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  • I'm sorry that you aren't finding much support here - people are just throwing information at you without reading that you sound like you're actually doing pretty good other than feeling sick. I'm glad that you've kept such detailed logs for your doctor though - I'm sure that will help. While it hasn't happened to me I…
  • I avoid it but mostly because I just don't think it adds any value to my meal because I don't really notice or care about the taste so why waste the calories/carbs? To be fair, I feel this way about a lot of foods. I eat it when it's REALLY good which doesn't happen often and then it's a treat - the rolls with cinnamon…
  • Cheese: cheese curds, string cheese, slices, cubes, etc. Hard boiled eggs. Pickles & olives Pretty much any green veggies as net carbs will be super low.
  • Today is one of the days I ordered out - Noodles & Co small alfredo mont...something. I ate half and I'm saving the rest as it also came with a cup of chicken noodle soup - which is what I REALLY wanted. It's cold! When I bring my lunch it's usually a turkey sandwich: good bread (lately it's been these small take & bake…
  • 75 oz? I'm trying to picture what that looks like... how do you drink from such a large container? Or do you pour some into a smaller glass? I have a cup at work that I think is around 24 oz so I'm happy if I fill it twice and drink it all.
  • Maybe you should reconsider your living situation? If it's that serious of an issue it's worth serious thought.
  • You don't really know this though, not unless you checked your blood sugar. It's worth getting checked out next time you have a doctor appointment but otherwise I hope cutting out some of that salt works for you.
  • Your thirst could also indicate high blood sugar. I don't use extra salt (or very rarely) so I don't log it but I do pay attention to how much I get in a day.
  • That is awesome!! Very inspiring.
  • You can check out the T2 support group There are a LOT of resources out there. Blood Sugar 101 is a great book to start with as it explains a lot.
  • There are a LOT of veggies you can eat raw, get some hummus for dip if you like it. If you don't have a fridge get a cheap cooler, this will help. You can also get things like nuts, olives and fruit for other snacks.
  • Same here! I can definitely tell if I'm hungry or thirsty, maybe because I'm already drinking frequently through out the day.
  • Muscle burns more fat so you would be better off if you start on your weight training now instead of waiting to hit a goal weight.
  • Yay - cherry coke zero. Still consume more water & plain iced tea.
  • Way to go, you look GOOD!!
  • Leftovers! Half a chicken sandwich with roasted tomatoes and avocado and broccoli on the side.
  • This is how I track it as well. My doctor has told me that I need to get my heart rate up for it to benefit me most. Personally, I think if I logged everything that would be harmful - normal daily activity is already taken into account when you choose your activity level. I feel it will lead to problems down the line when…
  • I pay $20 a month and a $45 annual fee. It's a pretty small gym but it's close to home. I'm looking to switch this fall to another one - it's $50 a month with $125 to join BUT it's HUGE, it has a pool (which is what I really really want) and their fitness classes are included in membership. It's also in a decent location -…
  • that is awesome!!!
  • There is an Atkins book (or a few) specifically for diabetes - Atkins Diabetes Revolution is the one I have. I got one off eBay for a few bucks after checking it out from the library and finding it useful. It doesn't just talk about low carb in general but blood sugar and insulin and all that. I've also been able to find a…
  • The easiest way is to just take your grocery list to WF and make notes on which items you can purchase at the same price or cheaper. I remember buying sliced cucumbers and some frozen chicken taquitos and the prices were a bit lower than my normal store. I don't live close to one or I might go more often but all you need…
  • It does help!! Feel free to add me (anyone) if you are looking for friends. I'm almost at a 30 day streak :) :)
  • way to go that is amazing!!!
  • Thank you!! I had this exact same problem the other day after doing an arm workout I found on youtube. I watched it a second time so I could write down all of things but none of them came up. I thought it was because it was a british video and the terms were different.
  • I would feel uncomfortable knocking too - but since you've already gone out of your way to switch times to try and be accommodating the problem is her. Maybe the manager can sort something out otherwise I hope that you can get out of your contract.
  • You can knock on the bathroom door - maybe she wanted to see if you would do it since it was suggested to her. You could also try to cut down on your bathroom time to compromise - do your make up in the car or at work and keep your shower routine to a minimum - save the grooming for at home.
  • I wear a bunch of mismatched clothes. Purple velvet kinda sweat pants. Sweatshirts (because my one pair of basic black work out pants doesn't have pockets), old t-shirts and tank tops. Don't worry about them!