does whole 30 work??

Has anyone completed Whole 30 ? Just wondering if it helped change your diet and eliminate desire for junk food. Did you track on MFP during the 30 days? Do you weigh before the end? I know you aren't suppose to track or weigh yourself. Also, how much weight did you lose?


  • dustyhockeymom
    dustyhockeymom Posts: 537 Member
    I am starting it tomorrow and will be doing a regular blog post about it. You are welcome to friend me if you are interested in following my progress and learning about my experience on the program.
  • etaireh
    etaireh Posts: 1 Member
    I love the Whole 30 and it worked really well. I lost a total of 12 pounds and though it was hard in the beginning, it is really fulfilling. The cookbooks Well Fed and Well Fed 2 made it really easy.
  • lilbearzmom
    lilbearzmom Posts: 600 Member
    I can say that it was challenging but worth it- the habits didn't stick with me, but I will probably do another Whole30 or 21 day sugar detox in the near future. It's a really good dietary "reset" if you feel you need one.

    My benefits: loss of 6 lbs and significant reduction of pain in my shoulders that had previously not been helped by physical therapy. It was pretty miraculous....

  • herwholejourney
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    I'll be posting my results on Tuesday. I am on day 25 :)