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  • The people who live at the end of my street are having a *kitten* GARAGE SALE today :unamused:
  • I needed this today. Possibly someone else here can benefit from reading it, too.
  • Lets just say I didn't vote for the guy who was tweeting pictures from a crowded restaurant last week :unamused:
  • Same here! I'll deal with being made fun of for overreacting if it means we avoid what Italy is suffering right now...
  • I'm waiting outside Walmart to pick up some things for my brother, who is high risk and can't shop. It opens in 5 minutes (7 - 8:30 now). People are bunched up in front of the doors like it's Black Friday :confounded: They'll be buying everything in sight, but no concept of social distancing to actually limit spread of…
  • Our next door neighbors had one that they didn't take care of, and it turned into a mosquito pit. That was The Summer of the Mosquitoes :neutral: Thankfully it's filled in now.
  • The first round of layoffs for one region of the hotels my employer owns has come through. 83 of 162 employees laid off, and many of the remaining on very reduced hours. This is just the initial reaction. As things develop, there could be more, along with temporary closures in markets where we have more than one hotel. And…
  • I need a badge that says "Shopping for teenagers" :neutral:
  • You jest, but in my area, people are already grumbling about their precious liberties and only being able to buy 2 gallons of milk at a time. (Deep red state, and it hasn't hit hard here yet.)
  • How fine a point do you want to put on it? I live in a neighborhood that has many older people who aren't capable of doing their own lawn care so hire it done. We're not talking "essential for life" here, but health and safety (could become a problem if this were to go long-term). Not really all that different from…
  • I would hope the family would delay a funeral or memorial. Cremation and memorial at a later date is the best option. I doubt anyone who died of this would want others getting it because of their funeral. ETA I wouldn't go if there was one, and no I wouldn't feel like a horrible person.
  • Apparently they fall under the food processing retail and merchant category.
  • Here's what I found: From HuffPost: While the list may vary according to local concerns and the nature of a given event, disaster or pandemic, here is a general idea of what’s considered “essential” in emergencies, according to various governments, including San Francisco, Miami, New York state and Miami-Dade County: • Gas…
  • I was at an Aldi in Texas this morning (the day after the governor rolled out new, tighter restrictions). It opened at 9 officially, but was open to seniors at 8:30. I walked in at 9:10. It was packed. They had 2 item limits on the scarce items. I didn't get more than 2 of anything; well aware that everyone needs food. I…
  • Detecting mild cases will definitely lower the death rate. I posted an article earlier in the thread about Iceland, who is also testing a higher proportion of their population than most countries. The numbers were still limited, but at that time almost 50% of those who tested positive were asymptomatic. It won't change the…
  • If they want to avoid a lawsuit(s) they will cancel it. Not to mention that is borderline criminal right now.
  • Let's just say that's probably not an issue! Already below 30% occupancy and will be more like 10-20% by next week is my guess for the area I work in. The hotel industry is going to be right up there with airlines in terms of financial pain.
  • This is interesting and will bear watching. >>So far, there have been 3,787 tests administered in Iceland (the government says that's a higher proportion of the population than any other country), which have yielded a total of 218 positive tests.…
  • I'm feeling very smart right now for buying two giant loaves of Texas toast last Saturday, since there's not a slice of bread to be found in my town now. I can make bread, but I'm still working for now and baking bread after work isn't my idea of fun. We're also well supplied with TP. I didn't hoard, but I did pick up a…
  • Milk can be frozen. My grandmother did it all the time. Open it up and pour off a bit first, since it expands when frozen. It just takes up shedloads of freezer space.
  • And for some of us, dark humor IS how we cope. But I won't be unblocking certain areas of this forum for that.
  • Exactly. We've been expecting this day to come our entire lives! It's our big "I told you so" moment.
  • Once again, Gen X is forgotten... It's ok, we're used to it. We're happy to have everyone leave us the *kitten* alone for a few weeks anyway :lol:
  • (I actually love pineapple on pizza.)
  • @Chef_Barbell Whoa. That's eerie.
  • And a bit more gallows humor...
  • This is long, but a good read (posted by an orthopedic surgeon in Hawthorne, NY): I particularly like this comparison chart for those saying it's "just the flu."
  • Good point. Maybe carry out only? Pedestrians in the drive-thru seems like a recipe for disaster.