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    When grocery stores limit how many can enter the store at a time, people need to shop alone, if at all possible.

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    Yes it’s like the stores here said to the news when someone spread a rumor kids aren’t allowed. They said spouses/ adult family members stay home y Friends stay home make a list of all their needs collect money y go. If a single parent/abusive spouse situations don’t starve we understand you have to bring kids too young to stay home alone (not talking about teens their talking about a mom with a toddler y 6yr old) or single parent of an adult handicap person or elderly parent who cannot be left home alone for an hour without constant care. They said a single mom with a new born is still counted as 1. This is their advice in my town others vary I’m noticing y our local news info is geared towards our areas so they report with words like 1st to sound like we’re all under the same umbrella for this rain storm but we’re not. They also suggested to try to do online curbside pickup,online delivery , or mail to home if you can instead,but they know ones without computer 👩‍💻 to internet especially if living in a shelter or displaced due to nonpayment of rent before laws protected have no choice but to go inside .

    Some countries have 1 person no kids allowed rules even noticed their forced to ask a neighbor for help or order online only.
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    Today in Rome helicopters flying overhead to make sure people are not having group barbecues up on the terraces and roofs of buildings. They'll be flying tomorrow too. There are roadblocks everywhere. The fines are stiff for people who want to get out of the city and go to the beaches or mountains. To make things worse the weather is gorgeous.

    I'm curious, why? If a family is quarantined together, does it really make a difference for them to have a barbecue on the terrace? It's been raining a lot lately, but I can see people doing all kinds of activities in their yards or on the terrace once it clears up.

    She mentioned group barbecues, so maybe they are just looking for larger groups.

    Yes--this. Most of the big terraces are for everyone in the building. The News is showing enforcement of the no beaches law. They caught a guy on the beach and a police helicopter whirling right overhead, sand flying and him doing a semi-dignified retreat with a big towel wrapped around his head. I told my husband that even if we made it to the beach (an hour and a half south of Rome), we'd be reported by the locals and be heavily fined.
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    Posting this mainly to share the idea of looking into ordering from farmer market vendors, either for pickup at the market if they're still operational in your area, or to see if they're doing drop-off or pickup at a location in your area.

    My favorite one (coordinated by the market for maximum variety and to make delivery easier) is doing it, but although they sent a notice that they were opening for orders Monday at 7 am and expected to sell out, I didn't take it that seriously and checked around 10, when they were, of course, sold out. I'm planning to try again, and faster, this Monday. What's actually in season here is limited, but you can also get eggs and meat and plants and some preserved stuff.

    I've heard of people getting produce from restaurants too.
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    I drove over to HomeDepot this morning thinking I might try to get seeds, but there was a line -- not too long and going reasonably rapidly, but still -- so I decided I would live without them, as that indicated it was more crowded inside than I really wanted to deal with. Driving back I noticed that there are again tons of people out, because it's nice. From what I saw it was mostly family groups together, not congregating in larger groups, and in one of the parks (I passed 3 of the biggest ones in my general area), I saw a police car driving through slowly, keeping an eye on things. Tennis courts were full, but again seemed to be separate family groups, and they are spaced far enough apart.

    The big box stores, discount clubs, Wal-Marts, etc here limit the number of people in the store, hence the line, 1 in 1 out. They are limiting shoppers to 1 per 1,000 sq ft which makes store pretty empty feeling once inside.

    Yeah, of course they are limiting people, but the line means they are at max people allowed. Maybe I'll try again next week and see how it is, however.
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    I checked and it turned out that Home Depot is open (even this year) on Easter, so I figured I'd try it again, and also realized there was one I hadn't thought of that is probably the closest to me (it's west, so I wasn't as familiar with it as the ones between me and work or the one north of me). Went over there, and there was a line, but only two people, so I figured I'd try it out. The sign said only 100 people total in the store (which is quite big, like most HDs). I only needed to go to the garden/seed section, and it was probably the most relaxing time I've ever spent in a HD, I was in and out quickly, and they actually had all the seeds I was looking for, so yay.

    Then I stopped for gas on the way home at the closest gas station to my place and they were selling masks (better than my makeshift masks that I've been using), so I picked up some. Typical stand outside and do the transaction through a tray gas station kind of thing.

    Someone just a few houses down was selling flowers to plant, which I saw on my way home (they'd posted something in Nextdoor a while ago, but I didn't realize they were doing it every Sunday), so I got some of those too (transactions outside, everyone standing back and wearing masks). Bit more out of the house interaction than I'm totally comfortable with, but all pretty safe.

    Irrationally happy about getting my seeds and flowers for Easter.

    Which seeds did you get? And flowers?
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    We’re having a spring snow storm today (6-7 inches so far and it’s supposed to continue through the very early Monday morning hours). That’s depressing. 🙁
    We started some seeds in the house. We have lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and Mexican milk weed (butterfly magnets) and everything is doing great. Positive signs of spring, the grass is getting green (before it started to snow) and the blue birds are back.

    This is the saddest holiday that I ever remember.

    Snow?? I love snow! I remember that early April can have snow storms--my grandfathers funeral, and my brothers' wedding. Didn't it snow in April last year? I remember my SIL sending a video.