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  • I think it got such bad press because they expected something a little different, and instead of appericaing how good it was they were dissapointed that their expectations were not met. Just my opinion though! At the very least, rent it. No reason to spend 60 bucks on something you don't know you'll like. [Though I'm…
  • Just got dead island and tore into it tonight on the ps3. Gotta say I loved it. The styles a lot of fun, and it doesn't feel as pressure filled as a lot of other zombie games. :) id deff reccomend it.
  • Muskegon MI right here. :)
  • Energy by Shinedown. Or really anything by Shinedown.
  • I'm focousing on upper body strength, speed and endurance. Just finished c25k and have been working on the upper body for about a month now. I was/am incrediably out of shape. Hmm training for the obstacles... climb a few trees and jump over some tires or something? I imagine the zombs will be the biggest obstacles.This…
  • I run daily, and am doing the c25k. I've had no problems. Occasionally I take a rest day if my body feels like it needs it. On average that's about once every 2 or 3 weeks. If you feel like you can do more, do it. Just be safe, and if your body starts talkin, listen. If something starts to hurt, rest. No shame in that. :)…
  • I have severe asthma and am on week 6. I think we have to build a tolerance in our lungs, so try slowing your pace. Perhaps try breathing diferently? In the beginning I had problems, I would pause the run, give my lungs a second to rest, then contioune it. Hope any of that helps.
  • Right here for sure! I'm 20 years old, and got my first tattoo at 16 as a tribute to the people I love who were born and died in my lifetime. I've got 3 total now, but want many more. Out of respect for my family, I took a break and have been waiting till I turn 21 for more ink. I also have 11 piercing! 6 normal ear…
  • I'm going through the same issues right now. What I've done is turned all my bad emotions into excersize energy. It gives me something to focous on other then wanting to be with him, or take care of him, or anything to do with him. I find I get to focoused on pushing myself, and for a precious amount of time I don't feel…
  • We have a zombie walk every October where I'm at to. The 5k will be a 12 hour drive for me, I live in michigan. :) but I think its the perfect 5k to keep me motivated. There's camping the night before, and then an after party. Vendors will be there for food and zombie merch.
  • If you consider Muskegon swest, then I am. Add me if you like. :)
  • I've recently begun learning too. I do the c25k with my best friend. Its very enjoyable to catch up with her in between runs and to encourage eachother. I'm an asthmatic and have to be careful and take it slow, but I'm really learning to enjoy it. Good luck and I hope you learn to enjoy it too!
  • I've had that "click" happen several times. Once when I was at my heaviest and saw a picture of myself (250 pounds)!I decided to loose weight. Lost 50, fell off the bandwagan but kept it off. Then once I got better after I had fallen deathly ill and lost 20 pounds very unhealthly. I started focousing on my health after…
  • Hey, I'm from MIchigan too. I'm not new but if you need a friend feel free to ad me! :)
  • Neither. Its bad to be an extreme, but being a little over or under is hardly a bad thing. You can't expect to hit it perfect all the time. The main thing is to being in the weightloss range, even if your going over, or if your going under not to go too far so your body doesn't start cluching and storing everything you put…
  • Thats something to be proud of. :)
  • What usually happens for me is I set a goal; say you run 20 minutes easily, have your goal 23 minutes. No drastic increases. Run 23 minutes till you can do it easily, then add more. I usually count down when it gets hard. "Just 2 more minutes... just 1 more minute... 30 seconds.... 15.... 10... 5... BOOYA I DID IT. I AM…
  • Kind words like that seem so rare. Thank you. Its increadibly sweet to read stuff like that. Its like having a cupcake for your soul. :) bless you.
  • Very well said, and a great read. I can relate to checking my weight multiple times, and recording the lowest. :] next time though, I will take your advice and not sweat it, because I'm activly betterng myself. Thanks for the advice/story.
  • I dunno about most women but before/during my TOM I can gain up to 4 pounds that slide off as that week comes to a close. 2.5 might just be water weight plus your TOM weight.
  • Thank you for such kind words. :) made my day to read. Have a good one yourself!
  • Ohohohgod. Fish. Lake fish. I'm terrified of them. I can't go swiming if I see them. They make me want to cry. Id rather swim with sharks covered in raw meat then see a bass.
  • I'm 20, and would love to have more friends if you'd have me! :D that goes for everyone.
  • My suggestion: take a nap. I'm the same way. I think some peoples bodies are just made for afternoon naps. Or perhaps simply get more sleep? How many hours do you get a night, and what sort of days are you looking at? Ex, desk job, kids, nursing, what have you.
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  • Thank you so much. :]