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  • This is how I do it also, except mine is in 6 blocks: 12a-4a, 4a-8a, 8a-12p, 12p-4p, 4p-8p, and 8p-12a.
  • I'm also an autism mom. My son is 11 and on the spectrum. His primary issue is speech, he's verbal but has significant delays. He also has sensory issues. I myself as far as myfitnesspal- I had WLS 2.5 years ago and am struggling to maintain a 160 lb loss. Nice to meet everyone- add me to the group if possible- thanks!
  • I bet if you upped your calories a little you'd see more loss. Sounds crazy, but trust me. Your metabolism has slowed some by doing only 1200 calories along with the run/walk program. Try it for a week and see. Try going for 1400-1500 calories instead.
  • Surgery will not fix your food issues. It's not brain surgery. Believe me, I know. You have to fix more than just your stomach. Just sayin'.
  • This is quite possibly the most ignorant thing I have read in a long time. Thanks for the laugh.
  • My mom is supportive now, but when I was growing up, made food a HUGE issue, which in turn made me a "secret eater" because she was constantly watching every thing I ate. When I would be away overnight like at a friend's or at camp, she would immediately demand to know what I ate at every meal. The secret eating followed…
  • In the future avoid Hibachi places on your first day. Get up and try again. It's all you can do. Best of luck!
  • To clarify, I rarely mention him going to the gym even though we have a family membership. He's the one who brought it up. I honestly don't care whether he goes or not, I know he will if he truly wants to and no sooner. The excuse was just so out there...that's what got my goat.
  • My son had a tantrum on a plane once and threw his sippy cup, hitting this lady sitting in front of us square on the back of the head. I don't know if I have ever been so mortified. Worst. Parent. Ever. I don't tell this story ever- it's too embarrassing.
  • I hope you meant 2 lbs a WEEK. Use MFP as intended. It is pretty accurate. Loads of people can attest to this. It's not rocket science and there's no need to over think it. Best of luck reaching your goals!
  • I'm not an Easter candy person- Cadbury eggs and Peeps are gross. Way too sweet..they DO make my teeth hurt. Cadbury caramel eggs and Reese's eggs are another story. I'm going to have the calories available for those on Sunday! Oh and the Starburst jelly beans are the BEST. I am avoiding those because I could probably eat…
  • I think it's a reflection of how she feels about herself, and has very little to do with overweight people. I think she carries a lot of anger and hatred of herself....just saying.
  • I would say just squeeze it in when you can. Lunch breaks and what about weekends? Get some long sessions in then. Soon you will be done with school and that will free up some time...good luck!
  • A Panera brownie I had obsessed about for weeks before I gave in...wasn't even good.
  • Thank you guys SO much for the suggestions and encouragement. It's definitely time for me to move on from a lot of cardio- to me this is the logical next step. I am hesitant to use the machines- I have used them before and just felt like I wasn't "doing anything". It didn't feel like I was working very hard. I like the…
  • Jennifer Hudson. Her WW ads make me want to put my eyes out with a spork.
  • I can say that it was challenging but worth it- the habits didn't stick with me, but I will probably do another Whole30 or 21 day sugar detox in the near future. It's a really good dietary "reset" if you feel you need one. My benefits: loss of 6 lbs and significant reduction of pain in my shoulders that had previously not…
  • I became a coffee addict DURING my weightloss adventure. I swear it's my crossover addiction. I am at Starbucks almost every day. I'm not a huge fan of black coffee, but it does in a pinch. I just make sure the additions to my coffee (I use honey, splenda, agave, stevia, milk, sugar free creamer) fit my calorie allotment…
  • Thanks a bunch for the response! Very informative. I have lost a massive amount of weight while not doing much strength training and I can tell I lost muscle along with BF- would like to halt it and/or get some of it back, maybe by trading some BF weight for muscle weight...LOL
  • I had VSG in December 2012 and lost a total of 160 lbs (130 since surgery) and met goal about a month ago- currently attempting maintenance and finding it challenging. Anyone can add me- I've got WLS friends and non-WLS friends.
  • Definitely beeping BiPAPs....but also ventilators. 1/2 to 3/4 of my patients are on some sort of ventilatory support. I'm a RRT (Respiratory Therapist). My main job is vent weaning of hard-to-wean chronically ill patients, also care of artificial airways (trachs). Usually the BiPAPS are beeping because the patient has…
  • If you re logging accurately, it's definitely normal fluctuations. Lose the scale for a few days, better yet, a week. Weighing every day is just asking to drive yourself crazy if you are in losing mode. I weigh every day, but only because I am attempting maintenance.
  • I am guilty of this. My disclaimer is that, like some of the other posters here, my son has Autism, and texture can be a problem for him.
  • This is odd...I use my phone for music and to use my C25k app. I'd be finding a new gym.... I don't talk on it, though. I also want to know what's wrong with reading a magazine while using the equipment?
  • I can take it to the next level...I hate most bodily noises. My husband seems to broadcast out loud everything- he has allergy and sinus issues and he swallows loudly. He smacks his lips a a lot too. He coughs and hacks constantly. I don't notice this so much with other people, just him. Maybe it's about him.... I hate the…
  • Men with eye makeup....I don't know why I like this...but I do. Also, moderately hairy chests/stomachs on this. Back hair, not so much....
  • I am in love with Starbucks. As a coffee place AND a company...them and two favorite companies of all time. But I like TH too. I would probably go there more if they had more sugar free/fat free options. I'm so into Starbucks skinny lattes it's crazy. I've got like 60 bucks on my Starbucks card right now...I…
  • Do it in person but make sure you say "It's not you it's me." There will be no scene. Just kidding. Who here thinks that no matter what anyone says on here, he will send this poor woman a text??????