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  • Some people are allergic to it, but I guess you can only find that out by eating it. If it upsets your stomach, it might be the allergen and not the milk product. Personally, I wouldn't touch the stuff, simply because I've read how it was made and what it's made of (and it ain't mushrooms, kids).
  • Get your tattoo where you want it, end of story. There are more important considerations about tattoo placement than weight loss and they will age anyway.
  • You do know that you deserve better, right? I mean, truly, you deserve to supported and nurtured, no matter what he says.
  • Have just googled around and it seems that super morbidly obese people eat around 6000-7000 cals per day and calorie calculators suggest about the same to maintain 650lbs.
  • Yeah, ex-smoker here, too. I can tell you first hand, the battle I had to quit smoking is nothing like the battle I have with not eating crisps. I did things to get cigarettes that I would never do to get a doughnut. Lack of willpower and addiction are two very different things. I think that people think they're addicted…
  • Hi Elizabeth, Well done for starting :-) I would strongly advise keeping a food diary for a whole week BEFORE making any changes. It's always good to know how you got to where you are. By the end of the week, your attitude to a lot of foods will change, trust me lol
  • Ignorance definitely is bliss. Having survived an actual drug addiction, I can say, hand on heart, that anyone claiming food is as addictive as drugs is ignorant. Yes, they may be contrived to tick all the right pleasure boxes, but they are not addictive like drugs are. Ever seen anyone try and peel the skin off their own…
  • Why? I like McDonald's, I just don't eat it that often. Why is McDonald's any different than Starbucks, Land o' the Lakes, Oscar Mayer, In-n-Out, Jim Beam or Krispy Kreme? They all sell high calorie foods and I love them all. It's UP TO ME WHAT I PUT IN MY MOUTH and I thank the gods we live in the Western world where I'm…
  • Yes. And I saw no discernible difference. It's a myth. If it works for you, then great, but it's not because it's speeding up your metabolism. I didn't actually start losing any appreciable amount of weight until I started skipping breakfast and waiting until I got properly hungry to eat something. I have 2 meals a day…
  • Bingeing has nothing to do with being full, trust me. So, while the advice regarding what foods make you feel full is good advice, it's completely irrelevant here. Dealing with bingeing is not something you can do after the event, I'm afraid. Punishing yourself by cancelling plans you are looking forward to is equally…
  • Word. Squash. Ugh. Mushrooms. Gross. Radishes. Vile Parsley. Minging. Potatoes. Yum Bananas. Double yum.
  • Just a thought: if you're hungry all the time, you'll fail again at your diet and not lose ANY weight. So, why not aim for an easier deficit and some weight loss rather than a huge deficit and no weight loss? And to echo the post above. I'm a 44 yo woman, 5'9" and 1700 calories is my sedentary weight loss calorie level. I…
  • Online calorie calculators are estimates at best. Personally, I would think it's safe to eat less than 1800 calories. How are you measuring calorie burn?
  • No you wouldn't. You'd go from 13st13 to 13st12, or whatever. Not all apps can cope with it, though, and refer to stones as if it were a decimal measure, e.g 13.5 stone which is actually 13st7.
  • When I grew up in the states, I could never get my head around "quarter of". "Quarter to" makes much more sense. I think we said quarter past, though. Or maybe that's quarter of? Who knows.
  • Yes, but it's not called 8x4 officially. I don know if trying standards are still jumping on people for not using metric but this guy made the news:
  • Good idea. That's a downfall of mine, for sure.
  • Always factor in a snack for just before bedtime so you don't finish your meal with the idea that OMGZ! I can't eat again until morning!!! Then, you can feel ultra virtuous by skipping the snack if you want to :-)
  • This is why I utterly fail to understand why the metric system needs to be legally enforced. We're smart people, we can cope. I suspect it's to do with making it easier to do business in Europe, but you know what? They're smart people, too.
  • The metric system became the legal unit of measure in the UK a few years back. Now everything must be sold in litres or kg EXCEPT milk and beer. We still have miles and yards on all of our road signs, as well, I assume because the government has no problem forcing people to foot the bill for their ideas but get the…
  • I would also suggest weighing everything. You have things in your diary like "chicken, 1/2 fillet" and things measured by volume, not weight. This is really inaccurate. How are you measuring your calorie burn through exercise?
  • I drink less. Usually. If I go out for a drink with friends, then I'll have a pint of water every other round. As for changing what I drink, not so much, no.
  • I'm not convinced you can eat "whatever you want" on non-fast days on the 5:2 plan. It is, after all, a calorie controlled diet. It just puts the majority of the "deprivation" into 2 days. It's not a magic bullet, it's just a hell of a lot easier than larger restrictions every day.
  • My fitbit address is in my profile. Feel free to add me :-)
  • I do Eat Stop Eat which is just 2 complete 24-hour dinner-to-dinner fasts per week. I'm toying with moving to lunch-to-lunch fasts as that would allow me to go into a fasted state twice during each of the two fasting periods per week. I have been following it since May 2013 May 2013 - October 2013 - 2 fasts per week, lost…
  • "Less than what you actually weigh", erm no. You weigh what you weigh. You can, however, drop water so that you weigh less without losing fat.