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    Doesn't really bother me unless someone is chewing like a complete ****head, then I can get annoyed.

    You shouldn't kick your dog though WTF. They can't control it. Poor dog is just sitting there eating and you kick it? That's abuse and sad.
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    And sometimes it's just not possible to get away. A few days ago at work someone came to my desk for help. She was chewing gum. I'm sure someone standing 10 feet away could hear her and she was nice enough to lean over my shoulders with her mouth right next to my ear. I tried to help her as fast as possible but the problem was the chewing was so distracting I just couldn't think straight so ended up taking even longer. After she left the noise was stuck in my head for hours. In fact I think I can still hear it.
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    One more reason to eat gently -- you never know what burden the person next to you carries.

    I don't care one iota about whether or not the person next to me is bothered by the fact that I chew my food. I am not a messy eater, I chew with my mouth closed and I don't make unusual noises. I am not a python and don't swallow my food whole. If THEY have a problem - and call it whatever the heck you want - then THEY can get up and move. Oh, and OP, if you were a guest in my house and were irritated by my chewing and felt the need to correct me about it, well, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
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    Only my mom, for some reason. Drives my sister crazy too.
  • It use to really, really annoy me... now I've learned to ignore it but when I'm irritated and my boyfriend wants to eat in my ear then I'll get annoyed of it all over again. Now his mom.... okay, she is a whole different story when it comes to ignoring loud chewing, I can't ignore it.. I can not stand the way she eats, I'll be in my room, ACROSS the house and I can hear her eating her food and sometimes it'll even wake me up from a dead sleep after chasing a toddler around all day and taking care of a 6 month old. I don't know how she manages to chew her food that flipping loud but, I can not stand that kind of crap when it comes to chewing. When we are in the same room, she talks with her mouth full, I can't even understand what the hell she is saying over her chewing, all I hear is "yea nom nom nom nom then she nom nom nom nom nom" I have to tell her I can't understand her. Long story short, her chewing makes me want to pull my hair out.
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    YES!!! It's the worst thing in the world - EVER!! People sucking their fingers clean, eating noisily, eating with mouth open, double dipping food, all just WRONG - I am cringing at the thought of this! Didn't know it had a name though!!!!
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    I feel sorry for you, really do. But I have a very strong aversion to those who abuse animals due to whatever psychosis :(
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    This is a very real thing, and there has been quite a research interest in this recently. It is called Misophonia, otherwise known Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (4S) or hyperacusis. Google it.

    I suffer from this as well. I have since high school. I will literally almost fly into a rage at the sound of people sitting behind me eating in a movie theater. I have to literally leave my office when my officemate eats because she is SO LOUD. I actually break out into a cold sweat and feel like I literally want to strangle her. It's eating sounds mostly, but also when people suck their snot and other gross wet sounds, it literally makes me want to throw a chair through the window, or sadly, at them.

    You are not crazy, and don't listen to people on here calling you crazy because you are talking about this. There is no way they can really understand if it does not happen to them. Plus, we are supposed to be here to support one another, not judge.

    The only way I have found to cope with it is ear plugs. I wear ear plugs in the movie theater. Yes, I know this sounds crazy to the person who does not have this problem, but it has saved me. I can hear the movie just fine, but I don't hear the people around me eating.
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    You kicked your dog?

    My cat licks herself--I just mimic her slurping/licking noises-- she stops right away and glares at me. Then she leaves the room. Win-win I'd say, plus no-one gets hurt.
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    But yeah, the dog-kicking, seriously crosses the line. It is NOT okay to abuse an animal. Especially for doing something is is supposed to do.
    I have a staffer who chews gum like a cow chews cud. I've considered kicking him.
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    I'd scream at the dog and clobber or even kick it for licking itself.

    This is just awful. Get up and leave the room, don't abuse an animal.
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    Ok, you're all going to think I'm the crazy one here, but I love those kinds of sounds. It has a name too. ASMR. I actually love the sound of chewing gum, it will put me to sleep! Crunching popcorn gives me tingles. I can't be the only one here that thinks this way, it's more common than you think!

    It might be just you and me! I agree about the popcorn and I like the crunches when someone eats m&ms or chips. I like watching people eat in general too, which my husband pointed out when we first got together. I didn't even realized I stare at people while they're eating.
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    I have this too. Google "Highly Sensitive People". TResearchers are thinking that it, along with other annoyances, are a result of extrememly sensitve nervous systems. My sister and I have looked into it because we both have whatever it is.
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    Nope. A lot of things annoy me, but for some strange reason I am TOTALLY oblivious to eating/chewing sounds and even others' bad table manners (within reason).

    I am also okay with semi-bad drivers, slow traffic lights, etc...the only time I get upset in traffic is if someone actually comes close to hitting me or causing an accident. Aside from that, I am super Zen on the road which is so weird because as mentioned above A LOT of things annoy me.
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    My parents yelled at me because I'd scream at the dog and clobber or even kick it for licking itself.

    I don't care who you are or what disorder you have, that makes you an *kitten*.
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    More like crunching for me like apple eating!
    Since i was a lil girl i would scream to my mom if she did it!
    I hate it when my husband or daughter does it but not my son lol
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    Oh wow.. And here I thought it was just one of my Idiosyncrasies. I can not stand the chewing sound which is why I need to have the TV on during dinner, it covers it up. If someone at the office starts eating near me, I put on my headsets. I almost walked out of a review with my Manager cause she was chewing gum, opened mouth as loud as possible. Glad to know I am not alone.
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    wait. you kicked your dog? wtf?
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    I can take it to the next level...I hate most bodily noises. My husband seems to broadcast out loud everything- he has allergy and sinus issues and he swallows loudly. He smacks his lips a a lot too. He coughs and hacks constantly. I don't notice this so much with other people, just him. Maybe it's about him....

    I hate the sound of constant sneezing- like you think the person is done and they just do it again...and again...and again. Annoys me to no end, HOWEVER, I realize that they are not doing it on purpose.
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    Well, just a clarification or two, which no doubt won't be read by most people (they'll read the OP and not the comments, including this one.)

    I'm not a screaming neurotic dog-abusing maniac. I have 2 dogs and love them dearly. I'd never hurt them. I was a child when this disorder hit me out of nowhere like a ton of bricks and I hadn't learned coping strategies.

    I have lived with this for 50 years. I'm in my 60's. I shared a lifetime of experiences, not current daily occurrences.

    I shared in case others are distressed under the weight of this disorder and didn't realize it has a cause and a name. I wanted to show how extreme the distress can be.

    If I offended people, I'm sorry. If I helped anyone, I'm glad.