Coronavirus prep

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My OH keeps telling me to stock up on Fritos :lol:

I've been seeing stories like these, which are encouraging me to start stocking up for the eventuality of price increases or temporary shortages:

I'm thinking about shelf stable milk. I think reconstituted powdered milk is gross, but have had some ascetic milk that wasn't bad. Don't remember the brand. Anyone have recommendations for brands and best place to buy for best prices?

I was in south Florida for the dreadful 2005 hurricane season, so I believe in preparing for times when stores are not available, although as time has passed, I've done less stocking up.


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    I don't trust the aseptic milk.

    P&G...what products do I buy of theirs?

    Why are we panicking about Covid19? Isn't it just a little bit more virulent than a cold? Why are we panicking?*

    *I looked at the WHO site about it, and I just am not feeling the fear about this...I'm more worried about people not vaccinating their kids against the flu to be honest. We've had zoonotic diseases forever...I don't think it's even possible to contain something like this now that people travel. I had a friend return from overseas and they wee encouraged to use hand sanitizer as they left the plane.

    I'm not panicking, like the poster above, I'm prepping against panicked buyers that might clear the shelves :)

    So far I haven't seen any sign of that, thankfully.

    I went out with a friend on Friday who said she had stocked up on lots of things that day, which got me thinking about it. Worst case I have lots of grains and canned goods in my pantry anyway, so toilet paper would probably be the main thing that I should go out and buy just in case. That and cat food.