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  • Wow! You look great. Well done, really inspiring :smile:
  • Congratulations on losing your first 11lbs that is a great achievement. I am confused why you feel your MFP 'friends' "ignored" your weight loss, as an active choice? Some people are less responsive than others, some have 100s of friends so updates get lost, and I imagine many people just simply don't check their feed and…
  • Ignoring MFP and listening to my body is what got me into this situation :D 'Aggressive' anything is not sustainable though. Slow and steady is the way :)
  • Pesto. Like, I should have known it would be. It's made of oil, cheese, and nuts. But before logging I never realised just how many calories. I still eat pesto lot, I just now weigh it out :sweat_smile:
  • I quite like them, they're quite hard to find round here apart from in health food shops but they have just started doing them in my local supermarket, although they are expensive. I tend to have them in stir frys, I dry fry the noodles and mix some stir fry/soy sauce straight into them, before serving them with the veg. I…
  • Like others have said you must have been losing 4lb a week and that is a very quick rate of loss so is probably partly why they are concerned. The other part is just that they are not used to seeing you at this size, which a lot of us also get comments on but the more important factor here is your rate of loss which is not…
  • Why? What is wrong with fitting the creamy, buttery sauces into calorie goal? Sure, if it's that high then the rest of the day may need tweaking or a smaller portion is needed. But there really is no need to deny self what we want because it is "bad".
  • Eat the creamy pasta. Have it as part of your daily calorie intake. Play around with recipes to find what suits you and your calorie goals best.
  • Of course it won't. Did you gain all your weight at once? Chill, enjoy time with your friends. Get back on it after :)
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  • I really wouldn't do this. There is nothing weird about wanting to eat your own preferred food at events, for whatever reason. But people will find it pretty weird when they realise you're pretending to have celiac disease.
  • I think a lot of people must think this. I noticed there is a post in the success picture thread of a lady whos lost 300lbs and it gets woo'd! Ain't nothin woo about it.
  • I ate a huge Chinese take out yesterday. I am actually having a week off from logging as have been unwell. It definitely took me over my maintainance calories. I am down 1lb today. Weight fluctuates. I haven't lost 1lb of fat over night. More likely I am either under my calories over the course of the week enough to lose…
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  • I started at 217 and have lost 26lbs this year through diet alone. I have chronic fatigue syndrome which makes exercise a bit of a *kitten*. I do swim, but lightly and more for health and relaxation than anything, not for weight loss. A calorie deficit is all that is needed - A sensible one otherwise you will end up…
  • Amazing! And you look awesome.
  • Your profile states 125lb and 5'10. That is a BMI of 17.9 - Is that where you are now or what you are aiming for? Either way that is underweight territory, so please be careful :heart:
  • You have lost 18lbs in under 2 months. That is fast weight loss and in no way "not much weight".
  • The only thing that helps weight loss is eating less calories than you use. Loads of success stories on here, no ACV required :smile:
  • That is an extremely fast rate of weight loss. He needs to be careful as this is how damage gets done. He will have undoubtedly lost more muscle mass than he would have ideally liked to there as well. I would strongly advise him to slow down. What has his daily calorie intake been, in order to lose 8lbs a week...?
  • I use them when for whatever reason I am below my protein goal. I really like to make protein fluff, it makes a huge bowl for the calories so takes a while to eat, and the protein content makes it extremely filling to me. I find it seriously helpful for when I just want to binge eat something sweet.
  • Interestingly to me, it also lists people "with a history of severe mental health problems" on that list, as seperate to history of eating disorders. Depending on definition I would probably fit the criteria as having a history of severe mental health problems unrelated to eating disorders though, probably as part of my…
  • Period + Increased exercise = water retention. Give it more time. You've lost 55lbs so probably know by now it's not linear and you will fluctuate. If you are accurately logging, don't panic :smile:
  • Faster does not always equal better. For a lot of us, trying to rush this process is the way to burn out. Saying that, a lot of people eat back half their exercise calories as they can be overestimated. But telling everyone to not eat any, on top of their deficit they already have isn't very helpful.
  • Hiya. I was diagnosed with post-viral CFS/ME last year, after being very ill and in pain/extremely fatigued since a viral infection in 2015. I have never been an overly active sort and struggled with my weight long before this, but have put on a lot more weight since. Things that used to be so easy and I wouldn't give a…
  • Why wouldn't you? Fruit counts. As proven by The_Ta's 200+ calorie pear :smile: For me, pesto. Holy crap. I mean, I knew it would be - it's made of oil, cheese and nuts. But I chose to live in denial. I still eat pesto with my pasta once a week but I actually weigh it now, have a reasonable portion, and don't just dump it…
  • I'm not sure I notice much of a difference at all. My weight fluctuates by 3lbs or so often anyway, so maybe it is hidden in there. I am only just recently off the implant though so things are evening back out, perhaps it'll change. It's definitely never been to the extent that some ladies get it, though.
  • Are you perhaps trying to change too much too soon? If you are used to eating one way, it is very difficult to suddenly change all your habits at once and likely it will burn you out and you will get overwhelmed or just plain fed up. Finding a balance is about making small, sustainable changes which you can add to as time…
  • These numbers are very low and to me suggests you may be eating more calories than you think. It is very easily done. Tighten up the weighing and logging and see how you get on. Also, there is nothing wrong with the odd glass of whisky, but definitely log them as they can really add up (I love my whisky too!)
  • Definitely do not feel bad about it. I am sad as I've not been able to find HaloTop in the UK yet :'( I have checked all local Tescos.