I'm confused and on the verge of giving up!

I have been on this program for a while. In the beginning I was losing weight. And now for the past couple of months Ive been teeter tottering losing a lb and gaining a lb. I was told mfp is not accurate when it comes to calories needed for weight loss. I have been on what seems hundred of websites about how many calories I should eat to lose 2lbs a week. Nothing seems to be helping me. They all have different #'s when it comes to calories needed for weight loss. If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it!


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    2 pounds a day? You mean week?

    How many pounds to you have to lose? 2 could actually be unrealistic.
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    What is your current height & weight, and what is your goal weight? Is a 2 pound per week loss realistic for you?

    You had success before - have you changed something in your routine?

    What calorie range do you eat per day? How often do you weigh your food on a digital scale? How much do you guestimate or not log at all?

    It could be a # of things. Perhaps you just need to revamp things a bit. Change up your cardio, increase your strength training. Or you may be no longer eating at a deficit in which case you need to re-evaluate your goals and consistently log, measure.
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    I hope you meant 2 lbs a WEEK.

    Use MFP as intended. It is pretty accurate. Loads of people can attest to this. It's not rocket science and there's no need to over think it.

    Best of luck reaching your goals!
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    Firstly, re-adjust your goals. Losing 2lbs PER DAY should not be the goal of anyone. If this was a typo and you actually meanty 2lb per week, this is still too high for most people.

    Depending on how much you have to lose, a rate of 0.5 lb to 1.0 lb per week is healthy and sustainable.

    If you are eating according to your MFP weightloss goal and you are not losing weight, then you are probably eating more than you think you are. Weigh, measure and log everything you eat.
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    From your ticker I see you've gone from ~210 to 170 and are aiming for 130. With 40 pounds lost (congrats!) you may just need to revealuate. 2 pounds per week when you need to lose 80 is realistic. But now perhaps aim for 1 or 1.5. Change can be very good for the metabolism, to wake it back up if you've done the same things for too long.
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    I have played around with different goal calories etc 1200 was far too low and 1700 was far too high now im in the middle and its working, whenever you lose around 7-10lbs good to re set goals
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    First of all, congratulations! I took a peek at your profile and it looks like you are halfway to your initial goal. That is some crazy awesome work, so give yourself some credit!!

    Second, the longer we do this, the harder it gets to drop big, or even consistent numbers. I would say that given your success so far, you seem to know what works. So stick with that! Be patient, be consistent, and trust that your body will follow along.

    Also, what is your current daily calorie setting? Are you using the setting as suggested by MFP, or another method? Personally, I use the TDEE - 20% method and it works like a charm. My numbers tend to bounce up and down too, but as I look at the overall progression, my weight is decreasing. All while I get to eat enough food to keep me from getting hangry. :wink: If you're curious, try googling TDEE and BMR for weight loss. I'm also willing to answer any questions if you want to shoot me a message.

    Finally, for the rest of the advice. It would be much easier if we could see what your days look like. Would you be willing to open your diary to the public? That way, the awesome people here at MFP can give more helpful advice. =)
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    Two pounds per WEEK is only reasonable if you have to lose a HUGE amount of weight, like 100lbs or more. You don't want to lose the weight too quickly, otherwise you'll end up gaining it back in no time. The closer to your goal weight you are, the less amount you will lose. As your BMI goes down, the less calories it takes to maintain. Therefore, your ability to lose weight will get harder and harder (but totally attainable). Put simply, if you're eating at a calorie deficit (expending more calories than you take in) then you will lose weight. If you're only wanting to lose less than 30 or 40 pounds, I'd suggest aiming for 1/2lb or 1lb per week. that's more sustainable for long term.
  • I'm in the same situation- been hanging out at 157 for over a week now after about 3 weeks of losing pretty steadily. My goal is 140 & it seems farther away than when I started at 178! I have been logging Everything I eat & working out almost every day (5 x's/wk). It is so frustrating!! I'm not giving up though. We can do this if we just stick with it! Good luck :)
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    Congratulations on your loss so far.

    For the next steps, re-evaluate and re-set your target calories based on your current weight and set a lower weekly goal, like 0.5lb or 1lb per week. The recommendation is to re-do these every 5lb or so. Even if you're eating the same, your weight and body make up has changed, your intake and expectations need to be updated to fit this change.

    Expect the loss to get slower, that's absolutely normal.

    Don't loose heart, stay strong.
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    with 40 lbs to lose 1lb/week should be your goal... on top of that you should eat back the cals burned from exercise, just keep in mind that many machines and MFP tend to over estimate, so aim for 50-75% of them.

    That said, most people have the inaccuracies on the intake side of things as well. To be accurate you should be weighing all solid foods and measuring all liquids.
  • Yes, sorry lol 2lbs a week. I have mommy brain.
  • I would love if you could help me with the tdee method. I'm 5'4 171.
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    with 40 lbs to lose 1lb/week should be your goal... on top of that you should eat back the cals burned from exercise, just keep in mind that many machines and MFP tend to over estimate, so aim for 50-75% of them.

    That said, most people have the inaccuracies on the intake side of things as well. To be accurate you should be weighing all solid foods and measuring all liquids.


    Also is weight the only measure of progress you are using? I ask because it is possible to lose fat and inches while you weight will not change a whole lot. This is most common with people lifting weights, but also possible with other sorts of exercise as well. When it comes down to it, weight is not a very accurate or consistent measure of progress. It is too prone to be affected by things other than fat storage so while a person may be getting leaner, there are times their weight will not go down. That is why body measurements are pictures are also very helpful as they will show progress the scale may not.
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    Try cutting back your carb intake, and increase your healthy fats and lean proteins, and change up and intensify your workouts. This should get the scale moving again. Also try using the tape measure. Sometimes we're not losing weight, we are losing inches. I think the tape measure is a better tool than the scale is. In losing weight, quitting is never an option. You just have to push a little harder, go a little longer, or run a little farther. You should be challenging yourself. If you stay at the same things, your body get used to it. Try measuring out your food portions using measuring cups and spoons, and a food scale. Read the labels on food packages to see what one serving is. You'd be surprised at how much we over eat! Most importantly drink lots of plain water! I aim for 100 ounces per day. I sure hope this helps! Keep going and don't quit! You can do this! :)
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    Giving up should NEVER even be in your vocabulary!!!
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    Giving up should NEVER even be in your vocabulary!!!

    What she said. You results may be less than what they were when you started, but giving up will put you back to where you were BEFORE you started.

    Do a little tweaking on your diet and exercise and you'll get there.
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    It's easy after a while to start guessing portions/calories. If you're not currently doing so I'd recommend weighing your food for a while. Also, what used to burn us 500 calories might only be burning us 350 now that we're fitter and lighter. Re-evaluate your workouts and use another site (such as FitBit's) to verify burns. Lastly - NEVER GIVE UP!!
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    Well done on your weight loss so far.

    I feel your pain, after losing about 30 pounds I got stuck yo yoing between the same 7 pounds for about 6 months!

    My advice to you would be some simplistic points:

    1. Keep calm! Trust the process. You've lost your mojo for a while but there is a tried and tested way to lost weight that you will get back on to (eat a bit less, move a bit more, calories in, calories out etc). Don't drive yourself mad worrying, otherwise this won't be the exciting, enjoyable journey it can be.

    2. Get consistent. You must have an idea of what works for you. For me, it's eating 1200-1400 cals a day and exercising for 30-60 mins most days or at least five days. Remember cals in is the crucial thing for weight loss. (I exercised like a loon last year but lost little weight because I just wasn't consistent in my diet!).

    3. Plan your exercise timetable and do it - no excuses, do it don't think about it! What works best for you - gym? Home DVDs? Train for a 10K? Swimming or team sports like netball? Mix it up when you get bored.

    4. Get organised. Plan the meals you're going to eat mainly and where you buy the ingredients. Focus on protein and lower carb to fill you up and keep blood sugar stable, I bake myself stuff like veggie burgers, felafels, healthy pizza bases, peanut butter and flaxseed flapjacks to have to hand for the weekend ahead (freezing most stuff).

    5. Set motivational goals e.g. Buy a new smaller dress to wear for a future social event/holiday and visual it. Be realistic though.

    6. Have the occasional break. My former trainer suggested having a 'refeed' (sometimes called cheat) days once a fortnight after strictly eating clean to reset your metabolism. I think this is really important physiologically. It's not an excuse to binge, eat at maintenance.

    Then just DO IT. Don't wait till you 'feel' motivated. By the time you get going and see progress of a few pounds off, that motivation will kick back in.

    Oh and NEVER EVER give up. It's so worth it, so go get it!!