47f, 87/93p) – 152c/64f/37p Water (goal min: 68/80 oz) - ??? Fitness: 5/3/1, Cycle 5, Rest day. Assessment: A guesstimate log for yesterday, hectic day, nutrition was horrible. Office is having a fundraiser today,…
  • How awesome! CONGRATS!!!
  • Just want to double check before I download it again. No worries! Best of luck, hope your little one is well.
  • So happy you started this group! Looking forward to interacting with a group again - it made such a huge difference! My goal is to feel comfortable wearing shorts again. Not the number on the scale or the number on the tags of my clothes. To reach that goal I'm going back to the basics: ~CICO/IIFYM for BMI I can keep…
  • Oops, sorry :-( ...just read your post and you mentioned including goals...
  • What do you think of adding goals under the announcements, where you have introductions/welcome?
  • Just finished using the spreadsheet and wanted to THANK both of you, @SideSteel & @psuLemon , for putting it together!!! Before I start a new spreadsheet wanted to touch base and see if you've made any updates?
  • Thank you all! All the input has helped me tremendously, and feel more confident moving forward.
  • The area is swollen 24/7, I've been taking the anti-inflammatory before bed and in the morning I can actually see my ankles BUT by the time I'm finished getting ready for work, swollen again. She did recommend PT, but had such a bad experience I'm putting that on hold and doing the stretching exercises at home. I like my…
  • Was just diagnosed with achilles tendinitis, and knowledge is limited to google. Any tips on how to continue lifting with achilles tendinitis? My instructions as of now are ice, anti-inflammatory and stretching for aprox. two weeks. Since full recovery can take a long time, I do not want my progress to fall behind, and…
  • Thank you @Gallowmere1984, @SideSteel, and @psuLemon !!!
  • Is that what makes it thicker! Finding a good supplement is so difficult, it feels like you need a degree!
  • Can anyone offer some help, I'm not very knowledgeable in deciphering good vs bad ingredients in whey protein. I went on Amazon to order protein and noticed there's a new formula out. Has anyone compared this new formula, other than the basics (scoop/cals), of Now Foods Whey Protein, Vanilla with Glutamine to the NOW Foods…
  • Layering seems to work best for me...sleeveless tops with a light or heavy sweater depending on the temperature. And found few tailored suite jackets for a more professional look when needed.
  • Another tip is make sure your computer screen is raised off the desk, so you are not looking down but looking straight ahead (with your chin slightly up). This tip came from my chiropractor and has helped me tremendously.
  • ^^second that!!! Keep in mind...the smaller the muscle the smaller the weight, the bigger the muscle the bigger the weight. With that said, I started with a 20# bar on OhP - it takes time. As @jowaring recommended, fractional weights are a great investment. And like @canadianlbs said, work with different forms and keep…
  • I was having a pain in my wrist, only to realize it was my form. Fixed my form, no pain. Form is truly the KEY! Have someone check your form or possibly take a video...
  • Thanks! I needed that this morning lol