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  • I confess...i'm still alive! Been maintaining my weight and ready to get back on the ball and drop the rest of it to get to my goal weight! I blame my absence on an amazing woman keeping me distracted :D Hope everyone is doing well!!!
  • Awesome! Congrats to you on the NSV! I love getting out on a bike and covering distances I couldn't have imagined! Keep it up!
  • Running kicks my butt as well. Though in terms of calorie burn a half hour at an 11min mile burns the same amount of calories as me riding at 20mph for an hour. Running is a full body work out and burns more than riding, though I suppose you could be riding all out and get it close. I agree with the HRM mentions, I use one…
  • Oh man, only guy from central cal here *hides* least its the very southern part of central cal? lol
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  • I'm jealous! That sounds like fun! Especially Comic-con! *Thinks he knows who you are talking about in San Diego* Have fun! Thursday- Cycling then BBQ time and a bajillion illegal fireworks going off around my house Friday- Cycling then personal trainer session then gaming like a big nerd! Saturday- Cycling then The Lone…
  • Dude! You just gave me great ideas how to kill time!
  • I spent a lot of time thinking about it yesterday and maybe i'll attribute it to my all or nothing personality haha...something I need to work on though, especially if its creating stress for me and/or affecting the things I enjoy. Haha, I played the exact same game for 7+ years :P A bit on and off for the last few years…
  • I actually was out of town on business when the tickets went on sale and didn't get the chance to buy mine, I cried a bit :( Suppose I could hang out at the bars around Comic-con, that might net some results :P
  • Took on some major hills yesterday for the first time on my bike, kicked my butt...was a great time though! Spent most of the afternoon with my buddy and his family catching up. Today just spending time with my Dad and recovering from all my riding, haha!
  • True, now if I could just find a couple! :P
  • Totally dating myself here but the first game I remember playing and enjoying was Qbert for our Colecovision! True game love had to occur with Final Fantasy 1 for NES (don't get me wrong I loved playing Legend of Zelda but Final Fantasy blew my mind)...still been playing Final Fantasy games ever since!
  • 3 Women within 50 miles on Trek Passion, I must live in the geek black wonder dating is so rough around here!
  • Agreed, last weekend I put on 8lbs over a weekend while sticking to my diet, it was a combination of sodium and lack of water, basically it was all water weight. It left pretty quickly and now I'm back on track :) Don't worry.
  • I have murdered a few pairs of earbuds by sweating too much, and the others liked to fall out of my ears and drive me crazy. Picked a set of Polk Audio Ultrafit 500's at Amazon awhile back and have been using them both for running and cycling, they work great!
  • Nothing special tonight, had a nice dinner (not what I should be eating on my diet). Tomorrow I think I'm going to go knock out a morning bike ride, really hoping for 30-40 miles but gotta do a minimum of 20 :) and then hiding from the sun. Sunday i'll try to be a nice kid and help out my mom since its Mother's day and all…
  • LoL, why do I think that most people here want to get laid? whether its been 2 hours or 2 years :P Not that I disagree though, getting laid is amazing! :)
  • I love accents in a woman to be honest, and and certain voices get me worked up just listening to them! I dated a girl once who would purposely call and wake me up early in the morning because my early morning voice is seemingly turn-on central haha!! But I'm a fan of my voice usually... admittedly it sounds sexier when I…
  • What kind of car? Crazy as it sounds I think of an older car and my first thought is to tap it with a hammer :o
  • LOL, exact same thing happened to me last week...and exact same thought passed through my mind!
  • I scored a 10 haha, right on the line! The only reason I scored this is because I'm proud of what I'm doing and feel joy more than I feel upset when I look in the mirror :) and I've never worried about my appearance in a sexual situation cause if we are that far it's all good ;p
  • Haha, I was just thinking about this today...and honestly? "I'm Sexy and I know it" -LMFAO
  • Is it possible he's pursuing someone else and doesn't want to lose what he has with you? So she's taking up his text time? Or strange enough, maybe he is having a hard time and is trying to develop feelings for you so he's trying to cut down the contact? I can't really give a logical explanation because why would you want…
  • I have to admit one of my huge pet peeves when it comes to texting is when I ask someone a question and they don't reply, even days after...I suppose they could have been busy and missed it, but I go back and look at my texts to see if I missed something when I'm not busy. Short responses are alright if you're busy and…
  • Srsly kits, who hates tolkien,sex, and kitties? Lol :p I'd be shocked if someone hated on the things you love ;) I agree it could be some weird humor, but a stupid way to chat with someone!
  • I had a feeling you'd know the reference Kits :)
  • All this bacon talk makes me start singing to myself... "Bacon pancakes, making bacon pancakes!..." If you know what I'm talking are AWESOME
  • Extrovert! Haha, I'm always chattin it up with everybody, my friends even more so... the poor souls :P
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  • True, but the weight has to come from somewhere, so unless I lose muscle mass it has to be fat. Had a good workout session with my trainer on Thursday and he encouraged what a lot of you said, that feeling better is the most important part. Though he immediately followed up with saying he thinks with as hard as I work…
  • lol only 6'2" but a decent frame size and a lot of lean mass :P