Any coffee addicts losing weight?



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    Love coffee! It got pretty bad for awhile and I found myself ONLY drinking favorite is iced coffee with a splash of vanilla almond milk and stevia. When I realized I was only drinking coffee, except when I played sports I would drink water too, I realized I have a problem! I started to replace coffee at meals with water and more and more I started just replacing coffee with water throughout the day. Now I drink about a 16 oz iced coffee in the morning and that's it- I drink about 8-12 glasses of water a day too. I feel so much better and although I'll never give up coffee, I think I appreciate it more now that I am drinking it only once per day.
  • As long as you don't add a lot of sugar and creamer it's fine and actually helps you feel less hungry and lose weight. Just make sure you up your water and try and stay under 4 cups of coffee a day. And remember coffee is a diuretic so it can lower your iron absorption
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    As long as you keep within your macros, you can drink all the coffee you want and still lose weight. Stay thirsty my friend.
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    I LOVE my coffee! I went from 2 pots (12 cup coffee maker) a day, to between 3 to 5 cups a day. A big change! Now just measure my sugar and creamer. Instead of a spoon full of each. I use a teaspoon to measure it. Took a min to get use to it but it wasn't that hard. Also, I do drink more coffee in the evenings than in the morning.
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    Decaf coffee after dinner!

    Thanks for all the great info about the benefits of coffee.

    But isn't it the caffeine in it that acts as an appetite suppressant? Aren't all those diet pills out there really caffeine pills and that's why people get jittery on them?
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    Also rather than powdered creamer use 'silk almond milk, unsweetened vanilla'. you can get a whole tablespoon for 1.8 (which myp counts as 2) calories vs. 1 teaspoon for 10 cals. Cutting corners work! ;)
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    I drink 1-2 POTS of coffee a day. Over 3 years I have lost 75lbs.

    I have "attempted" to give it up. I always go back.

    At work I drink it black. At home I drink it with 1TBSP of Sugar Free Coffee Creamer (French Vanilla).
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    I love coffee, too. I also loved to add a lot of sugar free flavored creamer. Myfitnesspal let me know how much fat and how many calories I was ingesting. I cut back to the recommended 2 tablespoon per cup. It didn't seem to be enough for me to enjoy my coffee like I used too, so I cut it out altogether. I know drink my coffee black the way I used to. There are only about 5 or fewer calories per cup. I have lost 17 lbs since the end of January.
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    I became a coffee addict DURING my weightloss adventure. I swear it's my crossover addiction. I am at Starbucks almost every day. I'm not a huge fan of black coffee, but it does in a pinch. I just make sure the additions to my coffee (I use honey, splenda, agave, stevia, milk, sugar free creamer) fit my calorie allotment for the day. But yes, it is possible to lose weight while being a coffee lover. Just be smart about it.
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    I refuse to give up anything that I want/like to eat/drink. Especially coffee. It's simple, I work it into my calories and my macros. I drink flavored creamer and measure exactly 2 TBSP. The occasional mocha, I work it in. Don't give up anything you like/love, just make it fit!

    That's what I do too! Every morning I dedicate 70 calories to French Vanilla creamer in my cup of coffee. This is one thing that has kept me going -- knowing I don't have to give up my creamer to lose weight. I also use a TBSP in my oatmeal sometimes. For me, this is why MFP and counting calories works.

    Later in the day if I have coffee, I just drink it black. This is a new habit for me and I don't care for it black too much, but if I really want coffee, that's what I do. I prefer not to give up another 70 calories that could be in something filling... but I could.
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    if i cut back on coffee i can't be held accountable for my actions.

    are you talking about coffee? or those sugary concoctions at chain coffee shops?
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    I LOVE coffee! I drink 3 or 4 cups per day. Should I try to cut back?

    Why do you want to cut back since coffee has no calories? Just don't put "stuff" in your coffee and you will be fine. I drink mine black with Splenda.

    Enjoy your journey and don't forget to smell the coffee.:happy:
  • Real coffee! 1 tsp sugar and 1 Tbsp creamer :)
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    ETA(Oops again, I meant to quote someone who said they make it fit their calories)

    This is what I do, too. Not giving it up. I just make it fit.
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    I think if you love your coffee as long as you count the calories from the cream and sugar you should be ok. I personally switched to green tea for my afternoon "break" and I feel that I am much more relaxed in the evening and I sleep better too.
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    Coffee won't make you fat or prevent weight loss. Neither will the sugar and creamer/milk that you may add as long as you count it toward your calories and fit it into your goals. You should only cut back if you are worried about damaging your heart. If you add so much sugar and creamer that you have difficulties reaching your goal then you should probably change how you prep it or think about cutting back.
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    I drink 2 coffees a day but I also struggle to drink enough water! I try to drink at least one cup of water for each coffee and my monthly goal is to get as close to 6 cups as I can...

    Three negatives of coffee :

    -Coffee has Caffeine and Caffeine is a drug !
    -Dehydrates the body... especially the bowels....
    -Can put weight on depending what you put in it

    Everything in moderation.. if you can manage to drink it black, that would be the best - If not, try to substitute Milk for the cream and Honey for the refined sugar :)
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    Thank you Moonlitedi for posting that!
    Unfortunately, I do use sugar and creamer. I use to use splenda, but I read (and experiencing) side effects

    Try truvia. I switched to it and have not noticed any side affects i did in other sugars and low calorie sugars.
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    I love my coffee. Use just a bit of sugar free caramel syrup.
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    Honestly, I haven't changed my coffee drinking habits much. Coffee is something I know that I can't live without. It's my favorite part about my day. In the past when dieting I would try to cut it out or drink it black & I would always end up falling off the wagon. I just kind of realized that I had to let myself have it as a daily treat or it wouldn't work. So, at home, I usually have my first cup of the day day with flavored creamer in it & then have FF or regular half & half in my second cup. When I get coffee on campus, I get black coffee with a tiny bit of room & put half & half in it. That cuts back a lot of the calories I used to get from flavored lattes & breve lattes.