Any parents of special needs kids??



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    I have three kids, and the oldest has ADHD type II, he's being evaluated for possible spectrum placement. He had speech delays that weren't treated until he was3.5 years. The youngest also has ADHD type II. It's been a struggle, especially as I deal with most of it myself, on top of a full time career and being a farmwife. Because we use extra-curricular activities to burn extra energy off and increase social interactions, I really have to watch what I eat while on the road.

    When there aren't many parents willing to be open about the challenges and sheer crappiness of raising kids w mental/developmental disorders /delays, I found myself eating my feelings. Bad bad habit!
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    I didn't get an invite!
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    My son has autism (mild), but his primary diagnosis is intellectual disability. In some ways, he's like any other 12 year old. In many ways, he's still a toddler.
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    I want to join!
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    I'm also an autism mom. My son is 11 and on the spectrum. His primary issue is speech, he's verbal but has significant delays. He also has sensory issues. I myself as far as myfitnesspal- I had WLS 2.5 years ago and am struggling to maintain a 160 lb loss. Nice to meet everyone- add me to the group if possible- thanks!
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    Hi! I just read this. I have a son who will be 2 in October. He has special needs. They have ruled out several disorders and recently had a muscle biopsy in July. We are still waiting on the results of that. He gets PT/OT/&DT once a week. With the help of braces we have gotten him walking and he just got measured for new taller braces to hopefully eliminate his crouched stance. He has low muscle tone. The doctors are so surprised to see he is walking because his tone is so low. He doesn't talk much, outside of Mama and Dada. We've recently added speech therapy to help get him going on that. He does sign for things though, so that helps. He screams alot though when he's frustrated and we can't figure out hat he's wanting. Hopefully the biopsy will provide some results. I'd love to join the group! It's great to have something like this on here.
    I can definitely relate to the stress eating that comes with it. I recently decided to make it better though by becoming the best me I can be for myself and my kids. ☺
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    I didn't get an invite!

    That's so weird, I definitely sent you one..I just checked its still saying invitation sent. Haha I'm probably doing something wrong!

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    I named the group special needs parenting if I miss sending invites I think you can search for groups
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    Thanks, I'll poke around some. Anyone else have bites? My 8 yo stopped for a long time, but has started again. She is non verbal asd.
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    I have a 25 yr old son with Down Syndrome. I'd love to join the group!

    Hey there @kelleybean1 ... I have a beautiful 25 year old son with Down syndrome as well <3
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    I'd love an invite to the group as well! I have a 14 yr old son with Aspergers.
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    It's easy to feel alone, but you aren't. My 19-year-old daughter has a slew of diagnosis: sensory integration dysfunction, ADHD, PTSD, severe depression, anxiety, etc. Her whole life has been full of physical/emotional therapy, psychiatrists, hospital visits, medications, commitment facilities, therapeutic summer camps, etc. It never stops, even when they are grown. A lot of my weight comes from that stress - being strong and compassionate when your heart is tired and hurting. I should have spent a little more time taking care of myself, but you can't look back. So I am starting now! So happy to have found other folks walking the hard road with their precious kiddos. We really can give love to our families AND ourselves, even with the extra responsibilities... I believe it!
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    My son is also special needs on the spectrum including ADHD, anxiety, and sensory. You just have to find what moves them. For my son its music and dance. I am on his 3rd school to be able to help him. The more you fight for your son you will find a way weeding out the ones who do t want to put I. The extra effort.
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    please send me invite
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    Hi! My son his autistic and also has a lot of brain atrophy due to not being diagnosed with his aorta and pulmonary vessels switched, small aorta and right ventricle and what kept him alive for those 3.5 weeks after birth which was a lot of hole between the chambers which let the blood mix, but as he got older the holes were getting smaller and so when he got diagnosed his blood oxygen level was only 40%. Normal is 95-100%. So his brain didn't get a lot of O2 and I was told it was so bad by the neurologist that she expected to see a child in a wheel chair that couldn't walk, talk, or eat that was when he was 7. He is now 19 and talks better than he ever used to and can sing the words to all of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's songs. He still is very small and his brain isn't sending signals for growth or puberty, but he is an amazing young man who has beat the odds time and time again!
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    I've sent invites to everyone who has asked (hopefully I'm doing this right!) I'm assuming it just goes in your messages..anyways be in the lookout!
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    I would love to join also. My 7yr old daughter was just diagnosed with ADHD combined, sensory issues, learning disabilities and is going for a hearning test the end of this month to see if she needs a hearning aid. I would love support from other parents who understand what you are going through.
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    I have a 21 yr old son with classic autism and a 7 yr old daughter with classic autism, ocd, intellectual disability and sensory disorder. Would love to join your group!
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    I still haven't found the group! Do you guys mind if I post a rather lengthy post regarding a situation we've recently had?
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    Ugh sorry! I don't know why all my invites etc aren't working!! If someone wants to create a group (who knows how to.feel free) but please go ahead!!