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  • Yep! I get this completely. I started at 300, down to 195, and I'm back to 288. I'm trying again, trying to get in the right headspace to do this without the help of the diabetes med I used before that significantly helped. I didn't learn how to maintain or combat my mind! Here I go again!
  • Thank you all for responses! What you all say makes a lot of sense. I am doing the super sets (though they were not called this by my trainer) on Day 1 and Day 3 of my routine, but those are on much less used equipment that I can easily jump around on out of order if I need to. I think it makes sense to do all three sets…
  • Grrr, new monitor from CVS (in house brand). Fasting bg, 123, 107, 114. I took it a second time because I didn't fill the window of the strip, though I didn't get an error. Then a 3rd time since it was so different. I really like the middle number best. :p
  • Yep! I lost 110, gained back 98. Damn close to all of it. It came on very quickly after a surgery and the loss of my mother in 2017. Spent 2018 losing and gaining and not really trying like I know should have. I agree with previous posters I did it too fast and with too few calories the first go around in 2016. I also…
  • @bluegreysky please see your doctor about your ulcer. A colleague spent 8 weeks in the hospital and had surgery for gangrene. Turns out he was diabetic. Scary stuff.
  • I really like nut thins. They are a rice/nut based cracker that is very crunchy. I usually have a 6 with an ounce of cracker cut cheese squares(176 cal, 11g carbs, 10g fat). Currently, my fave evening snack is 250g of strawberries (80 calories, 19g carbs, 1g fat). I have an Aldi and love their pantry snacks, there are lots…
  • Getting married was fun and tax benefits.
  • Since they are in season, I will have 250 grams of strawberries as my after dinner snack (80 calories). It's a substantial amount, so I'm not left wanting, like I would for 2 oreos or something like that.
  • I have a garmin vivofit 3. Waterproof and watch battery with 1 year+ battery life. Love it! Here is a refurbished one under $50, retail for $80. Good luck!
  • My 6 year old son has a garmin vivofit for kids. We use it to give rewards for chores/behavior and track his steps. My husband and I have each have one, so he likes being in the cool club. :) I'll take him wanting to do what I do for as long as lasts!! We don't worry about him making a "goal" or anything like that. He's 47…
  • 400g of carbohydrates? <3 <3 I would die happy.
  • My six year old has been eating greek whipped yogurts since he was 2/3. It's one of his favorite things. He'll usually say, I need a protein, and take a yogurt.
  • Breakfast: homemade cold brew coffee with vanilla protein powder Mid Morning Snack: 1oz cheese & 6 nut thins crackers Lunch: Kale salad, orange peppers, low carb yogurt, baked chicken in a low carb wrap Mid Afternoon: Lemon FiberNow bar, low fat cheese stick Dinner: Salad + sirloin low carb wraps Evening Snack: strawberries
  • Coffee! My morning shake is 300ml homemade cold brew coffee, 250ml unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla flavored stevia drops, and 36g of Elevation vanilla protein powder. This combo would work great with chocolate powder instead.
  • I requested to join!
  • I did this once in high school in the late 90s. My bestie and I were fighting and I used a fake account/email to talk to him.
  • I'm with you! I lost 120 pounds, but gained 80ish back over the last year. Had to buy new clothes. Not cool. We know what to do! Let's do this!
  • I have them for lunch everyday. I do need to watch my sodium, so I'm looking for ways to cut it from lunch meat and cottage cheese, so I can still have my pork rinds!
  • I do my lunches for work in a batch on sunday using a food scale. Prep boston lettuce for wraps. (pull apart, rinse, stack with paper towels) Roll deli meat into 3oz portions. Plop cottage cheese and jam/apple butter/pom arils(whatever I have) into portion containers. Cut bell peppers into slivers and portion in to snack…
  • I'm in Ohio and we have several of these types of fast individual pizza places. My favorite is Rapid Fired Pizza because I can get a "no dough" pizza that is a pizza tray lined with a sauce and Parmesan and then all the toppings I want. It's a great easy way to get that yummy pizza toppings I crave, without all the bread I…
  • I totally get this! I was down to 180 at Christmas 2016. I'm back at 274 in less than a year. Super frustrating. I'll PM you!
  • Agreed! The maintenance part is where I lost it. I was either doing what I know I need to do or eating in the opposite direction. I also lost pretty fast because the medication I was on for my diabetes reduced my appetite. I don't need it now and so I need to be able to do this on my own. I may take "breaks" during this…
  • Thank you for sharing! It means a lot!
  • That's crazy!! I'm totally on board.
  • Keeping money on my badge at work. Makes getting tasty treats waaay to easy. My plan is to stop adding money from the website where I have to do $20 at a time(leads me to having extra that I can spoil myself with) and just add when I want a espresso, which is $2.00.
  • Oops, I got the brand wrong. I get these.
  • Sounds like you made a good choice! I also find taking a walk around the floor of the office helps when I think I'm hungry and I'm really just bored. Enjoy yourself tonight! Protein bars can be really really high in calories and despite all that chewing, sometimes is just not "enough". I do like the premier lower sugar…
  • I've considered it mostly for going out to eat(for fries mostly :) ), but never actually gotten one. I generally pre portion snacks I bring to work so I know what i'm eating.
  • Depending on how many almonds you had, it's likely 400 to 500 calorie meal, which is no light snack depending on your build and activity level. However, none of those items are particularly fun/satisfying to eat, at least in my mind. If I'm wanting a burger and have a salad and chicken instead, I'm likely to feel…