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  • I'm about 2.5 weeks post partum. Feb 29th leap year baby. I also gained about 40-45 lbs with my pregnancy and I was already about 7 lbs heavier than my normal weight before I got pregnant. Now that the baby bump is gone I can really see how much weight I have gained and how much my body has changed. I'm totally desperate…
  • I see the changes too... Good Job! Stick with it!! I notice my body looks much better (regardless of the lbs on the scale) when I am doing weight and HITT compared to when I do just cardio.
  • I reach for the peanut butter to satisfy my cravings, just a teaspoon does the trick. Can't have cookie butter in my house though because I will eat the whole jar in two day. I have no self control with that stuff! So yummy & addicting :#
  • Pain is still really bad this morning. Planning to see if I can muscle in a spin class this afternoon, followed by some time in the pool and a massage. Taking everyone's advice and suggestions, I really appreciate it. Thanx guys! :)
  • Interesting
  • Several people have recommended the foam roller. I have one stuffed in a closet somewhere but have never known how to use it properly. I'll have to look up some videos and put it to good use. Thanx
  • I have some BCAA in the pantry. I'll start taking some see if it helps! Thanx
  • I believe it! The seat cushions help a bit
  • Thanx everyone for your replies! So I go to a boutique style gym where it's mostly classes. I do a little bit of everything-- HIT, kettle bells, real Ryder spinning, TRX. Each class is about an hour long and work out pretty much every muscle group, even in the spin class they incorporate weights for upper body. But I have…
  • I'm on the same boat... I am so soar after my workouts i have to wait 2 days before I can walk again... Feeling frustrated!
  • I have been rocking Fabletics for a couple of months and I absolutely love it. The leggings and capris are made of a thick material and breathe well while working out. However I am not to fond of the shirts as they seem to be cheaply made. So as far as bottoms and jackets give it two thumbs up but I steer away from the…
  • You look great!!! so true. the scale says nothing about how you look or how healthy you actually are!!!
  • Not one bit... you look amazing!!! :happy:
  • This is such a frustrating problem for us woman and one that I am all too familiar with. So I started doing a little research of my own. There are many physiological reasons why it is hard for woman to lose the fat on our thighs. You lose all this weight, look anorexic on top and still look fat on our lower body. It has…
  • Never thought your life style change would have an effect on the kids, did ya? that is awesome!!! very inspirational and should give everyone an even more important reasons to support a healthy life style.. the influence it has on the little ones!!!
  • Ahhh, Soo cute. I love puppy pics!!! :love:
  • Wow, gotta try. looks so good!
  • make sure it has the "gluten free" label... they have several flavors of gluten free bread, they also have GF wraps and english muffins.
  • They do have gluten free ezekiel bread and it's yummy!
  • I used to drink tons of diet soda. turns out it was the reason of my migraines and vertigo like symptoms. after cat scans and other test were done with no significant diagnosis my MD recommended i reduce my diet soda and artificial sweetener intake. Best thing i ever did! Migraines gone and I feel one hundred times better.…
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  • We are all human!!! if your weakness is a snickers then try to not keep it in the cupboard. I struggle with this as well. sometimes I am very strong and other times I feel like I cave into anything even foods i don't even like that much. I find that if I have nourished my body well throughout the day and i have not…
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  • So I finally made these last night.... They are delightful! best part is that it was simple and quick to make and now they are ready to go in my freezer for when I wish to add to my oatmeal or other meals. So glad you shared. thanx!!! :flowerforyou:
  • wow I gotta try this, it looks so good. Might make it tonight!! thanx for sharing:flowerforyou:
  • I have never taken birth control pills for the same reason... I just have never like messing with my hormones and I have also been scared to gain weight. I am starting grad school this August and "Family Planning" was questioned in my interview! I was floored when I heard them ask me about this. It is a very competitive…
  • Pilates and the Bar Method workouts. I know Pilates or a Ballet style workout don't look like much but give it a try. I promise you will feel it in your rear.. I swear sometimes after my Pilates class I feel like I cant sit down because my butt is so sore!!!
  • I am always pushing my workouts and changing things up. I feel like I am always sore, maybe not as sore as I used to get when I first started working out hard but I still very sore.
  • I find that even measuring spoons are off!!! For instance today I measured one tablespoon (not heaping, just leveled) of Chia seeds and dropped into the bowel that was on my scare (zeroed) and it measured 12g. As per the packaging one serving is 2 tablespoons = 12g, but as far as my measurements go 2 tablespoons was far…
  • wow.... just looked at the website... looks so good!!!
  • Almond butter is the best! too bad it is so pricey (when compared to peanut butter). I have a secret love affair with nut butters. :heart: them all!!!