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  • Something similar happened in Stillwater, OK (home of Oklahoma State University).
  • I think the idea of choosing another household to include in your inner circle (be it a neighbor, family, or close friends) is a good one, if you all agree to be faithful to social distancing beyond that. Of course some people won't be happy with that and will choose 2 or 3, who will also choose 2 or 3, and so on and so…
  • This is not a problem I've ever had, possibly because my answer is always peanut butter. The natural kind with no sugar if that's what you're into. Costco's Kirkland one is great. The giant jar can be dangerous though :lol:
  • My local small grocery store and Walmart both had TP this weekend. First time I'd seen any on the shelves since mid-March (not to say it hasn't been there and just sold out quickly). I didn't buy any because we don't need any, and unneeded buying is part of what got us into this mess to begin with.
  • @NewLIFEstyle4ME The cancer one is in very bad taste. I'm fluent in gallows humor, but that one misses the mark by light years. Consider that anyone diagnosed with cancer at this time is going to appointments alone, while their partner or support waits in the parking lot. They will be wheeled into surgery, again, alone.…
  • You probably look funny all cross-eyed :lol: Congrats on seeing pre-voting-age weight! That's pretty damned impressive.
  • In case anyone needs a feel-good story today: A 99-year-old war veteran has walked 100 laps of his garden to raise £14m and counting for the NHS. I'm not crying, you're crying! Ok, maybe a little...
  • For real. The two weeks I was furloughed, I considered a day I put on real pants a success. I puttered around the house, did a little yard work and a little baking. I also re-watched all 3 LOTR extended version and 4 seasons of Great British Baking Show on Netflix and did not organize my closet like I intended. Getting up…
  • Why bother putting the bacon fat in tortillas? Just grab a straw!
  • Tortillas are so yummy and easy! I made some last week. Butter is good. Lard is better. It's probably a good thing I'm back in the office this week...
  • Walmart is 5 per 1000 sq feet. People are still shopping in pairs and trios, though (not talking about parents with small children - unfortunate but understandable in cases. Couples, mostly, and lots of teenage pairs with an adult I've seen) on both occasions I've been (once for a weekly shop and once for a medical need…
  • @typtop What is your height and age?
  • I saw this yesterday and liked it. Basically, it's fine to say "Thanks, but I'm going to sit this one out. Please ask someone else to host." No explanations needed. We all have our limits right now, and you don't need to make excuses to anyone for wanting time to relax and check out for a bit.…
  • I'm isolating with my husband and two teenagers. I imagine isolating alone would be much harder and really feel for everyone in that situation. At least I have other people to interact with - even if they do annoy me occasionally; for the most part, we get along very well though. Plus we have the advantage of a yard and…
  • I wonder if something like this would be of any use? I have one I bought for my hair. It's polyester but definitely big enough to double up and add some sort of filter material between the layers. Of course, at some point you can't breathe... :tongue:…
  • You might try one of these:
  • I suspect it has something to do with societal norms being a bit topsy turvy right now. People who would normally feel peer pressure to act in socially acceptable ways are showing their true nature when nobody is there to see and/or they observe others behaving the same way. I read this article a long time ago and dug it…