Anyone have WLS?

Anyone here that has had WLS? I recently had a sleeve done and it would be great to have support from others who understand. I can't share my diary due to the calories being ridiculously low and people judging that don't know my story.

If you have has WLS, what has been your experience on this site? I think it is great for diary keeping and calculating recipes; the APP is great too (I love the scanner so so much). I would help to have people on my side as well as the tools.

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  • ruqayyahsmum
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    Yep I had bypass in mid January's. My diary also private to stop ridicule. There are a few wls groups on here so we can chat with others going thru the journey
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    The group Gastric bypass/ lap band seems to be the most active and has plenty of sleevers
  • lilbearzmom
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    I had VSG in December 2012 and lost a total of 160 lbs (130 since surgery) and met goal about a month ago- currently attempting maintenance and finding it challenging. Anyone can add me- I've got WLS friends and non-WLS friends.
  • Losing_Sarah
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    I'm sleeved, too. Had it done in October. I'll friend you.
  • Bradleysmommy28
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    I had my sleeve done 1/28. I've been using MFP just for tracking and have found it very helpful since I've been on solids!
  • bethlaf
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    there are LOTS on here in the same boat, someone else recommended the gastric bypass group right ?

    not all post in the open forums , because there is still some poor reaction from others in here from time to time, but there are plenty of people on here in same boat
  • Cinzano1959
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    Hi I had a sleeve on 25th March just 4 days ago, I had mine done in Prague, I am still in hospital as they like to keep you for a week to make sure you can travel home safely. Just located this site so been looking though pages to see how it can help me once I am home an dback to the real world.
  • I was sleeved September 29, 2011.
  • sad to read that people would ridicule the method you use to lose weight. I say to you all do what needs to be done according to your specific needs and ignore those who put you down. At least you are doing something about your weight and health.
  • toledochic
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    I was sleeved September 2013. :)
  • lynnierose9
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    I was sleeved on May 29,14. You can add me as a friend as I am always looking to give and get support on this journey