Tim Horton's



  • BrawlerBella
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    I live in South Texas and my amazing co-workers in Windsor fly TimmyHo's in for me when they visit!
  • fitandfortyish
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    Never developed a taste for Timmie's coffee--donuts however... :heart: Starbucks Americano all the way, McDonalds in a pinch--never Timmies. Would rather have tea.
  • ewarlow
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    I can't stand coffee or tea, so I really don't frequent Tims and Ive never set foot in Starbucks.

    My kids like donuts and I get my kid his sandwich for lunch sometimes there but thats about it... Makes my life easy after a 16 hour workday....
  • lilbearzmom
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    I am in love with Starbucks. As a coffee place AND a company...them and Amazon...my two favorite companies of all time.

    But I like TH too. I would probably go there more if they had more sugar free/fat free options. I'm so into Starbucks skinny lattes it's crazy.

    I've got like 60 bucks on my Starbucks card right now...I use my phone to pay...I am an addict.
  • quellybelly
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    Isn't going to Tim's a Canadian law or something?

    Yes. Especially when it's roll up the rim time!
  • penrbrown
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    I don't go to either.

    Caffeine is the actual cause of all madness...


    Quite literally.


    Not really. I just find a shot or orange juice gives me more energy than caffeine really.
  • MireyGal76
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    I prefer my Timmies. Can't live without my double double with a shot of espresso... and my bagel belt on boxing days!
  • melmckay99
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    I'm surprised to see how many Tim's fans are out there! I live in Ottawa and I would say that the TH and SB presence is about equal (there's one of each at every corner!). I would pick a SB coffee over TH coffee anyday. TH coffee tastes like watered down garbage juice.... Ottawa has another chain in town called Bridgehead, they are handsdown the best coffee shop in town. I'm not sure if they've started to venture out of Ottawa yet, but if they do,... look out SB and TH!
  • myrealname
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    I prefer Starbucks coffee but it's too expensive. I don't frequent either place very often - I love my Keurig!
  • Junepal
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  • melmckay99
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    lol @ double-double homocide :)
  • NGFive
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    Since there are no Tim Horton's around here, I drink homemade, McDonald's, Flash Foods, or Starbucks. My cappuccino maker died I can't fix homemade lattes at present :sad:
  • EmmieBaby
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  • dandandee
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    Tim's ice caps > star buck's frapucinos
  • neanderthin
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    Tims coffee.

    And their food outside of timbits.
    Yeah, timbits work well. Last time there, also last resort status because I was just entering the 401 and was in for a long drive, I ordered a med black and they had a new almond croissant, so I grabbed one. The most vile tasting thing I've ever had from any donut shop. I know I wasn't expecting Pierre Hermé of Paris but to this day I don't know how they, in head office would collectively taste it and say, yeah this is great, people will love it. The pastry wasn't pastry, it was some bread product and the almond paste has a metallic and chemical taste that was absolutely unacceptable, I actually spit it out......the coffee, well I knew what I was getting. They could have gone the other way originally but they sold out to the franchise dream.
  • GTAFrank
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    I'm a Tim's fan boy and love the new K-Cups but my legendary failure rate at Roll Up The Rim is really starting to get to me.

    They owe me a car damn it! :angry:

  • sprintto50
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    We don't have a Starbucks but I am not upset since I don't like their overpriced coffee. I am a McDonald's coffee fan, personally.
  • 1shauna1
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    I don't like Starbucks (don't shoot me!). I find their coffee always too strong/burned tasting. I usually make my own but would prefer Tim's. Actually, McD's coffee is really good now too.
  • krash567
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    I used to love Tim Horton's coffee before my diet. Having 3 or 4 x-large double doubles a day was the norm for me. Now that I waned myself off cream and sugar, I don't find their coffee very appealing without the cream and sugar. I think what makes Tim Horton's coffee so popular and addictive is actually the 18%+ fat cream they use. Other coffee shops mostly use 10% cream.

    Donuts (especially apple fritters) use to be huge before being mass produced in Oakville and then shipped across the country partially baked and frozen. I buy donuts from Safeway which is almost double the size for the same price.

    My obsession started a couple of decades ago when Tim Horton's had only a few stores in Hamilton. The jolt I got after my first sip got me hooked. It definitely doesn't compared to their coffee today.

    Now, I actually prefer the current McDonalds' coffee when drinking it black. I found out that they currently use Tim's original blend. Ah.. no wonder... But nothing beats coffee freshly grounded and brewed at home. I love my Breville SmartBrew
  • marshrowan
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    I'm a huge coffee drinker and I like starbucks coffee better, its stronger and the people that work that give great service