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  • Thank you :smile:
  • I think there was a BBC Horizon documentary about this recently. Constant craving reminds me of that KD Lang song though. Edit to add: here is the link to the programme - not sure if you can watch it outside the UK: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02ddsd9/broadcasts/2015/01
  • There's the below group on here. The 'search' function disappeared from the groups a while back, so you're left to browse through hundreds and hundreds of the bloody things :\ http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/150-team-uk
  • I also use the generic entries and weigh most things raw. Some of the entries are marked USDA and I tend to go for those, they may still be a bit off though?
  • Not sure about anybody else, but popcorn is certainly bad for me. In an erm, instestinal sense. It's enough to make me curse on my way to the loo every time I am tempted by salt and pepper poprcorn, but not enough to make me ragequit... My snacks are mostly covered above, but I also eat a lot of dried figs (quite high in…
  • Exercise helps hugely for me, as does avoiding alcohol. Also having some very simple recipes on hand, or tins of soup or homemade soup from the freezer, for when I really don't want to cook. It's not possible for me to not have food such as crisps or biscuits in the house, but if you are able to do so, it could be helpful.…
  • I don't think you need to wait for a time to be right, otherwise it'll never happen. Start now and take it one day at a time. You need to find a balance between being kind to yourself and being realistic about your goals, but also taking responsibility for the things you can change. I gained weight by binge eating/drinking…
  • I don't really sweat that much, other than my face and hands going puffy and red and perhaps in the small of my back. I've lost 35kg by mountain walking, swimming (open water and indoor pools) and weight lifting. It doesn't seem to matter how fit or overweight I am, I just don't sweat very much. Same applies to gigs and…
  • This sounds like the sort of thing my kid would ask, usually over breakfast.
  • 8th day on Oxford Road is good, they have a nice cafe, but it's easy to spend a lot in the shop, haha. Cheap fruit and veg stall across the road near MMU too. For tofu (many types) and sauces, spices etc, the asian supermarket can be good. There's one in Ancoats and one on the road parallel to Oxford Rd near the car…
  • Self-cleaning oven you say? I've not seen that feature before, I could do with one of those. Though any process that would render my filthy oven clean wouldn't produce edible food...
  • YES!! I once made some brown rice from the Moosewood light cookbook, ugh. I'm actually rather fond of brown rice, but I should have known that brown rice cooked in a combination of veg stock with a bit of orange juice and chinese 5 spice would taste absolutely vile.
  • I agree with finding something you like. Even if they burn a lot, doing exercises you detest may ultimately result in less of a burn if you don't continue to do them! I did couch to 5k and loathed it, but it did give me a bit of cardiovascular fitness and the confidence to find activities that I did like. Unless it's…
  • I work very hard to take care of my mental health. What's the point of deciding I want to live and to then go on to have my years filled with health problems and die early from heart disease anyway? Nads to that. Also because couldn't chase after my kid or fit into Get Cutie clothing.
  • The 'introduce yourself' board was flooded with that stuff when I posted, but it makes no sense now they've been removed... No matter, they'll be back.
  • Ah, that explains things, I've been feeding my kid this: These threads usually end pretty well. I think it's the never contentious issues of how to raise your children combined with what food to eat. From a stranger on t'internet, no less.
  • Thanks, will try this. Greek yogurt is very expensive where I live. Well, at the rate I get through it.
  • I tried these and I'm sorry, but they were terrible. This isn't specific to these pancakes, because I've yet to come across a protein pancake that doesn't have the texture and taste of rubber. I am going to stop trying. I let the batter for these rest a while, so there were air bubbles in it to make them airy, but they…
  • Shock absorber, hands down for me. It does give one a uniboob, but it's the only one I've tried that keeps the baps from getting all over the place. I may try another brand now they're slightly less comedy sized, but shock absorber ones are really well made and last well (at least 3 times a week usage).
  • At which end does the spud go for this cleanse you speak of?
  • Cillian Murphy Christina Hendricks Scarlett Johansson
  • I try to accept the fact that I usually gain weight when I am depressed, due to lethargy, overeating and extra medication. For me it's not realistic or healthy to say 'I'll never be that size again' - whilst I don't want to get to my start weight, it's not the end of the world to gain a bit. If I have been in hospital, it…
  • I thought this thread was about baps... I'd love a dog, it would force me to get up and go for a walk when I'm depressed. We're renting at the momnt and can't have pets. Except some sodding fish who are going to outlive us. We want a springer - it needs to be able to keep up with my freaky running husband and my…
  • I like what this has spiralled into. But Brits really, really shouldn't call anyone out for enforcing cultural hegemony and being b*stards on a global scale and feel smug about it. Stones, glass houses and all that.
  • I have medication induced hypothyroidism. I take levothyroxine in the morning and haven't noticed any side effects. As far as food goes, I'm sure I read something about not eating a lot of food with iodine, e.g. shellfish and seaweed. But you'd have to eat tons of the stuff, so it's not a problem. However, you shouldn't…
  • This website has some nice recipes for cold porridge, and they're really easy to make the night before and take them to work with you: http://www.theyummylife.com/recipes/224 I make the raspberry one quite often: http://www.theyummylife.com/recipes/224 The one complaint I have about this is that they list the recipe being…