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  • The rate of weight loss depends on how much you have to lose as well. Changing your habits so drastically will clearly help you lose quickly, albeit mostly water weight. I think the takeaway is that you're changing your habits and that is what matters. Just realize if you cannot make this a lifestyle change that your…
  • I'm confused but you don't need to start walking fast. You just need to start walking be it once, twice or three times a day. You can also do simple things like taking a lap around your house to go the bathroom and just waking up and down the hallway if outside us too much.
  • Wow, this will be easy compared to what you've ready been through. Just weigh all your solids and measure your liquids, become a little OCD about tracking and be honest with yourself. Watch the food database and make sure you check the nutritional info for correctness. We all have setbacks too. Just don't beat yourself up…
  • I was at 4-6 lbs. Three weeks out from a hysterectomy so hopefully that changes. I would them get the whoosh effect after about 10 days. Thus the surgery, I was miserable.
  • Braids and pony tails are my way of life. I have used fructise leave in conditioner, now I use various detanglers but like the Aussie kids detangler best. I've actually considered using some of the stuff I use on my horse with a long mane.
  • In addition to eating at a deficit you could also try core strengthening workouts such as yoga, planks, and even something like the 30 day shred. In two months you may see a difference.
  • Sugar is not in itself bad if you don't have any medical conditions, except for your teeth. That being said, I had a bad diet of ice cream and cookies for awhile...and anything else sweet I could get my hands on. I maintainedon't and even lost weight eating that way. But I didn't feel very good. So I replaced the sweets…
  • Actually, ACV, the organic non-pasteurized is great for fighting bugs and migraines. It's an overall anti-inflammatory. I've never used it for weight loss though.
  • I use my TDEE and am honest about my activity so I don't have to worry about logging my activity. You can Google TDEE calculators and learn about it, then decide what is best for you.
  • I'm 5'4" and losing at least 1 lb a week eating anywhere from 1500-2100 calories a day but I'm very active and should probably eat more. I also use my TDEE. With your goals 0.5-1lb a week is healthy but closerather to 0.5 lbs will be more sustainable in the long run.
  • I have IBS, you definitely need to see a doctor. I get a lot of nausea but my pendulum tends to swing the other way. I am able to control mine with diet and fiber rather than taking medication, I already take enough of that for another condition.
  • I did the same thing, lost the weight, swore I would never go back...and I went back. I gained the weight back because I quit logging and being accountable. But I started logging again and I'm getting back on track now, slowly but surely that is. I quit shaming myself and instead said okay let's take this one day at a time…
  • I'm active and you can always spy my diary. It's nothing special really though. I used my TDEE so I don't log exercise
  • That may or may not be a healthy goal. Are you talking about May 1? How much do you have to lose? 1-2 lbs a week is healthy weight loss if you have a lot of weight to lose but as you get closer to your goal or if you don't have a lot to lose that may be really ambitious and unsustainable in the long run. I'm not saying…
  • Hi Morgan, you deserve a second chance and don't you forget it!
  • Good for you! I have completely given up all junk and processed food but I significantly cut back and quit fast food except Panera and Chipotle. I decided to have a sugary treat the other day and not only was it too sweet but I got sick over it too. However I will occasionally enjoy one cookie.
  • That sounds good to me. The lowest recommended amount of calories for a man is 1600-1800. Think about how many calories are in a 2-liter.
  • Keep in mind it also depends on how much you have to lose and how active you were before. Whenever I start a new activity I tend to retain water. And are you drinking enough? The 8 glass a day rule doesn't always work for everyone and with increasing activity you may need to increase water.
  • I get a wedgie every time I step out of the car and bend over for something.
  • This is the only process that has worked for me so trust it and it will work for you too. I stopped and gained almost everything back I lost and once I started logging again I've lost 34 lbs! So you can do this!!! Set realistic goals and be accurate in your logging and weighing food and it will work.
  • I agree to see your doctor. I had this and it ended my running even after months of physical therapy. I just did too much damage to my piriformis muscle. Anyway, I used a tennis ball to massage my hip flexors and help stretch the area. I also used it up and down on the wall to deal with the back spasms I got from…
  • I understand physical activity is probably very difficult for you at this stage but I would recommend trying to start walking and some kind of strength training (even if you are lifting penny rolls) to help preserve lean muscle. Exercise will get easier as the weight comes off. Also make sure you are eating a good amount…
  • OP, I'm not sure why you are doing this. What you typed out does however help with migraines. The honey is strictly to help stomach the vinegar. ACV is an overall anti-inflammatory and is good for the body in moderation. But I've never used it for weight loss. Where are all these vinegar ideas coming from??
  • If you think of banking you calories on a weekly basis then you have time to make up some of those calories. Maybe eat at an extra 100 calorie deficit and add more exercise the rest of the week to help make up for yesterday. And don't beat yourself up. We've all been there and eaten over our calories.
  • That sounds like my husband. He runs, won't lift. Won't weigh and measure food. We don't cook much because I work two jobs but have great markets that prepare healthy food. Instead he comes home with a huge cheeseburger from their grill when I send him for Parmesan crusted tilapia and green beans almondine. Plus he eats a…